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Leadership Becoming Tough in New Digital Economy Driven by Social Media and Innovation

Leadership Becoming Tough in New Digital Economy Driven by Social Media and Innovation


The sunrise in the digital social media brings a new horizon to Generation Z. People are becoming dearer to this social media network.  Why are they crazy to hit popular Facebook and Twitter?  It is the charm and adventure which must be forceful to tempt New Millennials.  Now, a controversial topic can be generated whether the impact of the leadership on the new social media driven economy depletes. Or you can be more particular by asking if the innovation in the digital technology is detrimental to the global marketing leadership. Your views must be relevant to analyze side effects of innovation and social media on new economy.  In addition, is it a sign of decelerating the quality of entrepreneurial leadership in the so called economic infrastructure?  You must have arsenal of strong facts and supportive statements to justify your logic.

Switchover from Conventional Leadership Is Not Smooth

Many think tanks and elegant CEOs in industry have claimed that the vision of the digital business is not bright. According to them, the business transformation must be completed digitizing the departments, and the marketing field including the online communication.  Social media boosts up economy. However, it depends on specific environment, availability of digital technology, education, culture and mobility in the new economy to accept social media. Well, conventional leadership in multi-national companies is based on command and instructions. HR mangers and CEOs of corporate sectors had to showcase their superiority using strong bossy temperament to motivate workers.  This tradition in the industry still exists in global industries. The coming of digital/virtual social media softens the voice of employers. 

Digitization Needs Extensive Workouts for Nurturing Leadership Quality

Without growing prominent difference between employers and employees, workstation must be cultivated to enhance the friendly ambience. Workers who are junior to CEOs and HR managers must have right to ventilate their problems without tension They will be frank and fair to deal with official tasks under care of supervisors. Social media opens a new forum which wipes out age difference, racial profiling and gender bias.  It is a multi-generation portal for people to build up a dynamic society.  Then, this technological innovation in the social media is fruitful to corporate professionals. However, the problems are not ultra light as you think. You must be meticulous to probe deeply to evaluate the impact of social media on the economy. Secondly, is it nourishing leadership to enable global IT leaders to recover the identity of the industry?  The answer is not so simple. It needs vast explanation.  Frankly speaking, cross device compatible social media platform is not effective in far flung remote belts in Central Asia and South Africa.

Digital Economy Faces Twists and Turns

Top notch social media hubs are San Francisco, Silicon Valley and San Jose to become toppers. Salt Lake City, New York, Boston, Austin and Atlanta come to completeness to round out the list of top 10 social media metros. This awesome growth of social media is not smooth in Asia, Africa and Middle East.  Overall 31 percent people around the world have hobbies to use social media as per the reports published in 2016.In North America, nearby 59 percent social media visitors are agreed to pay visits to the sites regularly. So, it is not impressive. So, digital economy has low commanding position because of dearth of awareness, and manpower to utilize the virtual social media for business highlighting.. Now, have a quick glance at the traditional local industry.  Bosses of the small size companies are not comfy to digitize themselves for regulating workers. They prefer their own in-born style of controlling employees using high pitch voice.  Even laymen are not educated to have instructions through Facebook.  This is a gap in digital communication. Wireless virtual economic infrastructure has not been fully made customer friendly. The development of social media networking systems is severely low in rural areas of Asia.  How many rustic youths are seen going to computer café to check emails?  Or what is the percentage of them to install hi-tech text messaging tools on android devices? So, new digitized economic field is not so much fitted to business tycoons and workers to expect higher profit returns.

Lack of Compactness to Go for Digitization to Develop Economy Driven by Social Media

Due to the absence of face to face communication, a company’s top boss is not able to influence his employees. His voice doesn’t reach white collar workers (who sit in office to operate computers). Nor are white collar employees (who work in marketing field) are not worried about the effect of authoritative voice of senior employees. So, obviously, large size business portals don’t emulate ultra modern wireless cloud based ethics to lead in the industry.  So, revenues generating through new digital market is hindered or obstructed. If the logistic department of packing and moving company is digitized,  the manual product shipment  and marketing must be out of  digitization. So, pink collar workers (customer care representatives) of the companies are fond of online social media. Their superiors are stick to their conventional systems. So, it needs more financial boosters, support and technology to transform the land based business infrastructure to complete digital setting. How fast does your business choose digitization instead of doing mere basic communication in virtual environment?  So, leadership in innovated social media economy is not reborn. People have to undergo constructive training to understand the need of social media.

Low Impact of Digital Social Media on Banking Sectors 

Banking sectors have been established to serve people. The objectives of banks are to last instead of compactness in the infrastructural innovation. Customers need better service. Therefore, top brass of banks introduces e-payment, fast registration, account opening, and money transfer via internet.  However, will banks permit social media to prevail in office atmosphere? Will customers and working staff members chat online?  Banks will not change the whole infrastructures. Digital technology will be applied to certain spheres for ensuring quick order execution and better transactions. So, instead of old fashioned machine like commanding leadership, the new millennium will have advanced transformational entrepreneurial leadership to gear up the progress.

Finally, the digital economy propelled by social media and innovation must be designed on new format after vast analysis. The accessibility to the social media community must be easy with a good software management program. Workers will find it flexible to operate this free social media network. Participation of global entrepreneurial leaders and IT professionals should be much regular to utilize modernized social media tools for economy development It is not a day long task but it should be an integral part of long term economic reprogramming process fueled up by integrated glossy social media. 


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