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New Leaders with Razor Sharp Leadership Quality Needed to Reset Society

New Leaders with Razor Sharp Leadership Quality Needed to Reset Society




21st Century leaders must not be jingoists, conventional and severely morally corrupted.  Instead, they should have new formats to guide juniors magnificently.  New Millenniars need barrage of innovative leaders in society. People should not depend on such weak and incompetent leaders.

New Leaders Needed - Preview

It is true that change is now prominent in every sector.  Educational systems, schools, colleges, industry, daily human lifestyles seem to be innovated under the impact of modern science.  So, new leaders must have quality with superb dynamic personalities to entice others. Well, leadership quality should not be based on tons of useless conventional legacies, orthodox plans and something obstructive to  cause the damage to the human beings.  A grandiose narcissist can’t be successful in life due to his stubbornness in thinking.  He is not ready to evaluate his weak points. Nor is he interested to accept innovation to reset his views.    Therefore, new leaders in 21st century should not suffer from claustrophobia, isolation and self-centeredness.  One of the famous critics state that especially in corporate world, managers, and executives should have bundles of creative ideas and out-of-stereotype convictions.  Earlier, top rankers in the management groups of the companies enjoy the traditional monopoly power.  Depending on his social status and positions in companies, CEOs and top officers controlled the organizations with boldness.  This traditional power is not the parameter to recruit managers and executives.  To boost up the companies, employers need very efficient professionals who have personal expertise to think independently.  A leader must have good quality to take decision promptly.  The whole organization will have no problem to emulate his theory.  New born leaders have excellent skill to stay tuned in digital ambience.  He should be literate in operating cloud based infrastructures and be more proactive to correspond through internet.  His passion to surf online regularly is a plus point for any company.  New Millenniars always expects that people must have wonderful dynamic personality with logistic eloquence and ability to cross check the series of facts.  In companies, right now, moral values are regained or opted for. If top brass and high officials in the management leak classified content in public for self-interest, the company will be buried in debris.  Therefore, managers and employees should be much more versed with the business ethics. 

Travis –Not Fitted to Uber –Good Leader Needed

Recently, sexual harassment in companies is now becoming top headlines on newspapers.  Especially, young female employees are sexually assaulted by wicked officers. For an example, Uber founder named Travis Kalanick was asked to resign from his post due to complaints lodged by a female employee against this founder.  He was supposed to molest her secretly without her consent.  His co-partners to form the board of Uber served a notice to direct him for resignation to enhance the fairness in the management.  So, this notorious CEO of Uber must have the least ethical value with ill purposes to humiliate women forcefully. Bill Gurley, one of the top brass of the management of Uber clarified that Travis has had not done right things. He has had spoiled the reputation of the company.  Therefore, his resignation will reinforce the company with good vision for women to join the organization for resetting their professional careers.  Departure of Travis from Uber must grow confidence of young female candidates to apply for jobs confidently.

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin-Co-Founder of Google

 Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin is a brilliant internet savvy and computer engineer.  This elegant guy claims that he has  US$35.8 billion worth assets to fight with rivals in the world.  This businessman  has had founded Google to expand the business faster.  He is also the president of Alphabet Inc, a part of Google.  This Russia born American entrepreneur has the eye-catching leadership to showcase his power in the global industry.  Sergey is not an experienced businessman but he has learnt confidently how to become one of the powerful men in the world.  He is a creative man. He is a genius.  His leadership quality is remarkable. In his new company, employees are given handsome salaries with emoluments, sound healthcare packages, and other facilities.  Sergey  puts emphasis on creative ideas and innovation.  Therefore, he advises his subordinates to spend at least few hours for refreshing mind to generate innovative plans.

Larry Page

Larry Page is another young jewel whose contribution to found Google through the partnership with Brin can’t be denied.  This rich person has the dream of bringing internet to grass root levels and bedroom.  In reality, his dream has been made reality when Google is born to facilitate over million people to surf online.  As a successful businessman, Larry Page widened the scope for talented youngsters to become self-reliant. He has had brought tons of opportunities to young generation to have smart jobs in his companies.  Larry Page likes those who  have patience with excellent understanding skill to work in even Catch 22 situation.  This billionaire has got  a number of international awards and accolades.   

Tim Cook

Apple seems to have been given a new facelift with the coming of Tim Cook replacing Steve Job from Apple Company.  Tim Cook is the CEO with dynamic leadership expertise to innovate the workstation in different way.  Tim Cook has brought changes to the product selling.  He has declared that  Apple is now prioritizing the product modification through innovation.  These products must smarten up new Millennairs in 21st century.  Apple has got success in  selling digital products/services like I Cloud.  Now, Apple is heading towards the sale of enterprising products.  Tim Cook motivates its employees to work for the overall betterment of the company. They must welcome the advent of the sophisticated technology to upgrade the product quality.  Tim Cook overcomes hurdles to help his company to go ahead with brilliant performance record.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a great leader in corporate sector.  He is now CEO of Amazon to attract his fans to a great extent.  Bezos is known for his innovative and creative thinking. He is the box to generate new plans for business management successfully.  He gives extreme priority to customer care.  Jeff Bezos never overlooks what customers ask for.    In Amazon, he is the pinnacle of attraction for his business management expertise with unconventional entrepreneurial leadership talent to control employees boldly.


Breed of new leaders must be welcomed to filtrate the society to a great extent.  Technology is becoming invincible with immense power to regulate the society.  So, those who are coming to serve the country must head for modernization and renaissance  with excellent purposes to make the society in tip top condition.

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