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Top ten predictions in information technology - A Preview

Top ten predictions in information technology - A Preview


In the upcoming year, people will be much more technical with integrated mini communication systems. They will have glossier smart phones with ultra sleek hand held compartments and see through glass screens. Conventional technology will be discarded or molded in the research lab. So, innovation must be an indispensable part of the information technology. Top 10 predictions have been made by a group of think-tanks through meticulous comparison, site evaluation and compact data analysis. Information technology must be much more innovative, dynamic as well as performance specific.

New Trend to Use Integrated Digital Portal with IOT Enabled System

Youngsters will have handful of IOT supported i-devices. These digital accessories must be energy efficient, ergonomic and cross device compatible.  Attach your smart i-phone to the infotainment system of your aerodynamic car. Power the battery through USB port. There is lot of significant new features within an integrated framework.  This breakthrough in the field of information technology must be important to the young generation. People will not have to carry boxy tablets or laptops. Instead, their i-phones will be miniature workstations to take care of the professional world more comfortably.  Desktop PC will be replaced by integrated compact i-devices which must have Cloud system to enhance the online jobs perfectly. The cost of i-device maintenance must be affordable. However, people must be competent to operate such sophisticated miniature i-devices. In this connection, online tech support agencies will have more tasks to help customers for troubleshooting problems.

Wearable Versus Hearable

Predictions about the future of wearable things are not positive for vendors. The plug-in infotainment systems will have new sets of hearable accessories in the upcoming days. Head phones and ear padded headsets will not be popular in the market. However replacement process will enable customers to have new ultra light devices. Wearable goods will not be completely wiped out but the demand for augmented reality hearable things will be in priority. Experts expect the $4 billion worth market for hearable accessories. Smart watches with IOT support hearable options will be brought to teens. They will be excited to play augmented reality games, and watch VR entertainment shows without wearing sturdy headsets.

Era of Mobile Devices Seems to Come to an End

Mobile phones will not be preferred by next generation due to the advent of something innovative.  They will experience a change in the mobile application tools. Smart phones, big size tablets, iphones and conventional feature phones seem to go to the cemetery.  Young daters will handpick specially upgraded IOT portals which have multifunctional voice recording, music listening, and message sharing features. These futuristic devices will not work as smart phones but there will be different system to communicate with the world.  Right now, it is not clear what type of interactive IOT enabled device will be launched. However, certainly people are waiting for new stunt in this year.

Breakthrough in Automobile Industry – Must

People will not trail behind. Art will be overpowered by science in new millennium. The expedition in tech world will not be inhibited. Slowly, new in-car accessories will be launched to upgrade the street nav systems of the latest models.  Look of energy efficient aerodynamic cabriolet vehicle will have glossiness due to the rapid sophistication. The small audio system, wireless nav accessories and sound suppressing tools will be added to the list of concept cars. Drivers will get automatic accident alert signals to avoid collision. Rear cameras for surveillance will be attached to the dynamic cars. The dashboard will have upgraded mini digital visual portal to cross check the road map, and condition of traffic in the streets.  These changes in the automobile sectors must be suitable to economical class.


People Expecting More Integrated Home Security Platform

For home security, a number of devices are installed by homeowners to ensure the life care of family members. The installation of alarming bells, Wi-Fi extenders, CT portals, spy cams and solid inter locking systems to protect home is usual. However, the problem of getting an integrated device with multiple options of home security seems to be unsolved. Maybe, in 2017, home security device manufacturers will bring different integrated portals with mobile apps software. People will have a single compact home surveillance device which must monitor movements of strangers even in dark night. The invisible cam will be attached to the Wi-Fi extenders.  It will be a multi-functional wireless connectivity system to track footsteps of shadows inside the room.

Impact of Technology in Non-Tech Field

During the reign of Trump, Americans will be fortunate to have sophisticated accessories to develop the non-tech field.  Impact of modern technology is immense. Agro tech industry will be expanded. Probability of using IOT type devices to accelerate the production of crops and agricultural products must be higher in future.

AR/VR Non Gaming Tools Will Be Visible

Till now, gamers have traditional gaming devices. They download virtual games on computers, laptops, and smart phones to play multimedia games. Nintendo gaming consoles entice young gamers to explore.  However, these are all manual gaming portals.  Experts think of upgrading the gaming devices by introducing AR/VR interface. IOT enabled non-gaming devices will support AR/VR to reduce the intricacies of game playing. However, people will opt for jail broken gaming accessories to have golden chance to make the AR/VR tools a powerful non-gaming portal.

New Drive in Chatting Box

Language barrier is a problem to online daters. If you have non-English daters, it must be a hazard to date with them.  Frankly speaking, in this New Year, possibility of language conversion is getting easier.  Transform language according to your wish. Talk to a non-English speaker comfortably through the language transcription tool.  It is an automated tool to translate and transcribe the multiple languages.  The online chat box will be funnier to you. In China, customer care units online are going much ahead of US clients to handle different customers at the same time.

Cloud Will Be In Leading Position

The poor data management system destroys the reputation of companies. Even confidential classified content can be leaked owing to the conventional data management software. Cloud is much powerful with an integrated data management system.   Data loss is zero. Restore files which seem to be invisible.  Don’t need to go to the recycle bin. Nor is it necessary to install expensive anti-hacking system. Cloud platform keeps data safe.

Small IOT Devices Replace Heavy Gadgets

Large home theater, audio systems and electronic gadgets will not be getting more credits from young hearts.  IOT enabled small devices will do the same job.  Use your smart watches to activate play station online. Small IOT wallets can be mini entertainment hubs to you. 


Experiment, expedition and exploration will have a significant lead keeping conventional legacies behind. Check sites to learn about the innovative tools which will surely be more dynamic and eye-catching.  Simplicity in device using will be enhanced. People must be conscious of the usefulness of these changes in the information technology.

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