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Is Trump Trailing Back with Lack of Credits from US Citizens? A Review

Is Trump Trailing Back with Lack of Credits from US Citizens? A Review


Is Donald Trump riding piggyback on former US president through the emulation process?  Is he doing worse for the country?  To be frank, his controversial statements about Islamic nations and Mexico are horrible for many political leaders and citizens of other nations. He is a stubborn narcissist.  However, he is not weak. He has done a number of good jobs to fulfill his dream. His mission America will be great” must encourage  Generation Z to imitate him for growth and development of American society. His tax reform bill waits for approval. If it works, who will be benefitted?  Around 55 percent thinks that this new bill for tax reform will nurture elite class overlooking the demand of middle and laymen communities.  However, major portion of Republican Party supports Donald’s vision to re-engineer the economic infrastructure of America top to bottom.

Unifier Becoming Tough to Handle ISIS

After the departure of Obama, Unifier has had spent 11 months in White House with his strong ministry. He has reshuffled his House of Representatives and top brass officials to bring cool ambience in the cabinet ministry. Within short time he fired Scaramucci and Michael Flynn who  were accused of insubordination. Again, he was successful to enforce new laws for controlling terrorists.  ISIS miscreants destructed many military base camps in Iraq, Iran, and Syria.  He threatened this militancy outfit to stop anti-national activities. Racial profiling in Saudi Arab, Iran and Iraq forced him to be stronger in taking decisions.  The recap of non-stop firing in Gay male’s night club in  Orleans, bomb explosions in Belgium and France can’t be forgotten.  So, he is a brave leader with expertise to ensure pacification in Middle East and Europe.

His Tussle with North Korea over Nuclear Tests-Turning Point to US

.Though Iran was rescued from severe isolation and punishment for encouraging vandalism, this country got approval for opening uranium facility to do research on nuclear energy.  Iran also re-entered into global oil trading portal to export liquid gold to its customers. So, Iran has golden days to improve its economy and concentrate on the improvement in other areas including economy.  It is Trump who never compromises with  terrorists like Hezbollah, ISIS and Kurds. He will kill every miscreant who has no other job than destroying cities and human lives. When he joined White House, he declared his futuristic 100 days plan.  North Korea is doing crime by creating mass destruction long range missiles. TEL supported nuke systems have been tested. Nuclear bombs and other lethal weapons are being included in the arsenal. These series of nuclear tests done by North Korean scientists must contaminate political environment in the world.  North Korean president called him a robust and tough 14th century dotard who must be infirm with lack of sharpness in evaluating the political situation. He doesn’t know arithmetic of diplomacy. Donald Trump reacted boldly by sending messages to President of North Korea to withdraw nuclear proliferation plans for peace. During his long historic visit to Asia, he didn’t dither to make comments lambasting North Korea’s approach for creating chaos.

Donald Trump Warns China over South Sea

Same way, China is another rival to Unifier. He directly charged Beijing over South Sea issue. White House gave confidence measurement guideline for maritime disorder.  South Sea is now boiling because of military escalation in  Sprightly Island. China deployed missiles and mobile surveillance  accessories to upgrade the base camps for patrolling.  None should cross Economic Exclusive Zone in South Sea. Problem became painful to neighboring countries like Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  China is aggressive to violate international law. Donald visited South Korea to have solid support to side corner China.  Political gambling took new shape with the intervention of Donald Trump to teach China how to behave. China and Russia are now friends to deal with biodegradable recyclable energy. Russia will help China to establish more energy restoration industries to meet requirements of citizens. On the other hand, China will assist Russia to sell weapons and oil. Russia is now second to America in weapon selling market.  America is not accepting any suggestions from Putin to reconsider Beijing.  Even, his new free trading and economic reformation programs neglect importance of China and North Korea.   

Trump Looks back to Crosscheck Domestic Issues of US with Spot-Solution

Donald Trump looks back to his home towns to cross check the GDP and national economy. Unemployment, financial recession, downtime in stock market and domestic retail market need to be handled properly. Job seekers must not backtrack in vain. They should have handsome pay packs with affordable healthcare insurances.  Unemployment will be reduced by launching more revenue based business management programs. He puts emphasis on real estate, share market, shale oil, and engineering goods.  His upcoming tax reform bill will low taxes to spoon feed regional companies to start their trading vigorously. GDP growth percentage during Obama’s regime was close to 2 percent with short fluctuation in between.  He added 1 percentage to make it 3 percent development even in recession.  Besides, devastating $19 trillion debt must be tackled by cutting overlays and accelerating taxes on selected items.  Even, according to USSTR and NAFTA representative, Lighthizer, Unifier is energetic for meticulous reviewing and assessment to negotiate with NAFTA with a view to increase employment schemes, growth, and economic firmness in America. Donald Trump will be agreed to deal with Mexico and Canada in NAFTA trading. So, job cuts will be controlled by strengthening industries in America.  However, many of his dissidents complain that he is not fitted to America. His negotiation with representatives of NAFTA will be risky.  In addition, they also bombard by telling reporters that maybe by 2025 America will be more fragile due to improper mechanism designed by Unifier to change the site map of national economy of US.

New Tax Cuts

Employees will have fine mornings with drastic tax cuts which will hit their monthly paychecks. Statistic reports show a graphic picture in this connection.  Those who earn $40000 max per month will be benefitted by a $360 tax fall.  That means, an employee will get $14 per single paycheck.  Those who are believed to have $100,000 by the end of month will have extra $2,260(or $87 for single day paycheck). 26 days are calculated to estimate the whole pay check period.  So, tax payer who gets $500,000 will be lucky to collect surplus $6,560 based on 26 days paycheck periods.  It will be transcribed into $250 per paycheck.

Last but not the least; Trump is not a good Philomel to sing for harmony, and integration. His personal anti-Islam rhetoric will damage the security of Americans. He treats all Muslims badly. He never welcomes Islamic countries to site for table work.  Eventually, the quagmire is deep to trouble him as Russian spies have switched off his responsible officers by using erotic drive and money.  Michael Flynn stooped to a bevy of sexy Russian girls and shared classified emails/confidential files with Russian Ambassador, Kyalisk.  He lost patience when he talks to diplomats of different countries.  Donald Trump needs a compact workout before attending seminars to troubleshoot complicated problems with productive solutions.

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