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Will Hillary Clinton Be Lucky One to Become Next American President? Deep Analysis

Will Hillary Clinton Be Lucky One to Become Next American President? Deep Analysis


It is far obvious that Obama will not be seen as the next president of America after 22nd amendment (after completing 2nd term, it is not lawful to allow the existing President to fight for the third term to hold the portfolio of the President). So, it is now the turn for cluster of eminent political and non-political billionaire luminaries to fight for becoming the president to rule the country.

Well, Mrs. Hillary Clinton must be a powerful contestant representing her democratic party. She has won a number of states to go ahead of Sanders. On the other hand, Donald Trump from Republican Party must be the severe obstacle to give a terrific challenge to Betty White to fulfill her dream once again.

Evaluate Role of Hillary Clinton- Analyze Her Activities

Hillary Clinton is an experienced political figure and she is also a maverick successful woman to have huge support from women.

However, Donald is not a weak participant as he has already possessed a number of important states. So there will be tremendous tug of war at the upcoming presidential election in November.

To be frank, Donald Trump, Cruz, Sanders and Hillary Clinton must opt for more innovative strategies to ensure the victory. Hillary Clinton will modify Obamacare plan by introducing much beneficial and profitable healthcare programs for citizens of America. She will build up new houses for people who have insufficient fund to buy homes. She will prioritize the changes in tax policies to manage the excess outlays.

At present, Obama is answerable to American citizens for $19 trillion national debt. This over expenditure will be burdensome to general persons in America. Even the debt ceiling or debt limit has been suspended to wipe out the obligation/ legal intricacies to collect more fund/proceeds from other sources to upgrade the credit ratings to bring down the $19 trillion national debt to a sizeable figure with high expectation of improving the national economy.

On the other hand, Hillary’s advent to the political arena must be evaluated. Will she be the next competent president to solve the problems of financial downtime, refugees rehab issues, North Korea’s activities to do the nuclear tests , South China Sea conflict, and of course Gulf war with ISIS mission to destruct the world.

There are many reasons spinning behind to detect some cons of Hillary Clinton as a former president. She was appointed as the secretary of Obama. Now, many critics and experienced journalists have stated that the Fast Lady won’t be the lucky to come back with honor to occupy the office as next President. Their close analysis and observations must help million enthusiasts to calculate whether Betty White will get support from different caucuses and young generation.

Hillary’s Neocon Conflation Makes Her Unpopular to Some Extent

To be frank, Hillary Clinton did mistakes by making some cumbersome comments about the involvement of US administration machinery to tackle Saddam Husain in Iraq. She seems to be a neo conservative with her orthodox conventional legacies. Her neocon conflated concepts are not at par with the futuristic plans designed by Pentagon. She didn’t blame Saddam for his active participation to indulge extremists for political destabilization.

In a serpentine long speech, Fast lady didn’t mention terrorism. Only three times she used word “terrorist “. It is much ambiguous.

She will have to backtrack what she uttered in past about the role of Saddam Hussain. She once told reporters that White House should discard enemy making process but Pentagon must not force enemies to go outside wiping out all rapport. That means White House must settle the issues to reduce violence through friendly communication, discussion and table work with rivals.

Her speeches didn’t convince intelligentsia society. She sticks to the neoconservative conflation in which there is no distinction or difference between two separate concepts which are combined strategically. These conflated concepts must be well explained and analyzed separating the truth from lies.

What she pronounced and what she took action seemed to be varied creating hollowness of ambiguity, uncertainty and hypocrisy to discourage people in America. Therefore her poor decision about Ira1 and Libya must produce negative impact to give trouble to her to reach the goal in the long run.

Blackberry Scandal

Blackberry scandal will bring another episode of turmoil to put Fast Lady in jeopardy. FBI started probing whether Hillary has used official server or domain to receive or send personal messages.

She doesn’t use desktop computer to write emails. She has the sophisticated cloud based Blackberry handset to share emails. However, the heresy is all about her indulgence to send classified materials through her personal email address ( She denied by saying confidently that she had no intention to share confidential classified messages using her blackberry connected with privately owned server at her home located in Chappaqua in New York.

FBI was directed to start investigation to track any free radicals or any piracy. FBI intelligence squad will probe whether any classified content has been hijacked or tampered with. They will read personal email inbox of Hillary Clinton to trace any unidentified email sender /recipient. Betty White must gather courage to face the bench of the jury at the court to prove her innocence in this connection.

Hillary with Commanding Lead over Sanders

While doing vote canvassing, Hillary Clinton is getting jolt from Sanders. Till now, Sanders have bagged 499 delegates including super delegates whereas Betty White gathered 1130 delegates including super delegates. Out of 27 states, Clinton snatched 18 and remaining 9 went to Sanders’ favor.

50-50 Chance for Hillary If Blackberry Issue Is Settled to Prove Her Innocence

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly a powerful candidate to win the presidential election in America. However, her 50-50 chance to be a winner in this race must be brighter if she is able to convince FBI about her innocence in the matter of email scandal. However, Sanders restored confidence through strategic victories in Nebraska and Kansas. Hillary will have to gear up her energy to sit for more intelligent table work to overtake Sanders. She should continue her commanding lead over Sanders. However, she will get the least response from black and Hispanic communities. She is an old and experienced political leader. It is not predicted beforehand whether Hillary will get unexpected response from teens.

Rubio quipped that it is yesterday when a bold and promising leader had sworn to take all of US citizens to golden past. To be frank, yesterday is over and none showcases interest to go back to become old. Rubio’s irony has much significance as Hillary has not built up a good image to entice young Americans so far. She must change her old fashioned profile to make it much glossy with lot of attractive boosters to encourage young generation to tune up for more constructive activities in future.

Hillary’s Blackberry must not backtrack her with derailment from the mission to make America whole again. She must try to get out of fictitious ambiguous mindsets by modifying her conflated concepts by using more razor sharp strategies to come to power once again.   

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