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Who Will Be Next President in America? The Unifier or First Lady ? - Deep Analysis

Who Will Be Next President in America? The Unifier or First Lady ? - Deep Analysis

Trump or Hillary 


Donald Trump is now one of the important persons in America with his flawless victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii in a row. He is the right gentleman for American citizens. However, obviously the rivalry for presidential nomination in America must be getting tougher with the appreciable victory of Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Sanders, and Ted Cruz. There will be a severe battle to win this magnificent race for becoming the next American President.

Donald Trump- Maverick Unifier to Challenge Democratic Candidates

The Unifier (Donald Trump calls himself) is getting maximum support from Native Americans in states like Mississippi, Michigan. He is a non-political figure with little experience to utilize for conducting his campaigns. In spite of barrage of caustic provocative language used by Trump and his aggressive remarks against the Mexicans will not make him backtrack home. He is steadily going ahead with promising future to emerge as a powerful president to spearhead the nation. Anti- Trump Super PAC campaign in Florida has not disturbed this strong man. He is brave with determination to continue victory in other caucuses in America. Many critics blame Trump because of his irresponsible comments against the activities of Muslim communities. He also raided heavily to lambast Mexicans who seem to be unbearable to American citizens due to their involvement with underworld. They do gun running, exchange narcotic components and trigger violence. Donald Trump has accused Obama for his apathy to control such anti-national activities boldly. His infomercial campaigns entice American citizens to watch this big boss to promote him. On the other hand, Mrs. Hillary Clinton has had reinforced her position by winning another seat in Mississippi. She is an experienced political leader with magnificent personality to showcase. She is prompt and smart to backfire convincing answers at different political conferences. The Unifier is a newcomer in the political arena. Sanders seem to have destabilized the position of Fast Lady by winning the vital caucus in Michigan. Previous poll analysis and different surveys confirmed the chances of the victory of Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate in this state.

Short Snapshot

Out of total 30 primaries, the non-political Unifier has bagged 18 primaries/states. Mr. Ted Cruz has had eight primaries. Mr. Rubio has to be satisfied winning 3 states. However, Mr. Rubio was dropped out as Donald Trump snatched home state Florida from Rubio. Mrs. Hillary Clinton is comfortable position with the possibility of winning 18 primaries/caucuses whereas Sanders claims total nine caucuses till now.

Bernie Sanders with New Top Rates

Bernie Sanders has tailored dream project to give dynamic governance to the nation. At pre-election conference, he has disclosed his vision with the resolution to bring a fast change to the US tax policy. He will impose additional 10 percent surcharge on rich capitalists. He will create more jobs for American citizens. He will generate new top rates to boost up the real estate industry.

Mrs. Hillary with Some Different Outlook

Fast Lady has some similar tax policies to implement after her winning as a President in November. 4 percent surtax is supposed to be imposed on capitalists whose financial assets are over $5 million. She will remove loopholes in tax policies. Real estate taxes will increase to some extent. Bernie Sanders is in support of establishing a single government runs healthcare organization like Medicare. He advises people in America to import expensive medications from Canada to get financial facilities. Mrs. Clinton didn’t support the resolution of Sanders. She wants to request the Government to sit for discussion with pharmaceutical companies to lower the prices of costly drugs.

What Do Americans Think Who to Win?

American citizens want relief from so called hypocrisy and real politick. Anti-Obamacare rally seems to have influenced middle class white communities. The Unifier will have the best vision to generalize the American society wiping out the distance between middle class and the elite society. He will give more power to laymen and workers to earn money for better life security. He will boldly tackle social injustice, cross border terrorism and violence. There will be a great America with bright future. However, few conservative Americans believe that Trump will be the best non-political leader if he doesn’t prioritize the self-promoting to get more votes at the presidential election in November. People in America are searching for a new dynamic leader who must have sky kissing honesty level with unbreakable resolution to repair the national economy, create more jobs and reduce the constant infiltration.


2016 will be a different year for Americans to face the music with confidence. They will have to handpick only the most intelligent candidate who must have awe-inspiring vision to remodel the whole nation on the strong platform.   It is most difficult decision facing them. 

Disclaimer :

Author does not endorse any US presidential candidate. 

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