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SAP and Oracle Create New Horizons in Oil and Gas Industry with Technical Innovation

SAP and Oracle Create New Horizons in Oil and Gas Industry with Technical Innovation


SAP and Oracle seem to be spreading dominance over the oil and gas industry. Right now, there is a slow process faced by oil & gas companies because of dearth of innovation in the operational and data management network. There must be a good convergence between operational and information technology to rejuvenate the lubricant/gas industries to score well. 

SAP and Oracle Brought Breakthrough in Mobilizing Oil and Gas Industry

Oil industry is mainly divided into three categories such as upstream, midstream and downstream.

At the first stage, preliminary workouts and exploration took place to search the natural crude oil/gas reservoirs or exploratory tanks/wells to collect raw lubricant materials. Well drilling workouts are carried out by experts of companies.

Upstream division of the company is basically found collecting natural oil from exploratory wells for shipping to midstream sectors.

At the second stage, barrels of crude oil collected from the underground wells are refined and channelized to downstream sectors for distribution in the open market. The midstream sectors need to refine and produce crude oil and gas.

Finally downstream sectors categorize refined oil into jet oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene and inflammable products for sale.

SAP and Oracle develop various data management tools and communication platform with cloud support for corporate industry. SAP platform ensures the compactness and integration in the fields of maintenance, oil/gas production and engineering operation.

Employees should prepare different reports, worksheets and documents regarding the volume of oil collected from various exploratory oil wells. Surveillance reports, daily file updates and feedbacks of experts must be stored in the database.

SAP has created new powerful data management software which simplifies the whole data collection, management and content security. SAP enables a professional executive to take the fast decision before executing any order.

SAP platform has been given an innovative technological makeover and its importance in petroleum and gasoline industry is overwhelming soaring. Oil and gas industry is really lucrative due to the tremendous scope to have high volume of revenues.

Natural crude oil is also called liquid gold due to its appreciable market value. Oil rejuvenates the national economy. This precious product can be stolen if there is no upgraded security system.

SAP and Oracle prevent sabotage and piracy by generating more sophisticated engineering tools.

Few most effective tools introduced by SAP and Oracle are Enterprise project portfolio management, SAP, PPM , Primavera, MS SharePoint , ERP, ALM/ Asset Lifecycle Management, SAP EAM , Oracle EAM, Maximo, AspenTech® IP21, LIMS, PAS/Production Accounting System used for fiscal metering, SAP xMII and SAP PCo.

SAP Provides Fast Hydrocarbon Revenue Management Solution

SAP gives a tightened integrated multifunctional platform for fast hydrocarbon revenue management backup. Ranging from installation, software activation, asset management, hydrocarbon supply, and production planning, this developed SAP hydrocarbon revenue management platform is a must for busy employees. Use SAP network through your mobile devices as well. SAP tech backup is also an innovative system which enables novice employees to have fast assistance to remove any technical issue.

SAP EHS Management

Track the level of toxic elements at upstream sector to protect health of employees. You can measure carbon emissions regularly and prepare qualitative reports to improve the health of workers/employees working in risky spots of upstream sector.

SAP EHS Management platform enables a senior executive to do analysis through the comparison. He can capture important events which seem to be detrimental to the healthcare of workers in the upstream and midstream sectors.

Integrated Operations

Oracle optimizes the production, drilling and reservoir maintenance processes. It is the best software to enable top brass of the management to take appropriate decision through meticulous analysis.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle increases the operational proficiency, compact equipment/devices utilization, and improvement of the effectiveness/usefulness of the organizations. Do proper planning using this Asset Lifecycle Management software of Oracle. 

Innovative SAP and Oracle Platforms for Excellent Data Management/Maintenance

Major oil and gas companies should do proper maintenance with flawless communication to avoid chaos.

SAP and Oracle must bring new technology to build up a mini platform with cloud technology to remove obstacles in monitoring the oil production, employee management, products shipment, and fiscal monitoring along with excellent accounting/ documentation about exploratory oil reservoir maintenance details.

To be frank, SAP has brought an innovative, flexible and multi-directional risk management tool which is easy to operate .SAP ensures the faster mobility in business of oil and gas industry. Remote well reservoirs and tanks located in risky areas must be protected from fire, sabotage and violent attacks. Therefore, good surveillance is needed to prevent piracy or any unlawful activity.

The company should be equipped with hi-tech devices which have SAP asset management software with excellent surveillance features. Employers are able to communicate with the top brass of the company through Cloud based Asset Lifecycle Management platform.

SAP and Oracle have brought extraordinary devices to incorporate upstream, mid and downstream sectors into a unified / integrated platform with cross device compatibility. This unique mobility and integration will surely boost up new companies in oil industry to do better customer care with higher possibility of earning unprecedented revenues from foreign countries. A new era started in the oil and gas industry with the inception of smart technology.

Right now it is not uncommon to employees to use smart handsets and IOT enabled devices with SAP backup to remove troubles in communicating with superiors of the management. Problems are being solved on spot.

SAP and Oracle training programs make these employees much confident of working in the hi-tech digital environment without having any serious problems.

Online support and advice from top SAP and Oracle experts energize novice employees to get compact management solution from SAP and Oracle.      

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