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Will Bernie Sanders Be the Next American President Outperforming Betty White and Unifier?

Will Bernie Sanders Be the Next American President Outperforming Betty White and Unifier?



In the US presidential nomination election, a number of eminent faces have come forward with lot of attractive offers for people in America.

The political battle is running and it is still uncertain whether Betty White will be the lucky maverick woman to smile eventually overpowering arch rival Bernie Sanders.  It is also not clear whether   Unifier will smash every opponent rival and come to power to make America great once again.  Whatever it may be, right now hustle and bustle heat up the air because all political leaders are trying   hard to get victory over their rivals.

Bernieis one of the strongcontestantsand his arrivalin thepoliticalarenamustjolt Fast Ladywho has already beencross examined byFBItounearth thetruthtossingin the piles oflies.  Herinvolvement withBlackberry scandaland Panama papers must givefree mileage toBernietodrivehis aerodynamic car more   smoothly to  eachWhite House to deliver hisfist speech addressing the whole nation after hisvictory. 

Will Sanders be the first oldest president in America?   Manyclaim that hehas thestrength tobecomeone of thesuccessful presidents to regulatenative   Americansmorecompetently.   His role   is important to change America.  However,   proper evaluation needs to be completed before prediction about Bernie’s success to become the most powerful man of the universe.

Bernie Throwing Challenge to Fast Lady

In the beginning, Hillary Clinton started nicely by capturing few important caucuses. She was unbeaten and forceful.  She is an experienced political leader and her presentable appearance with the smiling façade impress young generation. She is a popular political figure in her country.  However, Bernie is not a weak guy. He has proved his potentialities and prowess by ensuring the easy victory in several states.   He is socialist and his democratic party must try to form the government by discarding   Obama.  Rolling stone gathers no moss.   Same way, Sanders will not be stagnant with languor. He should be dynamic with many new strategies to let the ball swing in his own court. Experts have analyzed the situation in which both Fast Lady and Bernie are found struggling to reach the zenith.  Larry, the brother of Bernie, has told reporters that his brother will be the great man with political supremacy to rule the country.  He is the old genius with dazzling vigor to scale up the ladder removing all hurdles.   He will be the savior to Americans by bringing more financial stimulus and other boosters to remove the shroud of $19 trillion national debt. 


Bernie Lend Voice for African American Natives 

 Bernie is getting unexpected support from African American communities.   He has lent his voice to relay the miseries faced by black colored people in different states of America.  He is the mouthpiece to take various issues   of African and American natives to media.  According to him, people are still begging for alms and   the poverty is   mercilessly   crippling black members in Minnesota and other cities in America.  After being president he will have the special financial stimulus pack to spoon feed downtrodden black community members.  There will be more schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics and recreational hubs for black community to optimize their lifestyles.   He was present at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change in Minnesota to deliver his vital speech for black community. He never wants reparation to hush up the issues of slavery and poverty. He has boldness with unbreakable resolution to wipe out dross of poverty from the African American society.  So his vision is very constructive and he will definitely go further to challenge Betty White.  

Bernie Getting Mileage

The change in the presidential nomination election scenario is taking place fast.   Bernie has won in New Hampshire by obtaining 151,000 votes.  It is the massive victory for Bernie in his life. The lacuna between Fast Lady and Bernie seems to be narrowed.   Bernie has good position in the demography to dash a challenge to this American Fast Lady.  In Iowa, Hillary has lost. She didn’t get much support from women.   In Nevada, Bernie will have to get more delegates to update his vote bank.  The competition will be higher in Nevada.  29 percent Latinos live in Nevada and 9 percent African Americans.  So, Bernie needs to snatch more votes to ensure the victory in this state.

Panama Papers Scandal Affects Hillary – Bernie Will Take Advantage

 Panama Papers leakage has unmasked many political leaders who perform behind the scene to transfer billion dollars to credit their offshore accounts.  The name of Betty White in Panama papers scandal must be a weapon for Bernie to change the mindsets of white natives in the country.  If FBI brands her the culprit or the accused to deal with forged amount, she will be detached from the main stream of the society. Bernie will have none to face to become the strong candidate to fight with Republican leader in the last lap of presidential election.    Blackberry scandal is also brewing up another melee to disturb Fast Lady.  She is answerable to the government about her wrong decision to use private server to exchange   classified materials of the government.  

If Hillary loses chance, Bernie will have to face another   hurdle. Unifier will be over there with a dazzling performance   track record to defy Bernie.  Well, this oldie is not feeble. He is salubrious and he is well educated as well.  He has criticized the role of Donald Trump in public.  He protests against the irresponsible remarks backfired by Unifier about the Islamic states.  He can’t cut off the relationship with Gulf nations.  It is a matter of sentimental issue when Donald lambasted Islamic states due to the increase in the spread of terrorism.  He also threatened Mexicans by using provocative language.  So, all these issues will be favorable to Bernie to project himself as the next American president. 

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