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Does Apple Prioritize the Incremental Improvement or Technological Innovation?

Does Apple Prioritize the Incremental Improvement or Technological Innovation?


Evaluate the Impact of Demise of Steve Jobs

Telecom industry has entered into an innovative wireless era which enables people to enhance the flawless correspondence/ communication in a dynamic way.

Customers prefer those companies which must be committed to offer affordable, high quality, and easy-to-maintain telecommunication service. This trend is obviously important to an international or a local telecom service provider to understand.

There are a number of key global players in telecom industry which depend on the qualified top brass like chief executives and HRs, to have good feedbacks from customers. A company must need qualified manpower for product promotion, documentation and customer care. Without customers, business becomes bogus and meaningless to an entrepreneur. Therefore, table work and better product promotional plans must be designed by entrepreneurs to give a new shape and recognition to a start-up company.

Roles of business founders and top brass are significant to build up the company within short span of time. Apple, Samsung and other international telecommunication companies have large business with huge volume of revenues to earn every year. Still, it is now an important issue whether these companies must rely on clients or top brass to increase the flow of revenues. Or these organizations will try to win more customers for the sake of business expansion.

Telecom Companies Prioritize Returning Customers to Keep Goodwill

Right now, many telecom sectors and giant companies use different strategies to prevent returning customers from going to other vendors to buy products. That means, companies prioritize the old clients to keep the goodwill and then they are trying to use feedbacks of these old customers to convince newcomers. When customers go through comments and blogs of these returning customers, obviously they have confidence and good impetus to depend on the company due to good reputation in the market. It doesn’t matter how many customers buy products from the online inventory of the company. It matters heavily whether these newcomers will be in touch with the company in near future. It is profitable to a well known organization like Apple if customers are habituated to do deals with the company without taking whimsical switchover to build up rapport with other organizations or agencies.

Certainly, founders of companies must be much more responsible with meticulous analytical skill to monitor the performance of the company. A trained and professional CEO or manager will do his own job mechanically without having personal interest to speed up the growth of the company. He should be guided and motivated by a founder of the company to perform competently without showcasing indifference to the management and its working staff members. To earn good revenues, the company must recruit qualified officers/employees and the management must also value the feedbacks of founders.

A business founder or pioneer has more value and weight in the company comparatively. His words must sound important and precious to junior employees. If clients are good and trustworthy, the chance for earning revenues will be brighter.

Impact of Steve Jobs on Apple – Analysis

The demise of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple created the room for the entry of Tim Cook to lead the company as a top Chief Executive officer. Many employees of Apple believe that the absence of Jobs will not be made up by this new CEO. Steve was declared as the best CEO of the year in America. He was emotionally attached with the company and he did brilliant jobs to put the company on the profit spinning machine. During the tenure of Jobs, the first generation i-pod model was selected to showcase it at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. As a co-founder Steve Jobs loved the company with deep respect. He didn’t overlook the interest of the management and employees of the company. However, Tim Cook didn’t frustrate management of Apple. Right now, Samsung is the largest mobile phone manufacturer with superb product selling records. This company has introduced many attractive sophisticated handsets at reasonable prices. Google’s Android operating system seems to be unbeaten. Android OS is cross device compatible with excellent data security. Google has occupied a reliable and strong niche in the market by promoting its superfast Android operating system for customers. Consumers have got Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S 7 Edge models. This Korean company has replaced light weight plastic compartment by bringing metal frame with glass work. The scratch resistant and innovative SE handset has premium components as Apple have upgraded new models with dazzling features to enhance the presentable beauty of handsets. To be frank, Apple has increased its product sales with constant flow of foreign revenues. Tim Cook has claimed that innovation is the motto of the company to stick to a change or transition to take Apple to over trillion people with barrage of dynamic mobile handsets, ipods and latest models of iphones. After the advent of Tim Cook, What Steve Jobs started, Tim Cook gave a constructive shape to vision of the company. It is not an innovator’s dilemma but it is the right time for the management of Apple to enhance appreciable technological innovation to reengineer more ergonomic gripe-safe models. 

Samsung Vs Apple

Samsung is a top South Korean company which optimizes and engineers smart phones and iphones. This Korean company is now building up a new challenge to hurl back at Apple with cluster of new glossy models. Frankly speaking, Samsung is doing the special workouts for enhancing the aesthetic makeover to make their innovative models much presentable with superb color contrasts. Samsung is not prioritizing the technical advancement. Instead, it manufactures more stylish and ergonomic handsets with remarkable metal work. Samsung is giving the less priority to the technical innovation and incremental value. Samsung is a South Korean manufacturer and it is not willing to open new subsidiaries in China, Japan or in other foreign countries. It wants to remodel the handsets. It does paintwork to make the handsets aesthetically beautiful, elegant and attractive. On the other hand, Apple is a multinational smart phone manufacturing company with worldwide recognition. It has numerous medium size subsidiaries and outlets all over the world. Apple has also recently opened a new subsidiary in China to accelerate the production rate. Apple is expanding its business faster. At the same time, this American company is seen doing extensive table work to upgrade its previous models by bringing more innovative tools to wipe out complicated technical drawbacks. 

Smart Phone Patent Litigation

Smart phone patent wrangling seems to have vast media exposure because of the decision taken by Apple to file lawsuit against this giant South Korean company due to the imitation of the designs of iphone/ipad without taking prior permission from Apple. The confrontation is severe. Apple authority has claimed that Samsung has violated the law and it has directly copied “bounce back” feature from Apple store. It is a type of illegitimate jail breaking to defy Apple. However, Samsung is not tight lipped. It has also gone further for case litigation. In the case of installation “web-band code” in the device, Apple has showcased daring attitude to emulate Samsung. Two companies are going to legal battle field for justice. This smart phone patent litigation seems to widen the gap between these two famous smart phone manufacturing companies. Meanwhile, Samsung is believed to release another innovative and dynamic Galaxy S7 smart phone to outperform Apple’s iphone 6s model. The competition will be high in the upcoming days. This Galaxy S7 handset will be much curvy in appearance with ultra sleek camera housing to enhance the innovative aesthetic appeal. It will be much feature rich with stylish compartment in gorgeous color. Still many critics support Apple 6s model in terms of technical innovation, performance and configuration. Apple’s handset is much gripe safe with a vivid screen to enhance the visual clarity to a great extent. There will be neck-to-neck competition between two glossy models manufactured by Samsung and Apple customers have to be much more meticulous when they cross-check both new models on the internet. AMOLED screen seems to be oversaturated with glossy colors. Samsung prefers AMOLED screen for youngsters to watch profiles of cute sweethearts. However, still LED insulated IPS backlight of Apple’s model seems to be vibrant with much color fastness. Eye soothing colors of these handsets launched by Apple must make fans passionate to use such ergonomic models. Galaxy S6 and Apple 6s look stylish with a number of latest features to note. Apple 6s model has much more aesthetic versatility with a sleek camera plus 3 D Touch. Longer battery life expectancy of S6 model must be noticeable. Multitasking feature of this model is also appreciable. Customers must do homework before selecting any of these two models upgraded by two different companies.

Google’s Android OS Versus Apple

Fred Vogelstein’s statement has sky kissing significance when he evaluates the marketing strategies of Google and Apple. It is needless to say that Apple has launched upgraded smart phones, iphones, tablets and other digital devices with cross device compatible cloud based operating system. Google’s Android has also been launched to cope with Apple. According to Fred, if Google wins customers on breadth by producing a powerful Android OS, Apple has done more constructive groundwork by going deep through innovation .

Google always prioritizes the quantity as Fred believes. This company is trying hard to collaborate with other mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC to choose Google’s Android platforms for upgrading devices uber. However, Apple is much more concerned about product quality. Jonathan Ive opines that Apple wants qualitative products instead of merely increasing the production rate. Apple ensures Sophos malware free OS which is had from Appstore. However, Google, Samsung and other smart phone manufacturers manufacture products after recording the likelihoods /feedbacks of vast number of customers. These companies need customers’ satisfaction. However Apple is doing two jobs on a single go. First the management puts focus on market to know about the trend and likelihood of customers. Then Apple management hosts internal seminars to cross verify the feedbacks of senior members and experienced tech consultants of the company. Then through repeated table work, discussion and various demos with project presentations, the new product is launched to the market commercially. Apple Prioritizes Customer Care Apple offers an integrated powerful operating system with the wide range of smart phones/tablets and iphones without destroying the product quality.

Steve Jobs went beyond the customers’ need by launching touch screen display units to develop the basic handsets. Steve Jobs wanted customers to evaluate the products manufactured by Apple. So, there must be sufficient space for customers to ventilate their views about the effectiveness of feature rich iphones, smart phones and tablets offered by Apple. This customer care priority is obviously a new turning point or booster for Tim Cook to take the company to a high altitude. After expiry of Steve Jobs in 2011, Apple was found in commanding position to ship 14.6 million iPads whereas Samsung delivered 8.1 million models.

This year, Apple sold around nine million latest i-phone handsets to challenge other giant companies. However, Coop must decide whether there is necessity to do the incremental development or new breakthrough in the product manufacturing with more innovation in the configuration.

Tim Cook will have to scale up the revenues of Apple but he must be more innovative to understand the tactics in the market. He will have to cope with Samsung and other global big bosses by introducing more feature rich stylish handsets at attractive prices.       

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