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Evaluate the Overall Outcome of Obama’s Visit to Latin American Countries

Evaluate the Overall Outcome of Obama’s Visit to Latin American Countries


President Obama’s important venture to Latin American nations must be productive with new horizons to explore, His trip to Cuba and Argentina must ease tension and remove unseen barriers to bring peace in the borders. Cuba and Argentina will get new financial stimulus from America to improve the healthcare, education , science and culture uber.

On the other hand, Obama will guide these two Latin American countries to reset the new vision for building up everlasting friendship, peace and tranquility in the world.

Cross border violence, terrorism, economic recession and political impasse are some of the untold miseries which must be broached up at conferences hosted in Argentina. However, the overall impact of US president’s visit to Argentina and Cuba must be broadly analyzed.

New Horizons for Cuba and Argentina to Have Good Impact after Obama’s Trip

Obama has admitted that his official trip to Latin America must be the turning point to America and Latin American nations to build up a powerful democratic institute removing previous caustic setback. American President will strain every nerve to settle many complicated issues which seem to sound obstructive in the matter of enhancing the flawless diplomatic relationship.

Both America and two Latin American nations must have uniformity to showcase to regulate the cross border terrorism. The cause of racial profiling and chauvinism must be found with the determination of reviving the nonchalant ambience to let everyone to have breathable air.

Obama must have some awe-inspiring ideas for Argentine president to wipe out the wedge to fulfill dream.

White House has put excessive emphasis on the president’s official trip to Argentina and Cuba because of the removal of the tension to control international terrorism. Two hemispheres must be united with unbreakable resolution to tackle high voltage jingoism and heinous crime.

Good Initiatives Taken to Ease Tension and Bring More Growth Opportunities

Experts’ predictions about the recent tours of Obama with Vice President Joe Biden to Latin America must be contextual and significant. First of all, neighboring countries like Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela will be benefited due to the visits of American President. There will be new agreements to expand the industry, reinforce the local trading, and improvement of economy. One of the best resolutions adopted by Obama is to tackle terrorism and crime. Youths who are unemployed are tempted to join extremists’ hideouts for money. They are trained to become armed fugitives to spread violence. They must be rehabilitated by creating new job opportunities, self-employment schemes and better scope to get education for upgrading technical skill. Obama’s role is to remove the monolithic blockage by offering compact support, advice and innovative ideas to bridge the gap. However Obama thinks that he can’t cross the limits to do interference to mobilize the democracy in these Latin American countries. Tacit understanding must be enhanced to end the tension. The long lasting embargo imposed by Pentagon must be removed to encourage these Latin American nations to make the good approach with the purpose of making the bond of camaraderie. The participation of America is a must as it plays the key role to reduce terrorisms.

Macri’s Optimism Overdrive Is Immense to Renew Relationship with US

Mauricio Macri’s advent to join the office as an Argentine President must be another important thing. He is always proactive and co-operative to sit for table discussion with the US President. Obama has the more appreciable futuristic plans for Argentina. In a statement made by this American president before his departure from his home town to go to Argentina has clarified his political standpoint in this regard. He is optimistic when he tries to analyze the role of White House to tune up Argentina through a compact constructive program by inserting this Latin American nation into the hierarchy of powerful countries. Argentina must be financially stable and strong. America will provide more flexible financial boosters to develop this Latin American nation. Before handing over the reins to upcoming president, Obama will try to found a solid platform to restore the tranquility in Latin American nations removing all confrontations, myth and hypocrisy.

More Positive Breakthrough in Diplomatic Relationship to Be Expected

It is certainly a new move taken by American President to bring a change in the diplomatic relationship with Latin American countries. He is desirous of opening new windows for encouraging Communist countries to become more liberal, lenient and optimistic to welcome globalization.

Cuba is also responding steadily by allowing foreign investors to pry into the domestic industry. On the other hand, Macri’s presence as a powerful Argentine president must be appreciated because of his innovative ideas to democratize economic and trading policies.

Former president, Christina was not interested to invite more foreign investments to energize the sick industry in Argentina. She was fond of giving priority to national companies and regional business growth without free trading.

Even Cuba discarded the proposal of Bush administration when the free trading accord was initiated by America. It was not supported by Cuba.

Macri is much more liberal with desires to build up new tie-up with US investors to fertilize the national economy. The constructive groundwork has been completed by Macri’s administration to solve the money laundering dispute which worsened relationship with America in past.

Patricia Bullrich, the security minister of Argentina, has already sat for talking to US top brass to solve the money laundering dispute. She has requested US government to direct FBI for meticulous probing to capture the culprits.

This money laundering scam took place during the regime of Christina in Argentina. Well, many American investors are showcasing their eagerness to invest money in the renewable energy industry in Argentina. So, it must be a good opportunity for Macri to improve the economy.

Many intellectuals claim that it is the harvesting time for the renewal of relationship with America. The tragic episode of painful dictatorship in Argentina in 1976-83 must be wiped out by bringing new resolutions to help the country to stand more elegantly with sound financial infrastructure. More liberalization is needed for Argentina to co-operate with America.

However, Obama should not overlook the tragedies of poor people who were smashed in poverty due to free trading in 1980. So, there must be good amicable environment for Argentina and other Latin American nations to respond quickly without being pressurized in tension.       

Quote : 

My dad once said, "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." I am certain that the goodwill extended by this trip ultimately will impact the lives of millions. My father would be so happy that Mom and I were part of the story. -  President Barak Obama

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