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A Quick Look at the Global Trend in Information Technology Industry Today

A Quick Look at the Global Trend in Information Technology Industry Today


Global Trends in Information Technology have been changing time after time.  New companies take over the old powerful companies before in top manufacturing and selling position. 

This rapid change can sometimes be unpredictable and can affect the economies of certain technical-producing countries, such as the US, the UK, Mexico, Japan, and many more.  This effect can also affect millions of people worldwide as it is in the global economy that individual countries can conceive more high tech gadgets, especially in regards with the hardware and the software systems.  The more that the economy grows in technological systems, the more manufacturers create new and advanced devices.  This will be to spread progress in information technology today and in the future.  Here are some data and information concerning the global trends in IT in 2013.


Software and Hardware Sales

The trend in software and hardware sales in different countries around the world is the same in terms of trend.  Two companies emerged as top selling brands in the last two years.  They are the Apple and the Samsung brands of technology.  Together, these brands increased sales in the software and hardware area of technology to about 64% with an operating income of 125% increase.  These data are based on the last year’s 12 months accumulated data.  And in 2013 it’s still on the rise.  These two giant companies comprise the most amounts in sales of hardware and software compared to the other companies, such as Dell, Microsoft, IBM, and many more world leaders. 

Companies such as Oracle, SAP, Sales Force and many more in the line dominate software sales. All Software vendors are mostly growing organically with acquisitions and mergers which has lead them to increase their client base which ultimately has benefited the customers to have a full suite of product to meet their growing global needs. Further these companies are also looking at new innovations by increasing their research and development budgets.

In March 2009 SAP R&D budget was $481 Million with almost doubled to $815 Million in Dec 2012.  On same lines Oracle’s R&D budget rose from R&D budget rises from $651 M in Nov 2008 to $1.28 B in May 2013 close to double.  Increase in R&D budgets is crucial for setting new trends in global markets with newer products. There also has been increase in consulting services from these companies to offset sales of license sales.

Innovations in how information is harvested, analyzed and processed hold the key to filtering out the noise and using the growing wealth of global information to address emerging challenges. SAP AG focus on newer products such as SAP HANA, modern platform for real-time analytics, and Big Data has revolutionized the market space by handling large volume of data through in-memory database. Technology world is calling SAP innovation as a response to compete with Oracle RAC.  Both SAP HANA and Oracle RAC have its own benefit which appeals to each client need differently. Good News is new innovations always in the end bring more benefits to clients. 

US Tech market will lead technological sales in 2013 with about 7.5% growth, while European countries will have a recession in tech sales with only 0.8% in the same year.Despite of the improvement in the tech trends in China, Korea, and Australia, the tech sales in the Asia Pacific Region will only grow by 4% in the global sales.This is because of the decreasing manufacturing and marketing of Japan, which is considered to be the tech leader in Asia.In Latin America, tech sales and marketing will grow for about 6.4% as Brazil recovers from the decline in sales in 2012.


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 Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is leading the trend in software sales in the US and it’s affecting the entire world as well.  This will cause a more centralized method of doing business around the world as shared data are virtually made available anywhere you are in the world.  This is only a part of industrial internet which can be accessed in every country where internet connection exists.  In this effect, IT and software outsourcing is made possible and enhanced data sharing globally.  As economically struggling countries like US, Australia, Japan, and other European countries have turned to outsourcing to countries like India and Philippines to save more money. Outsourcing will soon increase more profit globally by 7.3% in profit.  Computer software and hardware sales will then increase together by 7 or 8% with IT consulting systems integration services at 6.8% in 2013.


Trend in Telecommunication

The global trend in telecommunication will consistently rise.  More mobile phones, the specifically Smartphones Company is emerging in the telecommunication trend.  US leader in this area of technology is the Apple Company among the famous companies like Blackberry and GE.  iPhones, iPods, and iPads have conquered the US market sales in phone technology.  The Apple Company alone could boost the US GDP to 0.5%, which is quite significant for a lone company. That is roughly computed to be about 12.8 billion dollars at an annual rate, accordingly to 


'Apple iPhone 5 could boost US GDP by up to 0.5%'

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GE company on the other hand, will be a great leader in internet software in 2013.  With a total number of about 25 billion connected devices are monitored by the GE software center in the US at the end of 2012, 2013’s number is still on the rise.  GE’s investment in software and industrial internet will grow to about 5 billion dollars in 2014, which will dramatically improve the US GDP, according to this site. 


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As smartphones and tablets are growing in numbers and sales all around the world, communication companies are also growing in numbers.  As the Apple brand of the technology spreads on the entire world, Samsung, which is a Korean brand of technology, is also competing with the influence on people.  People in Asia Pacific region are using Samsung brand for about 68% than the Apple brand.  Huawei, a Chinese brand is also taking on Asia’s Smartphone users nowadays.  In the recent poll, Samsung has overtaken Apple with 5.2 billion profits in the second quarter of 2013 as stated in


Financial Express

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About 386 million Smartphones are shipped around the world, Samsung with 107 million phones and 27.7% share, Nokia with 61.1 million units and 15.8% shares, Apple with 31.2 million units, LG with 17.8 million units, and ZTE with 17.6 million phones in the second quarter of 2013.


Trends with the World’s Best System Integrators

Companies that can merge consulting with mobile platforms are becoming another leader in information technology profits and trends.  It’s important to these kinds of company to be able to penetrate through the IT and the business areas to be successful.  Both Accenture and IBM have strong collections in enterprise mobility services that link together their consulting services with mobile platforms and tools in different mobile firms.  IT professionals have turned to these service providers to create a design fit for many consumers as well as the development and the support for their mobile applications.  You can check information on this site. 


Accenture, IBM and PwC lead enterprise mobility consulting market, says IDC

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These system integrators, such as Accenture, IBM, PwC, Verizon Business, Wipro, and many others, are earning more than 75 million dollars for each company annually.  Top three consulting service providers are Accenture, IBM, and Infosys which is a NYSE company in the stock market.  Smartphones have given everyone a chance to do the things they cannot do before.  They can now use the internet with their phones using applications.  These system integrators are booming and have increased the GDP of the US economy, for example, with 1% GDP 2013.

The Top 25 Global Technology Innovations

There are hundreds of technological innovations in the past years.  However, not all of them managed to thrive in the long run.  Here are the top 25 technology innovations in a global aspect.

Google Glass

We will have a hard time finding the information in this information-loaded world without Google.  Google Glass will allow the users to take learn information, take photos or videos, and communicate with friends in just one hi-tech device.  Anywhere and anytime, you can access this as it is worn as glasses. Google Glass is Developed by Google group of companies or Google X. They are the same group who came up with top futuristic companies like the driverless car. For the consumer price of $300-$500 per glasses sold, Google is expecting to receive a large income from it in the future. Early release was already in the works, but Google Glass is projected to be release this end of quarter of 2013.

Apple Technologies

With the popularity and best-selling iPhones, iPods, iPads, and MAC computers, Apple are one of the top companies who managed to develop more handheld technologies for the consumers.  The development of their technologies has put more manufacturers on the edge of improving their products, too. Latest iOS7 will propel Apple's stock back to the top as projected. The California based company is poised to release their 5th Gen technology before the year ends in 2013. Already having a stronghold on the mobile Apps Market, Apple technologies were competing for supremacy against Android OS by Google and beating Windows OS by Microsoft.


This technology has helped those who have conductive hearing loss to be able to hear through a device that mimics an ordinary hat.  This technology is called Cynaps Enhance and Cynaps Connect.  Manufacturing this product has given a responsible idea for all the people out there to help in any way they can like this new gadget. Max Virtual LLC is a product development team company spanning from Greensboro NC and in Shenzhen China. Their Cynaps are projected to sell in around $60 - $100 and will go into mass production in the third quarter of 2013.


This is part of the technological world that happens to invent and reinvent new and exciting ways to deliver news reports and even advertising in the online world.  This has made more information available for a lot more people in the world. Founded in 2006, the viral content website from New York has emerged on to from releasing and feeding political news to weird out of this world topics. Their website traffic ranks 260th in the world and is on the top 70 in the United States.


This study’s goal is to eradicate bugs and save human lives.  They have developed a strategy on how to exterminate the causes of dengue fever which harmed so many people around the world.  This is a great innovation in both technology software and application and health. The company originated in Milton Park, United Kingdom, and their biological control technology is released and gaining ground from investors all through out the globe.

Beats by Dre

This is one technology that has given a real good focus on music experience.  This speaker and headsets are the one to beat as it gained an amazing popularity among the young and the not-so-young music lovers around the globe. Founded in early 2006 by Popular Musicians Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine and have their headquarters in Santa Monica California. Their products are exclusively manufactured by a consumer electronics company named Monster Cable from the onset of 2009 – 2012. This year through self innovation they started producing their own line of music consumer electronic products.


Original Japanese Company that took a brave start in developing and selling technologies, such as computer printers, cameras, document scanners, and copy machines.  They are widely known in the countries of Asia Pacific and this brand is spreading across the global market gradually. Their NYSE stocks are now at $30.45. One of the oldest Technology firm originating from Tokyo Japan in 1937, Canon has evolved into one of the most recognized brands on the planet to date.

Pentax Digital Camera

It’s light, easy to operate, takes quality photos, and it’s cheaper than those bulky DSLR cameras around.  Make good memories last with this great innovation with a retro design.  The product portfolio is impressive and people are getting a lot more interested in this product brand of cameras. The brand name is one of Ricoh Imaging top selling cameras. Just August 1 , 2013 they re now known as the Ricoh Imaging Company LTD and is projected to return to their old form of Pentax Brands.


LED Flat screen TVs are all around, but this product from LG, a Korean company, offers a bright and crisp display of images that will leave you in awe. Selling at a starting price of $13,000 each, the sales and projection have seen its cut backs, now they have reduced the price of their curved TV’s in the $9,000 range. LG has now cemented themselves as a very close rival to Samsung Electronics in the Asian Market Sector rankings and within the top 5 worldwide.

AMD’s 360 degrees Audio Technology.

A powerful device to let you experience the best music, sound, and gaming event possible, inside your own house. Shown and showcased at CES 2013 was from AMD where they had a dark room called the AMD SurRound House. AMD is a company founded in 1969 and has been on a downhill the past 2 years. They are at a loss of more than $1 Billion in operating income and net income during 2012.

Sony Experia Z

It has a high-end performance with a durable practicality.  With an HD display and water-resistance capabilities, you will surely love this personal phone. This 6.4 Inch Display Phablet may be too big for some, but will surely have a dedicated market. Released in January of 2013 in Japan and made available worldwide in March 2013. According to a Sony executive from their worldwide hub, McDougall, early Xperia Z sales has been strong. It sold over 150,000 units in its first week in Japan, taking a 24 percent market share straight away. Very positive signs for a big risk market.

Brother Industries.

This Japanese company has made great innovations with office supplies and computer-link hardware devices, such as printers and labeling systems which are an important part in advancing the world of Information Technology, too.  A Nagoya Japan company, which was founded in the early turn of 1908.

NVIDIA Project Shield

This is a great device for all the gamer fans in the world.  It has a high quality visual display and touch screen for the ultimate gaming experience. Recently the company has dropped the pricing for the device at a $50 price drop. Launched in June 27, 2013 it is one of the coolest devices to ever come out since Gameboy. The price drop is a step in the right direction for Nvidia’s new foray into game hardware. The company is facing off, in a way, with Ouya, the $99 Android gaming device, as well as more high-priced gaming tablets from companies like Wikipad and Razer. And of course, all of these devices are competing with Nintendo’s portables and Sony PS Vita.


This technological innovation has made it possible for people of all ages enjoy a good game together in front of the TV screen.  It’s a good way to start physical exercise which is so much fun. Officially released worldwide in late 2006, the Wii is now on its 7th generation consoling. Shipping at a rate of more than 100 Million units per year as of June 2013, it is projected to grow as new games and platforms are introduced to this heavy market demand for young and old gamers. Wii is developed by Nintendo and is founded in Japan.

Mobile Applications

This is included in the top 25 technology innovation because of the convenience it brought to a lot of people on the go.  It’s time to download and use these apps to make life easier. Mobile Apps will continue to grow and already tops a $27 Billion market in 2013.


An American company listed as one of the top global innovators due to the fact that they produce computer software in the global market.  These softwares include virus protection for computers, PC maintenance, backups, recovery of files, and spam control.  These are vital for every company and have made security and protection for businesses. The company’s stock price is listed as SYMC and is now at $25.56 per share. The company’s headquarters is in Mountain View California.


This company is based in France which offers a variety of technological advancement in telecommunications which also uses application software for certain devices.  This company is continuously rising in France, but has also invaded the global market today. Current stocks are listed as Stock price: ALU (NYSE) $2.55-0.16 (-5.83%) in mid 2013. Headquarters: Paris, Ümraniye


This is a Japanese company, too that has given it’s all for both the information technology and telecommunications industry.  This is one of the largest producers of servers, mainframes, and ATMs for a lot of businesses worldwide.  Originated in Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan. They have been operating since 1910 and belongs to the top Japanese company to have come in the early 1900’s. Current stock ratings are at $6.10 and is on a steady paced.

Samsung Smartphones

This South Korean brand has become a worldwide phenomenon following the Apple’s iPhones footsteps.  This company has indeed proven to the global market that they are able to compete with the world’s leaders in application software and hardware for both information technology and telecommunications. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. Stock price: SSNLF (OTCMKTS) $1,115.00+40.00 (+3.72%) a big significant increase has been recorded the past 3 years.

3D Printing

3D pictures are available in virtual and computer displays before, but now you can have 3D printing in house for a great self-portrait.  This is easily sold in the market today, so it raises global economy as well. Commercial printers for domestic use are developed and should be released within a couple of years according to early predictions and projections. The cost of 3-D printers has decreased dramatically since about 2010, with machines that used to cost $20,000 costing less than $1,000.

Cloud Computing

This has made global communication and businesses thrive more whenever and wherever through a shared network anywhere around the world.  The management of this innovation through communication, storage, and protection has made cloud computing a top priority for entrepreneurs. Financials Cloud vendors are experiencing growth rates of 90% per annum. In April 2013, A 2013 report by IT research and advisory firm Gartner., Inc. says that app developers will embrace cloud services, predicting that in three years, 40% of the mobile app development projects will use cloud backed services. Cloud mobile backed services offers a new kind of PaaS, used to enable the development of mobile apps.

Wall Street Scanner

This is important for any growing businesses.  You can have updates about the business climate to be effective as an entrepreneur.  Financial matters will definitely gather strength from businesses; therefore this is what makes it essential and vital to have. It already reached over 50,000 downloads to be ranked as the App Store’s No.1 investment app. Wall St Scanner sources and analyzes stock market data, news and social media from over seven million websites and 15,000 sources to keep investors informed.

Addonics NAS 3.0

This is a good adapter for you to connect to your existing computer drives just by using a USB cable.  It’s an easy access for you if you’re mobile.  Mobility is a common thing of today, thus more people are in need of this kind of device. Like the previous iterations, the NAS 3.0 Adapter is an extremely small device. It sports two USB ports, an RJ-45 port, and a power socket. Addonics has made a few great improvements on the NAS 3.0 - there's support for drive volumes over 256TB in size, a much improved web GUI, and WebDAV support to easily create your own cloud at home.

WiFi Access in Cars

This is now available to get you connected in the world even if you’re driving in your car.  This has made a great impact in this fast-paced world of information technology.  The ideas set for this technology has set this product on the edge in the global market. Portable wireless router and docking station provide wireless Internet service for your vehicle for over 5 years now, car manufacturers have been developing built in wifi signal boosters and routers for high end models and the trend will continue for years to come. For about $15 per month subscribers have access to hundreds of channels including music, talk, sports, and news. Beginning this year consumers will be faced with a choice of whether or not to pay about $30 per month to make their cars a WiFi hotspot.  There are many that will embrace this, but many that will not.

Wireless Speakers

These wireless speakers have created a good and convenient purpose for those active music lovers.  You can definitely take it anywhere, like hiking or running in the park.  Sales distribution on the global market is easy for these hardwares.  Different types of wireless speakers are designed for specific needs: Stereo speakers can deliver both Left and Right stereo channels in a single speaker. Speakers designed specifically for outdoor use have a robust casing; manufacturers claim these are weatherproof. Home theatres utilize a specialized set of speakers in which only the rear speakers are wireless, while the front speakers are wired. You don't need cables to play music from your Smartphone or tablet. These speakers feature Bluetooth or AirPlay so you can enjoy sweet-sounding tunes wirelessly. Wireless speakers are everywhere these days, with seemingly every audio company putting out Bluetooth or AirPlay speakers. They come in all shapes and prices, from a portable $100 block to a massive $800 slab, and they can vary wildly in sound quality and features.



The US Federal spending on information technology comprises about 7.09% of Compound Annual Growth Rate or about 104 billion dollars, based on the data on this site.


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In the next five to ten years, it will continue to grow by about 2% annually.  People will become more dependent on information technology for any important activities.  The government will surely provide the people with what they need.  It’s time to take these information technology systems seriously as it is the doorway towards future success, in business, communications, and even in everyday lives of the people.  Courage and Strategies are two of the most important traits to develop in order to create an idea and produce that idea in the future.  The global market in the information technology industry is constantly rising as the demands for more advancement in IT gadgets are also on the rise. 

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