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 Who to Elect –Donald Trump or Hillary to Become Next President of America? Preview

Who to Elect –Donald Trump or Hillary to Become Next President of America? Preview


Eventually,   finaldayhas come totest thepatience ofmajor political leaders in    Americatooutperform theirrivals inthepresidentialGOPelection.  America   will have a new face to lead the country.  Obama regime will be endedwith the   arrival of  someone morepowerfulwithmore futuristic plans,  andproductiveassignments tomakethe USmuchmoreresourceful.  However ,   fewhours are stillleftto updateUScitizensabout thefinal   outcome   ofGOP election in the long run.   Donald Trump and Hillary   Clinton are seen being locked in severe tussle or tug-of-war over the issue of the US election.   People of America must do meticulous observation and analysis to select their representatives who will give dynamic governance to enhance the smooth development.

 Hillary Clinton  and Unifier- Fighting Neck to Neck

 Two protagonists are now roaming for vote canvassing.  They have different    FAQ sheets, answer scripts and research materials to evaluate the political situation in America.     Media professionals mobilize their campaigns to analyze speeches of these political think tanks   in America. To be frank, recently,   the Unifier has thrown few dirty terms to lambast   Mexicans and   Muslims who have done irreparable   damages to the country.  Donald Trump calls them as mischievous American hombres   who unfurl their jealousy so mercilessly that Americans should not spare them any longer. Donald Trump has   accused Hillary Clinton  of indulging subversion,   corruption and   violence.   FBI probed to trace the culprits behind the   Black Berry scandal.   Hillary sent unofficial emails to many unknown persons using the   server of the government while living in her residential apartment located in Chappaqua of   America.   Many classified   materials were exchanged through this official server installed in her glossy apartment.   FBI smelled the presence of sabotage and terrorism. They moved to Hillary Clinton for cross examination.   They found many evidences to cross check the possibility of involvement of Hillary Clinton  in email scam.   This episode is not easy for Betty to digest.  She has to be answerable to her neighbors.    On the other hand,   her anti-party members   try to utilize the situation in which this   American high profile lady doesn’t find relief to soothe herself.    Unifier, the aggressive non-political big boss, highlighted weakness of Betty and he didn’t allow this woman to go Scot free.   At the GOP election debate,   Unifier brought a number of allegations against Hillary Clinton .  Her suspicious activities must be scanned   by FBI.  Panama papers have been published. Her name pops up in these illegal papers.  She should not overlook FBI and   American nationals.  Secondly, she has had not disclosed her objectives when she shared classified components with others secretly.   How is she pampered?    After winning the election, Donald Trump will start investigation to track her previous history.   Her statements must be cross verified and evaluated before   electing Betty.  

 Hillary with Gorgeous Profile with Glossy Performance to Outperform Unifier

Hillary Clinton has a gorgeous and dynamic personality with eye-catching presentation skill to impress   people.    Her smartness and glossiness should be appreciated.   She has had   lot of seats with a magnificent lead over Bernie Sanders. Her commanding lead and excellent performance must make   Unifier envious.    ThoughFBIspotted herto use the officialserverfor informationexchanging,     the investigativeagency   confirmedher fairnesswithoutplaying tricks with US people.  She doesn’t have her hands to nurture militancy outfits and terrorists to destroy the country.  So, her image has not been soiled severely.   Admirers of Hillary again restore trust with enthusiasm to support Betty to become the president of America.   Besides, disclosure of her tax papers boosted up young generation to go in favor of this elegant woman in America.

Final Results of GOP Election in America to Be Declared Soon –Who to Win?

Before bringing two screens for comparison to assess roles of Betty and Unifier, have fast look at the snapshot of GOP survey report.  At the last debate before commencement ofpresidential electionon 8th November , the   GOPdebateresultshave been   placed to enableUScitizensto knowabout the strength andlongevity of Hillaryor   Unifier tohave the favor forbecoming   thenextpresidentto regulateinternal andexternal affairs   of the country .   The sum-up of the GOP debate result   showcases the comfortable position of Hillary Clinton who has gained terrific   support from various states in America.    CNN declared that Hillary is ahead by 13 points over her rival.  52 percent thinks that Hillary Clinton  has none to resist. She is the top leader to hold the portfolio of American President.  39 percent goes in support of Trump. He is the best leader to be selected as a President of US.  Overall result shows that approximately 62 percent voters prefer   Democratic Party leader whereas 27 percent prioritizes the presence of Unifier to control the administration after   replacing Obama through fair referendum.  Other voters kept silent without showcasing any partiality. They are neutral voters to wait for watching the upcoming situation.   Unifier started his vote campaigning fantastically. In the beginning, he overpowered Ted Cruz and other heavy weights winning a number of states through debates.     However, half way through his lead, he commented   badly against Islamic countries. He claims that all Islamic nations support extremists   like ISIS militancy outfits.   In response to   Bernie’s statement “I don’t know whether sands glow in dark night”, he reacted harshly.   Even a tiny particle can be dangerous   if it is overlooked.  Side effect of gun firing at Orlando’ gay night club imprecises the expansion of terrorism and insurgency is to put the nation on the hot furnace to be burnt to ashes alive.    Omar Matinee is a rudderless young boy who resembles any European guy.   He is young and maverick. However, he   seems to be a nodule which has taken the shape of cancerous cell to spread germs.   He sprayed bullets to wipe out around 49 innocent gay males at the night club   in Orlando so mercilessly. He was so technical to act as a super computer.    He had the least humanity with much technical mindset to perform like a robot without valuing doctrines of philanthropic love, beauty, friendship and brotherhood.    Unifier never trusts those who kill others without reasons.    He will stop correspondence with Muslim communities after his victory. He willnot allowMexicans to deploy guns and narcotic elements to minimize the life span of   American teens.    These hombres are not civilized and they   should be erased completely to establish the   peaceful society.   His straightforward statements dissatisfied the intelligentsia society of America.  Another snapshot in North Carolina planted seeds of vexation against Unifier over the second amendment issue.   He threatened to   assassinate   Hillary if she dared to remove the Second Amendment which empowers people to hold arms for self-defense.  In North Carolina, Donald Trump exploded that second amendment society must be aware of plots designed by   Betty to remove second amendment.   Robby Mook, the spokesperson of Hillary denied the charges framed against Betty regarding her decision to deactivate second amendment. She never decided to influence judges of the court to disarm people.  It is a matter of safety and she can’t be so irresponsible to make such a cumbersome statement.  Donald Trump should not be harsh and reckless. He has to judge properly. He   is an orthodox narcissist and his views must be filtered to convince people in the long run.


Finally, Donald Trump didn’t accept GOP voting debate results. It is a rigged debate to let Democratic leader to overstep Unifier.  Few urchins and illiterate guys try to throw him into dust. However, he will not accept anything before   the declaration of the final results of American presidential election in this month of November.  Hillary Clinton  must not be saturated beforehand. She should find her faults and minus points to reset properly.   


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Top Reasons of Donald Trump’s Victory

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