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Catalonia Wants Freedom- Is it Problematic to Spain? A Preview

Catalonia Wants Freedom- Is it Problematic to Spain? A Preview


Is Catalonia an eye-sore to Spain? What is the future of Catalonia?  To be frank, this semi-autonomous state in Spain wants the freedom to emerge as the independent nation without subjection to slavery. Victory is not easy as government of Spain has already warned Catalonia by sending messages to stop referendum for pacification. Spain can’t allow this state to be independent. Now, EU nations are also planning how to evaluate and monitor the situation in Catalonia. Many countries like France and Belgium will be affected. So, repercussion, chaos and political insurgency are taking new shape.

What Happens in Catalonia? - Brief-up

What happens in Catalonia? Are people tortured brutally?  To some extent, the insurgency, nepotism and political disturbance are becoming worse to create contaminated ambience in the state. Through referendum, people of Catalonia will take the power to rule the small country. However, the voting machines were hijacked by Spanish government to force voters to backtrack. This general election is not justified. If Catalonia wins to have legal separation from Spain, Corsicans of France will be another claimant to go for independence. Flemish of Belgium will follow the suit.  Catalans requested European Union to interfere because of the massacre on Sunday to wipe out peace. This dramatic revolution reflected in ballot box. Catalans don’t need assistance from Spanish government. They will have to gather more political power and weapons to reinforce the existence of Catalonia.

Brutality and Autocracy Seems to Be Recycled in Catalonia

Francisco Franco, the Spanish ruler, used his army, intelligence and weapons to suppress the insurgents in Catalonia. It is a financially rich home city of Barcelona. However, 80 years back, snapshot was not colorful as Franco gagged media to promote demand of Catalans for independence. Secondly, language and culture were banished by Franco. So, it is the root of political turmoil in Spain. However, Catalonia never went back. People sacrificed during economic downtime.  They helped Madrid to become rich with sound economy. However, they complain that Madrid has not honored them. Catalans have not got back honor and recognition. They had to pay higher taxes to compensate the financial crunch. In return, the fire of humiliation burns their hearts with deep vexation against the autocracy of Franco. Catalonia must not be autonomous. It needs total authoritative supremacy. Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister, has not kept himself silent. He roars to control internal insurgency in Catalonia.  He employed his military and police to track rebels. The condition of Catalonia is simply getting out of control.


Catalonia has around 7.5 million citizens who cover approximately 15 percent of the entire population.  It shares 20 percent economic growth of the total output of Spain. So, it is an affluent state with solidarity. People remember the gala day’s way back to 16th century. Catalonia was not a part of Spain. It was formed as a small size independent region. However, later it was annexed with Spain. Franco was a dictator and his government was not pleased with Catalonia. During the period of 1935-40; gunfire and military crashed confidence of citizens in Catalonia. They had to confess the forceful obedience to Franco. He banned regional dialect of Catalan. Even, newspapers and local magazines were blocked to snatch the right to expression.  So, the caustic past and recap of Franco barbarism can’t be blurred.  Catalonia will try to create self-operated administrative machinery. It will prioritize the interests of Catalans. So, restoration of peace will be ensured after the independence.  The recap of 1931 and 1939 must be recollected for assessing the freedom movement in Catalonia. This state got autonomy power after republic party held sway over Spain.  After the demise of Franco in 1975, Catalonia got more opportunities to participate in nation building tasks and general election. In between the civil war in Spain and the awesome victory of Nationalists must be unforgettable. The revolution boosted up Catalans to ask for liberty in speech and dialect.  Teachers, doctors, and philanthropists were seen gathering for showcasing their rights to renew their culture.

Side Effect of Referendum in Catalonia

The side effect of referendum  to replace the government for freedom must be tracked meticulously.  It is more important for EU nations to analyze various aspects of recurrent attempts to revolt against Spanish higher authority. Brexit is not more valuable to EU. However, this sudden putsch in Catalonia must create a new era. EU needs to integrate members to prevent breakdown.  Spain, France and Belgium are strong members of EU. However, after Brexit, maybe Spain will apply for withdrawing membership in the event of support from EU to help Catalonia to get new identity in the global map.  Reactions from global leaders and critics are pouring. Jaromír Kohlíček, Czech Communist Party leader, has expressed his views. He told media journalists that Madrid will be in danger. After the declaration of the results of election held in Catalonia, maybe few autonomous communities in Madrid will go to battle field with determination to establish their right for having monopoly power.  So, Spain will be weak. It will be broken like Soviet Russia. It will have limited economic power. Galicia and Balearic Islands of Madrid will prioritize the full fledged sovereignty. 


The cumbersome and pathetic comment of Zeman of Chez president must not weaken the strength of European Union. Zeman lambasted Spain and France for nurturing crime, betray and insurgency without spotting unanimous solution. It is the end of European Dream.  EU will not be crashed even after the independence of Catalonia, Flemish and Bavaria.  Jaromír Kohlíček has appreciated Spain for recycling the episodes of Franco’s brutal regime. He used sarcasm and irony to criticize the conservative ruler of Spain. He opines that Kurdistan in Iraq is much civilized.  Iraqi government emulates European strategies to handle Kurds.  However this Spanish ruler behaves like local government to start hooliganism, riot, and ethnic clash. It is unbearable to him.  Spain must opt for a good scanner to spot the defects to do rework at the workshop for ending the regime of fascism.

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