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Is Technological Innovation Booster to Indulge Cyber Crime?

Is Technological Innovation Booster to Indulge Cyber Crime?


In a word, cyber crime destroys the business ethics online. It threatens up people with possible destructive side effect. Is innovation in technology the major cause of stimulation of online bullying, hacking, virus, spam and cyber warfare? Definitely, you need good points, facts and comparison reviews to justify your statements in this connection.

Technological Upgrade Must Be Boon to Society

Technological advancement is reducing many obstructions and obligations. Transformation from the manpower to the computers must enable people to operate sophisticated devices. They are now able to provide much more qualitative service maintaining accuracy. The workflow is accelerating in corporate industry.  Machines are remodeled.  Heavy machines are no longer important to people.  The portability, energy efficiency and easy maintainability are prominent features of modern technology.  So, the advent of internet must bring the whole world to the living room of people to explore. Right now, the new generation has multiple options for fun. They are tuned up to hit online movie parlors to watch classic and Hollywood movies.  They are also extremely pleased to play games on the virtual platform.  So, the way of getting spices of entertainment is really changing .However is it the most effective solution to people?   Does internet wipe out all issues to do jobs and communicate with people?  It is a controversial topic to argue.  Technological development must be a boon to people. However, many wicked guys misuse the science and technology.  

New Law on Cybercrime Must Be Enforced to Stop Cybercrime

Cybercrime is the act of fraudulence. Hackers check emails and personal information of clients. They are notorious. Even recent server hacking in White House must be example of increase in the online piracy.  Hidden organizations get benefits by jail breaking websites. These professional hackers use various code numbers and proxy usernames to challenge police. So, it is now a global issue to handle cyber crime. How to track these hackers?   Analysts must do their jobs. They must find reasons and objectives of cyber crime.   Are these free radicals desirous of removing online systems to communicate?  Is there anything profitable to pry into one’s personal blog or profile?   Well, the online data sharing for personal gains has been proved. Many international companies appoint hackers to import confidential data, formulae and secret files from the servers of rivals.  Later, they will try to make usage of these classified components. Unlawful transactions happen in cyber world.  Inexperienced businessmen, customers and regular site visitors are found lodging complaints. They decide to stop chatting, net surfing and site checking.   Their privacy is not protected.  If someone gets access to email, he will recover bank information, credit card details and other documents.  Online shopping centers are also harassed by hackers.  Their customers withdraw interest.  It is painful to them to deal with online vendors.   So, naturally, many self-employed guys have to change the way of money earning. 

New Hacking Tools Launched –People Should Be Careful

New trend in information hacking can’t be appreciated. It must bring down the quality of human values. The society will be defunct due to the cyber crime, hacking, piracy and online bullying.  So, the technology hampers the normal growth of society. It makes people crazy and wild. Botnet, hacktivism and spear phishing tools are reinforcing hackers to deactivate you.  They are educated with professional hacking experience to decode the systems to have precious data. In political world, activities of irresponsible hackers earn million dollars to play tricks.  One of the devastating incidents took place in America.  Hillary Clinton was trapped. Her black berry mobile phone was jail broken by a Russian programmer.  Her emails were secretly bypassed to third party.  Sophisticated technology helped these urchins to have her valuable data.  Besides, White House scam, Chinese attempt to switch off the main database of White House, the incident of spreading virus to ruin the SAP based platforms   are not unforgettable .People must be united to protest. They must be careful open sites online. Their participation is needed to eliminate the online toxic elements like bullying and hacking.

Good Conscience Needed to Resist Cybercrime

Man needs to be honest.  Technology is the boon of God. He must be responsible.  Laws on cybercrime must be perfectly enforced to control crime. What type of online software are hackers using to intervene?  Scientists and talented software developers have to be employed to invent anti-cyber crime tools to have instant safeguards .Cybercriminals cheat innocent persons. Their fictitious promises must not be prioritized. You must have thinking ability to do the meticulous assessment and analysis. So, young generation must require training to resist the side effect of online cyber crime.  Technological upgrade must not be destructive. People have to stop misinterpretation and fake emulation. Hacking is now quite popular in many advanced nations. There are many hacking tools on internet to jail break repositories to have tons of costly mobile apps tools free.  It is a hobby to hack the sites of others. However, one should not be ferocious of showcasing their hidden vexation to harm anyone. So, government must   explain properly about the legal permission in operating hacking tools. There is another unavoidable issue to discuss to minimize the negative impact of cyber crime. 


WannaCry Scam- Cybercrime Becoming Global Concern

WannaCry cyber attack happened in May this year. It is a global cyber invasion to decode Microsoft systems. The resolution of Wannacry is very clear. Hackers wanted speedy transfer of Bitcoin crypto currencies from accounts of million bidders. Users were advised to pay hackers to protect their personal information.  By end of June, the total financial transfer to hackers from Bitcoins accounts was pegged at $130,634.77.  Microsoft had the powerful Double Pulsar backdoor software to relocate the authentication passwords to save encrypted data.  Backdoors enable Microsoft to shift the data to other cross device platforms to have alternative access in the absence of the virus affected computers. However, hackers were more intelligent to invade the backdoors application tools.  They went ahead with mission of deactivating  the servers and backdoors to wipe out data.  Microsoft released few updated patches to revamp the systems.  Wannacrypt gave anti-virus band to  protect  information.  Then Microsoft called a CIA officer for probing. 

Hacking in Uber - Another Strong Example

The second incident of hacking took place in Uber automobile industry.  A group of suspected hackers showcased talent and bravery to hack Uber database. They imported credit card information and bank details from over 57 million Uber customers.  They hacking mystery was unearthed to update people. Uber tried to settle issue by offering $100000 to hackers to destroy all data collected from clients’ database.  It was not a solution to hackers. Their demand was sky rocketing.  Uber Company had to block communication systems  to prevent the act of system jail breaking.  Frankly speaking, Uber had to swallow capsules of humiliations because of corruption and sexual exploitation.  The former CEO of Uber was cross examined due to his indulgence in forceful seduction.  Travis Kalanick, corrupted CEO of Uber exploited a female employee sexually and mentally.  The computer hacking must be a blitz Krieg attack to soil profile of Uber.


Political leaders have to be reformists.  The advancement in information technology doesn’t mean that you will endanger the online world.  Of late, cyber warfare is compared with the cold war. It is a new term.  In Cyber warfare, hacking mechanism is being opted for to have victory over hardcore enemies. ISIS agents like to break the communication systems by launching powerful virus and spam to block the network. Russia, America and OPEC nations in ME blame this international militancy organization to start cyber warfare. OPEC has to fire corrupted officers and hire competent SAP programmers and anti-hacking experts to save their oil rigs/upstream/downstream projects.  On the other hand, China is becoming eye-sore to White House. Beijing hacks the systems of Pentagon to terminate database. It is not hygienic and US warns Beijing in this regard. So, top leaders, and moral guardians of the society are not fair. Their lust and sky kissing ambition for quick success create a different community to indulge cyber crime. Men must be unanimous to fix the vision of fighting with cybercrime for product safety and enhance the durability of virtual communication infrastructure.

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