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Five Unique Differences between Successful Female and Male CEOs

Five Unique Differences between Successful Female and Male CEOs


The reputations of chief executive officers mean a lot to the success of any corporate organization. There is no doubt that the CEO is one of the most precious and competitive assets in any company regardless of size. CEO contributions to the corporation’s status, market value and success are practically the same for both male and female chief executives.


Nonetheless, there appears to be a considerable inequality between men and women managing international corporations. This is the fact even if they run enterprises in a very similar manner. In fact, recent research studies who there are few major differences between male and female CEOs.


Clear Vision

Male CEOs have a clearer vision compared to their female counterparts. Many women, no matter how competent and experienced, are not very keen on handing large enterprises. In fact, one particular survey divulged that roughly 23 percent of female senior executives worldwide prefer to be in charge of big multinational firms. One way of encouraging women to assume major roles is to have respectable female CEOs as role models. This can encourage them to compete with men. It is also a motivation to go up to the top. Incidentally, female executives working for women CEOs demonstrate more interest to climb up. This only underscores their vital role in advancing to upper management levels.


More Persuasive and Sociable

Female executives are said to be more convincing and outgoing. They also have a lot of flexibility and sense of urgency which makes them better leaders in the boardroom. Women CEOs can interpret situations correctly and accept information from different sources. These contribute to persuasive capabilities. Females are careful to weigh various concerns and opposition to policies before addressing said issues and integrating everything into the bigger scenario if necessary. Women managers consider other perspectives and show genuine concern for the positions of other persons in the organization.


On the other hand, male CEOs have the propensity to stick to their own opinions and findings. Most of them are reluctant to interact with peers. Men are not as flexible as women. It comes to the point that some male executives try to force their standpoint on others and influence through the power of their positions. Men lack the persuasive factor inherent in women.


Tolerance for Rejection

Women are more capable of being rejected. It is more about self-confidence and doing whatever must be done. Women executive officers are tougher than male colleagues due to more powerful interpersonal skills such as compassion and amiability. This amalgamation of traits helps women to formulate a unique approach in coping with disappointment, denial or scenarios that do not work out positively for them. Females will definitely feel the effects of stumbling blocks. However, it will also be easier for them to recover and discard negative sentiments.


Team Players

Women managers are more of team players compared to their male equivalents. Lady executives are more inclined to work with others to accomplish a specific assignment. They are more confident of accomplishing something with collaborators rather than go for it individually. Women take working relationships more personally and invest in their positions emotionally. They deliver exceptional results if connected with other players. Men are also friendly to contemporaries but women consider co-workers more as acquaintances.


Disregard Rules and Bear Risks

Women CEOs have the inclination to ignore the rules and opt to take greater risks. It is more like following the way which is comfortable and right. Females have scored lower compared to males when it comes to systems such as obeying traditional policies. On the contrary, they fared better in terms of determination and risk-taking. Women are also outstanding in abstract reasoning. Female managers will possibly push back if constrained by company rules and regulations. They feel the urgency of attaining the overall goal instead of concentrating on minor details. One research study revealed women CEOs choose to be daring believing that people can learn from their flaws and persevere.


Males over Females

It has been said and written many times that male CEOs do better than female CEOs in crisis management, global business outlook and quest for accolades. Females are seen as being tougher on more genial qualities. These include openness and accessibility; contribution to social media; ease in talking to media and concern for others.


This variation conforms more with long-established stereotypes whether this is the physically powerful and strong-minded man or the nurturing and motherly female manager. Male and female CEOs are essentially looked at with similar parameters as soon as they garner the top leadership rank.



At present, the jockeying for position in the boardrooms of different corporations goes on and it has become evident that women business leaders are prudently leveraging multiple tools to communicate and reinforce their respective organizations capabilities, products and brands.

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