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Senator Hillary Clinton  Continues the Lead over Bernie in 5 Primaries –Deep Analysis

Senator Hillary Clinton Continues the Lead over Bernie in 5 Primaries –Deep Analysis


Senator Hillary Clinton has the non-stop victory giving terrific jolt to Bernie Sanders in different caucuses.    She is unbeaten with promptness to get success easily.   26th April result confirms the peerless victory of Hillary who is also straightforward with razor sharp smiling face to make her supporters spell bound.  


Hillary was challenged by   Bernie who was an aged candidate.  He ran neck to neck with Senator Hillary Clinton by having had 27 delegates.  Mrs. Clinton won 28 delegates.  Bernie has the support of over 46 percent of people. He   is a popular political leader.   Hillary has 51.1 % supports from delegates.  The poll analysis and predictions made by journalists proved true.


As a Democratic Party leader, Hillary didn’t score badly.  12 delegates have made good decisions to   choose her .Bernie Sanders snatched 9 from her.   Hillary Clinton has won by 21 points.  In this primary, Hillary Clinton has had 55,950 votes in total.  36,659 votes were counted for Bernie. The old Vermont senator has compensated by getting 39.2 % votes. Hillary got handsome 59.8 percent votes to ensure the lead over Vermont senator.


 Hillary has gone ahead with energy to utilize at this presidential nomination election. 

This bold and maverick female leader has ended the competition by having 61 delegates.  However Sanders has 33 delegates.  

People in Maryland want Hillary as a President with lot of financial stimuli and   development projects for them.   Exit polls in Maryland   project Hillary as a leading political leader with flawless chance to become the strong rival to become the president in America. Bernie Sanders is in knee deep water with a 40 percent vote to trail behind Hillary. First Lady has 55 percent votes to suppress   this aged political leader. In Baltimore exit poll showcased that Clinton would have 30 percent votes. 

Last month, in Washington Post University poll, Clinton overpowered   Biden by 17 points only. However, 26th April primary analysis heightened the chance of the advent of Senator Hillary Clinton to win Maryland primary.   Clinton is a well known person to million citizens in Maryland.   People in this primary prefer Senator Hillary Clinton as a political representative to take care of the administration.  She is a former secretary of US. Besides, the large section of African American people relies on Senator Hillary Clinton.   

The appreciable 63 percent support from black colored people boosted her up   to a great extent.  Only 33 percent support was expected   from African American community for Hillary.   Even Conservative democratic members and supporters didn’t overlook Fast Lady.  

However, young generation was not much more positive to give verbal support to Clinton.  26 percent young voters were in favor of Hillary.   66 percent oldies depend on Senator Hillary Clinton. Their best wishes made Hillary successful on 26th April.   Exit polls have given surprising results. 

According to experts, Sanders, the senator of Vermont, has good rapport with white colored people and young voters.   However, in his agenda, he has the dream of upgrading the position of black colored African American community members.  IfBernie is elected thenextAmericanpresident, he will launch moresound   humanitarian package withinnovativeblack rehab programs toreinforce the   African   Americansociety. His vision might have been misunderstood by Black.   Hillary is lucky to have solid support from Black countrymen in Maryland.


Hillary Clinton has removed another obstacle with a marvelous lead by 12 points in Pennsylvania where this political candidate got 105 delegates.  Bernie is not a weak competitor.   He tried his best by taking 83 delegates in his favor. 918,689 votes were cast to speed up the successful lead of Hillary over Bernie.  Different Exit polls and surveys have put focus on the prominent chance of Hillary to return with honor.   She is an experienced leader.   People in Pennsylvania and Connecticut require an experienced political candidate.    However, Vermont based senator has spent over 30 monsoons as a political leader. He is also experienced   to take the responsibility of operating the administration of the country.  However,   most educated   and middle class people in Pennsylvania search for someone who will reflect the    ideologies/theories of Obama.   Hillary was the former elected secretary of Obama.   She has boldness with clarity in her principles to lead the nation efficiently.  

Rhode Island

Bernie didn’t stoop to Hillary easily.  He fought like a brave warrior. The final result shows that Bernie has secured 11 delegates trailing behind Hillary by 2.  That means, Hillary has 13 delegates with a lead by 12 % to put Bernie in trouble. 


Perhaps there will be none to obstruct the way of Senator Hillary Clinton to reach White House. Exit poll reports,   feedbacks of voters and the trend are all favorable to this experienced former secretary who will have to stand boldly with firmness to have a lead over the Unifier. Hillary is now a democratic powerhouse without the least eagerness to backtrack.

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