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Top 10 Female American High Profile CEOs and Their Contributions

Top 10 Female American High Profile CEOs and Their Contributions


American women are maverick, bold, and fearless to face the music efficiently. They are cute, dashing, and glossy with dynamic profiles to entice dudes. They are not too much reticent and timid. The transition in the society influences American ladies to tune up themselves to vie with males.

In this world, they have to survive and they are not trailing behind men. This year, a number of American female CEOS have been conferred on prestigious awards for their excellent contributions to make the business much profitable.

They have remarkable and unbelievable entrepreneurial and leadership qualities with decent mindsets to help the management boards of corporate houses.

Top 10 female chief executives in America have been selected as role models to young generation. Their contributions to the various sectors must be analyzed.

Mary Barra

Mary Barra is the first female CEO to join GM or General Motors. She is a well educated female executive and her efficiency to manage critical problems of workers as well as the management is good. She didn’t compromise when she needs to handle hidden injustice and hypocrisy. Mary Barra is the key player to make GM a leading automobile company in the world. However, she is an excellent philanthropist with unfathomable sense of humanity. The ignition switch scandal was very severe to force the Supreme Court in America to go against the interest of GM. Due to the defective ignition switches in upgrading aerodynamic cars, there was massive accident or explosion to claim over 100 lives on the spot. Therefore, the judge decided to direct GM to pay $900 million to victims for healthcare and other medical expenses. She had to deal with this ignition switch scandal boldly. She went to houses of injured victims and ensured good financial aids to release as a part of compensation. It is her good humanistic approach to hold GM in high esteem. After joining the office of GM as CEO, she planned to convert Cadillac into a superb luxurious aerodynamic vehicle.

Margaret Whitman

One of the top ten luminaries in America, Margaret Whitman is the jewel with awe-inspiring performance record. She is female with dynamic attitude and modesty in generating ideas to get overwhelming support from her comrades. She is one of the busiest female CEOs in the US. She is a bold self-made American high profile lady who makes all women feel proud. She is the top CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and her dedication to the development of the company seems to be immeasurable. She is also a philanthropist and she likes to contribute some portion of her earnings to charity shows, rehab programs and even political canvassing. She donated about $100,000 to Super PAC to boost up political campaigns. She is a responsible CEO who has razor sharp leadership skill to handle difficult issues faced by the management of the company.

Virginia Rometty

Virginia Rometty or Ginni is a successful CEO to be a part of IBM. She opines that a chief executive must have excellent leadership skill with profound knowledge about business management. She must spearhead IBM to reach the target by increasing the business mobility. She is a tough nut to crack executive with strong determination to fuel up IBM with a new vision to accelerate product sales, improve management and implement all valuable projects to expand the business all over the world. Ginni is the right woman who will steer the company through hurdles to reach the destination.

Marillyn Hewson

Marillyn Hewson is the evening star in America. She ranks 4 succeeding Marry Barra. She is a respected CEO to serve at Lockheed Martin Company to participate in the growth of business at high speed. The management of Lockheed is indebted to this renowned female CEO for her brilliant contribution to retool the large commercial organization in a different way. Stat reports published this month confirmed her top accomplishments as a running CEO of Lockheed. Martin. In 2013, due to sudden nosedive in the revenue collection, she was able to bring $45.4 billion revenues to upgrade the credit ratings of Martin.


Kullman gave the speed to Dupont to go ahead without obstruction. When she joined this company in 2009, it was a tragic episode for the management of Dupont due to 10 year old depression in the profit making. She understood where the management went wrong. She helped bioscience and nutrition industry grow profitable with new technology to introduce. Dupont, 212 year old company has achieved unexpected success after the coming of Kullman as a CEO. She doubled the revenues earned by the company.

Irene Rosenfeld

Irene Rosenfeld is a strong woman with marvelous personality to attract people. She is one of the most powerful women in America. During her tenure, Mondelez International experienced a glamorous era with new vistas to mobilize the business dynamically. Her bossy attitude with superb presentation skill is boosters to encourage employees of Mondelez International to work for the benefits of this company. She speeded up the revenue generating process by implementing more flexible business branding programs. She reduced the cost of product manufacturing.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl doesn’t know how to stop. She is one of the important persons in America. She is an erudite and well cultured lady with innovative business management skill. She is also creative with ultra modern life style to maintain. This self-made female CEO is now the cynosure of attraction in Facebook. She has written a world class book putting focus on gender equality and the role of women to inspire or motivate young generation to make the world the best place for all removing gender bias. After joining Facebook as a middle aged CEO, she has improved the way of thinking. Facebook is not only an entertainment portal but it is also a popular business communication tool to enable entrepreneurs to build up strong rapport with consumer world.

Pat Woertz

Pat Woertz is a smart and cute CEO of Archer Daniels Midland or ADM company. She accelerated the growth of this organization by spending $3.1 billion to buy back Swiss German Company. Wild Flavors which has been added to the main company of ADM to mobilize the business expansion.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi has unbreakable spirit with iron determination to top the list. She is one of the best women in the world. She is a well recognized and popular American CEO who is right now an indispensable part of Pepsi. She brought a luminescent future to help this company to have handsome revenues comparing to previous decades. In 2013, Pepsi earned $66.4 billion revenues by selling products. Her indefatigable spirit and evergreen effort to develop the company must be appreciated.

Carol Meyrowitz

Carol Meyrowitz is the power house of TJX Company. She is a powerful and bold American female CEO who revives the goodwill of the company by tripling the revenues. During her stays in the company, TJX bagged $27.4 billion, with stock exceeding 300 %. Top ten American ladies should be remembered for their dazzling performance with transparent profiles to inspire all women.

These elegant high profile American CEOs have achieved success to establish them in the society. However, they are also humanitarians with dynamic skill to create amicable business branding ambience. They are global leaders to set new vision to all aspirant entrepreneurs.   

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