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Russian Su- 35 Jet Planes and Dumb Missiles Overlook Raqqa and Mosul –Strike Aleppo-Why?

Russian Su- 35 Jet Planes and Dumb Missiles Overlook Raqqa and Mosul –Strike Aleppo-Why?



Russian missiles have broken hearts of innocent residents in Aleppo of Syria.  Moscow has opted forrepeatedairstrikes withdumb missilestokillISIS extremistswho are controllingdifferent    regionsinSyria , Turkey and Lebanon.   Russia will not negotiate IS extremists. However, reality relays different   story showcasing the hidden cloned profile of Moscow to support Assad for killing   his dissidents.  Russia has bigger interest to give support to Assad. Russia has not bombarded Mosul in Iraq to destroy   ISIS headquarters.  So, UN and Western allies are cross examining the political strategies chosen by Putin befriending Syria.   

Russia Playing Political Gambling in Syria


 ISIS controlled zones in Syria, Turkey and Iraq will be repossessed by Russian and Western allied forces.   Most probably,  explosion in Belgium and   gun fire inParisformedan anti ISforce supported by    Arab Spring,   Kurds, Syria ,  Russia,   USAandother westernnations.    RussianSU 35jet planes  withlarge missiles wereseen crossing borders of Syriatostrike    hidden   regionsmanipulated byISISterrorists.    Kurds , Hezbollahand Arab alliedforcearealso advancing tofight withmilitantswhoaretrained by   ISIS kingpins.   Itis a complicated screenshot for a personto identifythetargets and goals of differentreligioussectslikeHezbollah, KurdsandISIL.  Hezbollah is anti-Zionist   and it wipes out resistance   of Israel.  Hezbollah   guerillas have ideologies   to destroy Zionists to liberate Palestinians   with full scale   sovereignty in the case of land reclamation issue.  Hezbollah, Hamas andotherIslamicbig brotherstry tocreate anindependentIslamic   stateremovingallZionistsfromJerusalem.   Well,   this Hezbollah is also a powerful   extremist outfit to help Kurds and Arab allied force to handle ISIS.   On the other hand,   Assad in Syria has reinforced   its military base by establishing long lasting connection with   Russia.  

Russian Dumb Missiles Misguided to Strike Civilians in Aleppo- Hidden Strategy of Putin


Assad needs Kremlin to control rebels in Aleppo and Damascus.  Rebels are not ISIL. They are patriotic Syria Citizens from civil war. 

Russian air strikes with 5-6 hours heavy aerial supervision followed by bombardment in Aleppo are ambiguous to Western members.  

RamiJarah,  a Syrian journalistfrom Damascus , isaperfect manto capturethescenario ofmassacre inAleppo after Russian raids having had beenover . He is a qualified with strong English background.   He reached extremely sensitive pockets in Aleppo where Russian air hawks and drones poured lethal bombs to burn the city of Aleppo.   Rami offered   live pictures, video clips and recorded   messages of Aleppo victims.   This educated young journalist didn’t find the reason of the invasion of Russia in Aleppo of Syria. 

IfMoscow wants to demolishISISbackedforce in Aleppo,   itis not the   rightdestination for   Russian Su 35aircraftsand mini droneswithgun powder tokill   innocent children in Aleppo.    Dumb missiles are misguided.   It is even worse than UK’s Brimstone missiles which don’t miss the target. 

Dumbmissilesrun to theresidential houses toexplodeclaiming50 to 100civilianson everyair-strike in market place.   Rami is surprised due to such abrupt carnage led by   Russian defense   personnel.    If there is any IS extremist in   Aleppo,  Rami would have been killed  owing tohis daringness toflashconfidential news about thetyranny ofISISterrorists.  

In the name of launchinganti-ISIS air   raids , Putinhas the aimto block theroadsof anti-Assadrebelswhofight forendingtheautocracyin Damascus. Raqqa is the capital city to house ISIS loyalists in Syria.   Why is Putin not taking care of Raqqa to defeat this extremist group?   Raqqa must not be thrown backside.   

Putin has somehow overlooked this city by using many lame excuses.  Russia has had the harmonious   relation with Assad.   Syria is the resourceful destination   to Moscow to sell jet planes, drones and missiles.   Besides, Tartus is the strong Russian military base in Middle East.  This airstrip has been reconstructed and modified   by Russian troops to conduct long distance border   surveillance,   monitoring and spying.   Russian economy has sloth with high recession.   Syria buys crude oil from Russia.   So, Russia has to be strategic with new plans to mobilize the co-operation with   Assad. 

Mosul is located in Iraq and ISIS has the main operating system in Mosul.  The US has to ally with   Russian soldiers to attack Mosul for clearing ISIL dens.  ISIS led Palmyra, Tabqa and Qariyateyen zones have been initially blacklisted by Pentagon.  However Raqqa is left unnoticed by Russian troops for constant aerial spying with bomb dropping from SU 35 fighter planes.   Russian drones should be given command to fly over Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. 

Geneva Convention Failed – America Has No Interest to Escalate Military in Syria


The US and UN are quiet with least reaction about the Russian airstrikes in Aleppo neglecting   Raqqa or Mosul.  White House doesn’t have military escalation plans in Syria.   Civilians who are being wiped out by Russian bombs may be moderate extremists.  The US supports the act of demolition of such moderate resistance group in   Aleppo.   John Kerry phoned Putin for de-escalating counter insurgency in Syria.  UN held the conference in Geneva to stop air strikes in Aleppo.  However, opposition   group was stronger to refute such peaceful negotiation.   Russia will not allow any third party to enter into Aleppo with aids until it declares this region safe for civilians. John Kerry, American Secretary, asked for compromising to implement pacification with truce in   Syria.  All religious factional groups and Assad must contribute   in favor of peace treaty.


Night in Aleppo is inexplicably horrendous for children to go to sleep.  Houses jerk in ear splitting sound of bomb explosion and vibration of flying drones of Russian troops.  Under fear and anxiety, two million Syrian refugees have left the country to go to Turkey border.  These refugees have no perfect land to have shelter.  Food is in scarcity. 

Starvation, hunger, malnutrition and disease suppress the hope for survival.  Humanity, love and tranquility seem to sound worthless without significance.  Air is not breathable. Water is contaminated with chemical toxins.   Road to Aleppo must be immersed in darkness.  Geneva conference, Kerry’s suggestion for a compromise to cease war and peace resolution of EU must have no synergistic effect on Aleppo.  

Instead ofproliferatingracialprofiling ,  mistrust,  self-Interest andpower gambling,  Syriashould need to reframe its diplomaticframework forown stability.   It must be a self-help strategy for Assad to rebuild the homeland removing cloud of insurgency.  He can’t strangle his own brethren for having a gorgeous profile without space for humanity.   

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