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Black Sea Conflict, South Sea and Massacre in Aleppo Can Be Causes of Third Genocide

Black Sea Conflict, South Sea and Massacre in Aleppo Can Be Causes of Third Genocide


Black Sea Conflict, South Sea and Massacre in Aleppo Can Be Causes of Third Genocide

"You cannot tame a tiger, President Vladimir Putin" - Author

If God is not so gracious, the world can be destructed in nuclear explosion.  Alas!  The possibility of third world war must be inexplicably terrific and there won’t be anyone for repentance.  WillRussia willuseR-14 Chusovayalong range intermediatemissileto interceptPGM-17 Thor IRBMof Pentagon?   China is a growing global power with host of powerful ballistic missiles like DF-3A and DF-25/26. NATO is an allied force.  It is accumulating   strength for challenging advanced nations like Russia.   The situation which is not stable can take cumbersome shape in the event of the Russian aggression to occupy Baltic States.   Black Sea conflict, South Sea issue and turmoil in Middle East are indicating a possible nuclear war.

Putin Becoming Aggressive with Strategies to Escalate Military in Black Sea


 Putin has not clearly stated whether   Russia will be helpless to prepare for going to war field.   Russian troops already overpowered Syrian rebels and ISIS terrorists in   Aleppo or Damascus.   KGB sleuths and reconnaissance agencies are seen   planning surreptitiously to launch Blitz Krieg raids in Syria, Turkey, and even Iraq with purpose of demolishing    ISIS militants   completely.  However,    it is not a simple strategy. Political insurgency   is thickening to cause another mini nuclear war in upcoming days. 

Russian arsenal has thousand surface-to-air IRBM missiles.   Similarly, America is not a weak country.  Pentagon will not be indifferent to overlook   humiliation or threat.   

American force has an upgraded version of missile   defense system with   RSD-10 Pioneer (SS-20) ballistic missiles and inter-continental   missiles to hit remote zones in Kremlin, Moscow and near abroad states like Ukraine or Georgia. On the other hand, Chinese ballistic missiles are not misdirected. DF-25 and 26 versions have been   launched successfully.    Even North Korea, India and Pakistan   have tested   nuclear weapons.   India’s Agni II and Ghouri of Pakistan are much successful.  Therefore,    in case tussle, insurgency and deadlock are groomed, people will not fight shy of the third world war or holocaust by 2030.    

Putin Involved in Tussle with NATO

 Putin has reminded NATO by warning that Black Sea must be nonchalant without intervention of NATO. Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland seem to be in friendly tie-up with NATO because of reducing   Russian insurgency. Putin doesn’t care whether NATO force will attack Moscow.   It is not America   with upgraded defense structure. Still, America is now a close friend to join NATO for retaliation, protection and peace in Baltic regions. 

Black Sea controversy must tilt Putin to go for doing table work.  It is Russia which is making everything dissemble and unsteady in Black Sea.    Turkey forced a Russian fighter jet plane to   land on the border.  ARussian pilot was shot dead by Turkey army when this Russian warplane was hovering in the sky.   Putin will not misfire to kill Turkey soldiers if his army gets such a nice opportunity.   Turkey is a partner of NATO.  So according to Article 5, NATO nations are bound to protect Turkey   in the case of the Russian invasion. So,   indirectly, many countries will be involved to attack Russia in retaliation.  So, third world war may be started.

Annexation of Crimea with Moscow – Another Negative Point

The annexation of Crimea with   Moscow is not a gift for Pentagon to receive.    White House has not opposed but it has had a surveillance team to track whatever Putin finalizes. 

Ukraine has little muscle power to stop Putin. Georgia is also junior with limited gun powder.  However, American intelligence is now helping NATO to tackle Moscow.   A triangleanti-Putincommunity   is expectedto formifTurkey,  Romania andPolandallowNATO to do the militaryexercisesnear   Black Sea. 

In Aleppo city, Russian army made a horrendous ground massacre with heavy tanks, sharp weapons and hand grenades to smash Assad’s dissidents.  This city navigation and a longer siege irritated NATO.  Syrian rebels were mercilessly awarded death.     Russian soldiers had no trouble to capture rebels. NATO and Turkey will be integrated to check the frequency of caustic threat of Moscow. So, maybe, Russia will be isolated or sidelined.  

West Lacks Spiritual Awareness – Russia Restores Transcendental Awakening

Winston Churchill once commented that Russia must be mysterious.

It is unpredictable when someone dares to evaluate the Russian history.   Fatima’s prophesy seems to inspire Putin to build up a new Russia in the spiritual consecration.

Fatima foretold that Russia would have spiritual awakening with restoration of Catholic region.   Frankly speaking, Putin emulates nation building theory of Alexander Solzhenitsyn to   worship Ave Maria.   Christian missionaries must be liberated from skepticism and atheism.   Churches in Russia will have power to glorify the deeds of God.  West has had stories about earthly and materialistic comfort.  America has no spiritual schooling for young generation. 

Russia will spiritualize the conservative society.  It is a neo-conservative   ideology to modernize the Russian culture   in the light of holistic consecration, and pantheism.  God must be honored by   Russian people   for peace, self-contemplation and purity of heart.   Western countries should not have negative perception about   Russia.    Putin violates New World Order in which god is denied access to the society.   Russia will not be totalitarian but much progressive and innovative. 


South Sea is giving a cumbersome shape to the global insurgency. Putin tries to develop new intimate relationship with China and North Korea.   America’s new confidence measures are not respected by Beijing.   The military exercises are hosted in South Sea.    Especially, Sprightly Island is being rebuilt by China for the military expansion and   surveillance in South Sea.  The cyber war between China and America helps Putin to gather support from Asian countries. Russia and China have ultra modern weapons, ballistic missiles and large armies. Even North Korea has tested few nuke devices secretly.   So, Russia is supposed to   bring some risky episodes. The third world war must be severer.  Nuclear non-proliferation treaties will be neglected   if the war becomes irresistible. 

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