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Stalingrad in Syria - What does it mean?

Stalingrad in Syria - What does it mean?


Possible Impact of Putin’s Decision to Withdraw Army from Syria

Stalingrad is not in existence as it has been replaced by Volgograd.  However, those who like to research to get more secrets about Russian history must have few unforgettable snapshots of the carnage in Stalingrad way back to 1942.  Hitler attacked Russia with determination to capture Stalingrad and Moscow.   He was a dictator and he invaded Moscow to possess the political power superseding   the then Russian government.  Well, in Syria, the same situation may happen with the forceful intervention of Putin.  

Will it be a second Stalingrad in Syria?  It must be debatable as there are many factors which give rise to new possibilities of insurgency in Syria. 


Putin’s Strategic Diplomacy over Terrorism Issue in Syria


Syria is now the hot bed with fume of agitation, resentment and vulgarity to change the ambience.  Assad is not a weak politician. He has the massive political supremacy to control insurgents. He orders his ground force to terminate hidden barricades to remove dissidents from their hideouts.    However, Assad is not alone in playing the political game. His main powerhouse is Moscow. Putin delivers arms,   missiles, different types of light rocket launchers, air craft, drones and technology to Assad to control enemies.   The recent snapshot of Syria is not discolored but radiant in blood, hunger,   starvation, enmity and racial profiling. Hezbollah, Kurdish   militants and Arab World want to finish ISIL for permanent stability.  

Rebels in Syria are not giving backup to Assad due to his tyranny.   His autocratic government has already made many innocent citizens homeless. 

Assad is not a gentleman as they dictate.  Well, in this gambling, how has Putin interfered?  His presence has started a new conflict   to rekindle the terrorism and insurgency in Aleppo.   Syria is no longer a beautiful country with magnificent  landscape. 

Aleppo and Damascus are losing luster and infrastructural elegance   due to the heavy air   raids, bombing and bullet firing.  Putin has declared that Russian support will not be withdrawn from Aleppo unless ISIS terrorists surrender.   Putin is confident that ISIL militants have constructed powerful military base in Aleppo and the capital of Syria.   However critics says that Aleppo is mostly citizens and Rebel groups against Assad and not ISIL? 

ISIL, is international terrorist organization is devil in Middle East.  

Terrorists have killed people mercilessly.  Serial bomb blasts and executions decrease the trust of people to support government.   Russia has interest in Syria.  Moscow will not go back without fulfilling its mission.    Many critics and journalists  predict that Russia will take the role of Hitler to reclaim few important territories in Syria.   Russia is a powerful nation with sophisticated destructive missiles and faster drones to do the surveillance in Syria. This aerial investigation will help them to control terrorists.  

Anti-Assad Forum Presumes Different Political Game Played by Putin


Anti-Assad forum is assuming a different thing. In the name of knocking down ISIL militants, Putin is wiping out dissidents of Assad.   So, it is a tacit political understanding and   Moscow will have more resources with permission   to have control over some of the sensitive regions in Syria.  However, their predictions have less uniformity and significance as Putin has decided to withdraw support from Syria.  His sudden declaration has surprised many nations.  Russian president  is not ready to let his support to stay longer in Aleppo and Damascus.   Syria will have to start from the scratch build up a new powerful government. Russia can’t deploy support to protect Assad for indefinite period.   

Assad must find better solution by forming   independent government   with excellent administration machinery to   handle insurgency.   Putin’s decision   must not be favorable to Assad.  ISIS has not been omitted from the world.    In Mosul, this militancy outfit is doing carnage resisting Kurdish troops.   They have possessed large oil depots and reservoirs in Mosul and Raqqah in Syria.   Russian soldiers reinforced the national   army of Syria.   Under the velvet,   Russian commandos hackled   dissidents and rebels who claim retirement of Assad from political   arena.    He must be replaced because of his wrong judgment and decision to bring unlimited casualties and skirmish to civilians in Syria.

Recap of Stalingrad in Syria


Restoration of Stalingrad in Syria can take place with the resolution of Russian government to remove troops from Syria.   Adolf Hitler had to go back after acknowledging the defeat to Moscow in 1942. The same episode is about to occur in Syria as Putin will not be able to give military assistance to Assad.   It must be a strategic gambling which is always played well by Putin.   Maybe, he is measuring the confidence of   Syrian president.  The exit of Russian support from Syria will hold Syrian president in uncertainty.   The preview of the withdrawal of Russian support from Aleppo and Damascus will give mileage to ISIS to emerge with new strategies.

Assad has no powerful administration to handle this terrorist outfit. The insurgency and carnage will paralyze the normal lifestyles of Syrian netizens.  So,   perhaps   Assad will have to do more unexpected compromises   to invite Putin with his armed force to intervene.   

Russia is a dealer to sell arms and gunpowder.   It ranks second succeeding America   in the matter of arms sale.  In future, Putinwill get more lucrativemoney earning overtures fromAssad to   deploymissiles,   long rangesurface to airrockets andpowerfulwar tankerswith automaticmissileshootingtechnology.



The military escalation in Syria   will help Putin to enrich economic infrastructure of his country.   So there are a number of hypothetical symbols to evaluate the role of Russia in reinforcing Syrian army to combat the insurgency.

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