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Is Iran Becoming Menace to Middle East? A Quick Snapshot

Is Iran Becoming Menace to Middle East? A Quick Snapshot


Iran’s activities once again become top breaking news headings to force US administration to review the new military escalation of Iran in ME. What happens over there? Saddam Hussein is now a dead soul without any trace in Gulf.  Then, why does Pentagon do table work at the lab to track specific locations in Iran?  Is this country planning to abolish all enemies from the globe using the powerful nuclear bomb? Is it now a severe cancerous tumor for the US to incise or scoop out for having relief? Iran has declared that this country has ability to use nuclear power for civilians. It has no intention to destroy common persons. However, for self-protection, it will upgrade the conventionaluranium enrich facilities based in Natanz and Fordow.

Iran’s Nuclear Experiments Cause Threat

Certainly, the flashback of insurgency in Gulf region way back to 2000-2010 must be scanned to measure the confidence of Khamenei, Iranian top leader. Iran is not a peaceful country. It pampers terrorism. It pays intransigent dictators to do massacre. Western counties are not pleased about the nuclear deals conducted by Tehran. One of the main reasons of rebuilding Fordow uranium enrichment facility is to manufacture more centrifuges to increase the nuclear capability. Iran wants to oppress rebel groups and Zionists. It is a Shia controlled country. Saudi Arab has Sunni majority. Now, two nations in Gulf region are not friends because of insurgency and racial profiling. Iran supplies food, money, women and precious gifts to Hezbollah in Lebanon.  It also welcomes top bras of Hamas to join clandestine conferences. Saudi Arab took revenge by beheading Nimr al Nimr. This cleric was cross examined to find his link with Tehran. On the other hand, Iranbacks Hezbollah to create a dual raid to regulate the national administration of Lebanon. Secondly, Iran has the hidden agenda to deactivate Riyadh.  So, Iran and Saudi Arab are bickering over border security, ethnic issue and terrorism. Iran is manufacturing miscreants to move to Europe for destruction and genocide. US administration will not let Iran go without being answerable to Pentagon.

Embargo Imposed on Iran Doesn’t Affect Tehran

In an official release, Obama announced that the progression of Tehran to create nuke heads is not appreciable. Tehran must be restricted. In this connection, P5+1 committee headed by Germany, France, the UK, the US, China and Russia designed a blue print of double track program to minimize the power of Tehran. In a statement, the secretary of p5+1 clarifies that Iran has two options to use.  Tehran must negotiate with UNO and P5+1 for reducing nuclear centrifuges and uranium. It will have to abide by imposed rules to ban any type of experiment to design ballistic missiles with TEL power train to carry nuclear bombs.  Secondly, Iran has to value the findings ofUnited Nations Security Council by transforming the uranium enrichment facility to research center for utilization of nuclear energy for noble causes. Iran is believed to have 3000 centrifuges with 20 percent uranium to enhance the nuclear proliferation program. Iran has cut number of centrifuges and switch off the nuclear tests lab permanently. In return, Tehran will be aided financially to renovate cities.  Business ventures will be supported with flexibility in visa issuance for Iranian skilled workers to go abroad.  In addition, Europe will not enquire about the violation of human rights in Iran.  Prisoners caught by Tehran will not be returned to West.  The prosecution will take place in the court of Tehran. Modification of the double track diplomatic policy will happen after 10 years. In response to this new manifesto, Khamenei calls it fictitious without favor granted to Iran. He didn’t support west when it prevents Iran from doing nuclear experiments. He is clear about his purpose of gathering manpower and money to rebuild the labs to developpowerful missiles with nuke systems.

Obama’s Call for Peace Sounds Baseless for Tehran

Obama requested Tehran not to encourage terrorists. Now, Trump is the president who is straightforward to give lot of warnings to Iran and other Islamic countries. Though the deal with Iran was cool in the beginning, it is now hot. US permitted Iran to use Uranium for research. At present Trump redefines the objectives of Pentagon in the matter of arms deal, nuclear tests and uranium enrichment. So, the tension looms large again without solution. Iran is an autocrat country and it will remove enemies by hook or by crook. Saudi Arab will not befriend Iran. Therefore, rivalry, chivalry, hostility and enmity will be cultivated to put ME ablaze in fire.

Israel Wants US to Improve Its Vision –Iran Creates Tension

In between, Zionist ruler has manned military to stand for fighting close to Golan Heights. Israel will not bear any counter insurgency or vandalism against Jerusalem. In Syria, Iran and Hezbollah militia groups are found using movable launch pads to destroy the cities to accelerate strength.  Why is Iranian army being promoted to establish mini military base camps in Damascus, Aleppo and Raqqa? Netanyahu is not worried about any threat from America. According to him, America should improve its futuristic vision with crystal clear concepts about the nuclear non-proliferation treatment with Tehran. It supports Iran to utilize heavy water and uranium.  The US has no intention to freeze the nuclear test program of Tehran.Apart from this, Russia is now calling Assad to do the negotiation with Iran, and Hezbollah to end the tussle. So, there will be truce without prioritizing the interest of Zionists.


Finally, Iran has not showcased its desire to backtrack for settlement over the deployment of ballistic missiles to border and hidden nuclear improvement tests. Iran is now a monster and its diabolic force is unbeaten to threaten any nation in Gulf region. Tehran must be detoxified for pacification, tranquility and happiness across ME.

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