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Will Donald Trump Change the Fate of Middle-east ? - What Is His Resolution to Treat Middle-east

Will Donald Trump Change the Fate of Middle-east ? - What Is His Resolution to Treat Middle-east

What Is Trunp resolution for Middle-east



Middle East has a black shroud to symbolize the uncanny state with mystery reeling behind. Dust is whirling in air.  Hidden missiles launched by enemies seem to threaten up civilians in Aleppo and Damascus. Mosul is the place for carnage. Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Saudi Arab must be destinations for   ISIS extremists to spread the message of violence, terrorism, and racial profiling.   Middle East is being boiled in racism, infighting and subversion with insurgency. Ethnic clashes are regular incidents to occur.  Well, Donald Trump, newly elected American President, should visit Middle East to cross check what is happening.  Will he be able tocontrolinsurgency and political deadlock whichmustbesevereto destabilizethesocietyuber.

Donald Trump Will Be Harsh to Tackle Militancy in ME

Middle East is an eye sore to White communities in Europe. The seeds of global terrorism have been planted in Middle East.  Different militancy organizations like ISIS, Hezbollah and Kurds are active in many cities of M East. The vast region has been under the feet of powerful   extremists who always use their muscle power instead of going for table discussion to bury the hatchet.  Frankly speaking, Donald Trump who is famous for arrogance, over smartness, and anti-Islam has now the political power after being elected as the respected   president of America.  Many critics, journalists and intellectuals are displeased when they evaluate the aftermath consequence of Donald’s advent as a political maestro to give his governance to the countrymen of his home country.  Naturally,   he will have to go back to his library to gather   reference books, previous snapshots and reports regarding the history of Middle East.  His vision should be properly reviewed before making final comment.

Proper Evaluation Needed

One of the main problematic issues lies in the typical narcissism of the Unifier who is stubborn with little sympathy for his Muslim brothers. Donald is an isolated person who has no direct connection with the Islamic countries. His lack of knowledge about the geographical barriers, culture,   heritage, language and likelihood of people living in Middle East must be a setback to do proper evaluation.  Still, Donald Trump must not be lethargic when he will meet delegates and princes of GCC nations. 

Donald Trump and PNAC Program to Handle ME

Project for a New American Century or PNAC was designed by a group of American think tanks and big brothers in the political arena.  The vision of PNAC was pinned to the commencement of new findings to find the best ways to mobilize the   all round development of America.  Certainly, another resolution of   think tanks in American administration was to locate hostile nations in Middle East.  PNAC plan was tailored by few eminent personalities like William Kristol, Dan Quayle and U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. New

Strategies for Tackling ME

The PNAC reports identified few negative countries which grow terrorism with high voltage anti-American ego.   The hostility and enmity put obstruction to bring peace to Middle East.  In this report, these hostile countries   are Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq and North Korea. America will escalate military activity in these Gulf countries. The gradualmilitary escalation   inSyria , Iran and Iraq will powerUS administration totighten its grip ensuring the regularity in controllingfree radicals in Syria andother hostilegulfnations. Maybe the new American president will put focus on PNAC reports to take bold steps against these Gulf nations which are always campaigning   to soil the glossy image of Pentagon. 

New Initiative for Ending up Syrian Conflict

Syrian conflict will have to be immediately taken for meticulous scanning.  Russia deployed its powerful army to destroy hideouts and strongholds of ISIS extremists.   Putin was   determined to demolish ISIS agents in Aleppo and other terrorist controlled cities.    However, this Russian air strike and house to house attack in Syria was not fully stuck to the objective of   ISIS clear-up mission. The clandestine objective was to assist   Assad by terminating his dissidents.   US defense was absent to co-operate withRussian force in Syria.  However, in a statement   made by   Donald at a   press conference,   he clearly reiterated that Assad is not a favorite leader to White House.   At the same time, Russia and Assad are trying to annihilate ISIS militants to protect civilians in this country.  Donald Trump has not supported Assad but he is cool to some extent. He is agreed to give military assistance to Assad to wipe out these extremists.   However,  White House is desirousof   finding thealternative toAssad by handingover theadministration tomoderategroup which will notheat up the countryby spreading counterinsurgency. Under the Trump’s regime, America will be first with barrage of more upgraded strategies for treating Syrian government in a bolder way.

How to Tackle Iraq after Presidential Election?

American force is still very active to control insurgency in Iraq. The most sensitive areas in Baghdad and Mosul are meticulously tracked by American intelligence squads. Their aerial and reconnaissance observations must be regular with massive army deployment to manage the crime.  However, Obama will not be present in White House from January.  New president named Donald Trump will be seen to regulate the administration. Therefore, Iraqis are anxious and stressed because of the random anti-Islamic views nurtured by Donald Trump. It is obviously risky things to Iraqis who must are desirous for having peace in the country.   Donald Trump will not be naïve and cool when he deals with problems of Iraqis. Maybe there will be the expansion of the previous plans to   handle   Iraqi citizens.  Obama and Clinton administrations had used military power to suppress insurgency spread by ISIS.  However, they didn’t take care of internal reconstruction and harmony. 

Donald Going for Reconciliation in Iraq

Donald’s arrival to the US political power was supported by many local residents in Mosul where ISIS militants had been sidelined to some extent after the joint invasion of Kurds in unison with Iraqi force. Obama sanctioned $15 billion to reconstruct the Iraqi national defense to fight with militants in Mosul.   Perhaps, Donald will be much more functional with excessive priority to the deployment of force to Mosul to have full-fledged control. Simultaneously, the reconciliation process inside the country can be geared up by Donald if he showcases his leniency towards citizens of Iraqis.

Donald – On His Way to End Hostility in ME

A group of journalists and critics opine that the arrival of Donald as an American president must not be productive to Iraq due to his hidden vexation against Islamic religion.  He doesn’t know the difference between Shia and Sunni.  The reconstruction and reconciliation must be mobilized in Iraq. Donald Trump’s grudge against ISIS must be a good indicator to end up the hostility but Iraqis will have to analyze what type of futuristic plans designed by Donald’s administration to tackle their country in the long run.

Donald Trump to Have New Strategies to Handle Yemen

The election in America is over and Donald Trump is the president. However, the quagmire which is very deep in ME must be properly cemented by global leaders. Donald Trump is a novice politician and his comeback must be important to many countries in Middle East.  Well, will Trump minimize the power of Saudi Arab in Yemen?   In the beginning,   Donald has criticized Saudi Arab for its excessive dependency on US force.  The rise of transitional administration in Yemen forced Houthis to depart.  This tribal group has had the poor relationship with Riyadh. Now, Donald has changed the plans by warning Saudi administration not to indulge more conflict in Yemen.   There should be a separate government elected by people to   hush up enmity, insurgency and terrorism.   Saudi Arab must not intervene to damage the internal security of   Yemen. However, at the same time, Saudi Arab’s decision to give financial aids to mosques located in America may be a sore to Donald Trump.  He is determined to destroy terrorists by hook or by crook.  Donald Trump will implement new strategies to reduce the tension by cutting the power of Ryadh in Sanaa.

Donald’s New Strategies to Handle Libya and Iran

Donald Trump has had used   few bombastic anti-radical terms to condemn terrorists to nourish violence in the world. However, this newpresident ofAmerica hasalso lambasted the rolesofHillary andObamato belenient tohandle global   terrorismissues.  They should not have had gone for smooth discussion withthese radicals and terrorist organizations.  The sanction of $400 million to Tehran has not been supported by Donald.  Iran got green signal to start its nuclear tests.   Tehran will have permission to   do research in nuclear energy and isotopes. Tehran is not allowed to manufacture nuclear war heads to build up the military strength to wipe out existence of the other nations.   Donald is a tough guy to tackle extremists and ISIS organizations in Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arab. Iran’s new nuclear proliferation plan must be scanned and over analyzed by Pentagon before sanctioning $150 billion to Tehran for economic reconstruction.

Donald’s Mindsets about Libya

In the case of Libya, Donald Trump called the US intervention to kill Gaddaffi a blunder for America. He was not in coherence with Obama supporters at the time of evaluating the   American interference in Libya to   displace Gaddafi. However, of late, this political leader expressed that Gaddafi was a criminal who terminated   million lives.   So, America had no option but opted for surgical operation to scoop out this tyrant from Tripoli to enable people in Libya   to hold the general election. Next plan of Unifier will be more compact to remove insurgency in Libya by eliminating ISIS terrorists.

Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law Joins Pacification Process in Israel and Palestine 

Donald Trump appreciated Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, for his peaceful movement in Israel to motivate Jews for pacification.   Donald Trump was earlier branded as an orthodox alternative right supporter with strong flavor of neo conservatism, anti-Semitism, neo reactionaries, neo ethno- nationalism, whiteism, and nihilism.

Donald Denies His Support to Alt Right Theorists

Alt right theory was given by Spencer whose ideologists resemble   Nazism during regime of Hitler. This German ruler started genocide to wipe out Jews from the world. This was a holocaust movement to remove Jews from German. Alternative right campaign disrespects original mainstream conservative society in America.    This community prioritizes the rights of white community narrowing down the interest of black persons.  Hillary Clinton accused Trump for his indulgence to theory of nihilism and anti-Semitism. Alt right movement will isolate the White community from the world.  Donald Trump denied his attachment with the formula of alternative right to enhance the white dominance over the Black. In Israel and Palestine, Donald will not energize a particular group.  If any fascist community thinks of getting support from Jared Kushner, it is obviously wrong. Jews communities must not emulate theories o f Nazis to prepare ground for devastating ethnic violence.



Donald Trump is a new figure with different mindsets to treat ME. However, obviously, he will not violate the traditional ideologies and constitutional rules to bring his own nemesis.    He has the powerful agenda to delete ISIS and other militants from the world.  ME is the furnace to cook negative elements which are poisonous to people.  His vision should be much glossy with scope to build up America. His country will be in high stature.   His neo conservatism strategies must not block the ways of bringing solutions to Islamic countries for longer peace.

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