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Learn about 10 Great Female Personalities in United Arab Emirates

Learn about 10 Great Female Personalities in United Arab Emirates


Women Contributions to society


Women in UAE are being empowered to stand firm.  They are sent to colleges to complete higher studies. Economic Forum’s 2014 Global Gender Gap confirms that women in UAE get equal status with self-reliance opportunity to live honestly in the male dominated society.  Islamic states don’t allow women to participate in outdoor work places due to restriction. However, the king of the UAE is now giving freedom to women to go to universities for higher education, and assist men to upgrade the condition of the nation. Top 10 powerful maverick women in United Arab Emirates have bright careers. However, their profiles must be role models to young women of other countries. 

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi is a woman of excellence.  She shows the way to women emancipation steering through hurdles. She never compromises with failure.  This great female personality is also a foreign diplomat to correspond with many international delegates, ministers and luminaries in various fields. Qasimi is one of the elegant women in UAE. As a minister of Foreign Trade, this powerful woman in Arab world modified the trading environment in UAE. She welcomed international financers, entrepreneurs and rich capitalists to invest in Dubai and other emirates. Her innovative theories for the faster business development in UAE have made her popular in her country. She doesn’t believe gender inequality and racial profiling. In spite of being a woman, she also supports young dudes to compete for development of the society.   She encourages youngsters and ladies to play games, join various outdoor sporting activities and cultural functions. Sheikha Lubna is also contributing as a board director at Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.  Her close intimacy with National University of Singapore and Emirates Foundation for Youth Development with an active registered member of trustees of Dubai School of Development has give rise to new vistas to communicate with grass roots of the Islamic society.

Reem Al Hashimy


Reem Al Hashimy is not an ordinary lady. She is one of the topmost powerful women in UAE.  This educated and polite woman is known as a managing director to hold the prestigious niche in the government of UAE.  She is also a good event manager to direct her juniors to complete Expo 2020 successfully.  This trade exhibition is expected to bring $25 billion to boost up economy of UAE. There will be 277,000 jobs for young generation.  She is also a cosmopolitan with love for children and orphans.   Therefore she sanctions lot of fund to establish orphanage centers. Reem Al Hashimy is a minister of state in UAE. She is a respected person with high caliber to lead the nation.

Mariam Al Mansouri

Major Mariam Al Mansouri is another brave woman in UAE. This 35 years old woman is a pilot to operate F16 jetliner or fighting plane. She is an important person in UAE air force. Last year, she raided and air dropped destructive bombs on hideouts of ISIL. Shewas selected tolead the team for striking enemies. In 2007, Al Mansouri completed her graduation from United Arab Emirates Air Force training school. She joined the military air force as a competent pilot.  

Amina Al Rustamani


Amina Al Rustamani was a brilliant student and she became the project engineer in the beginning.  Right now Rustamani is an executive with sky kissing ambition to be one of the top women in the world. This female CEO of TECOM is now working assiduously to give a dynamic shape to Dubai Design District. This futuristic design district in Dubai will enable high profile Muslim women to expose themselves as model girls, fashion designers and mannequins. This respected CEO is also a member of DMI or Dubai Media Incorporated.

Zainab Mohammed

 Zainab Mohammed doesn’t prefer idle lifestyle without any outdoor activity. She is a beautiful lady but she is not eager to stay at home for taking care of children. She is one of the honorable persons with sound professional career. She is a chief executive officer of WASL. She inspires the young traders and entrepreneurs to expand the real estate industry.  Her sense of humor is quite interesting and enjoyable. She has invidious entrepreneurial skill with eye catching presentation.

Dr. Manahel Thabet

Dr. Manahel Thabet is the youngest Arab female with a dazzling citation in science and economy.  She has also completed the PhD course in Financial Engineering. She conducts research in the sphere of engineering and innovative technology. As an economist, she has formulated innovative theories in empirical testing, interest rate and arbitrage pricing. Her new formula in the financial market is useful to million financers/traders / business analyzers. She has proved her academic excellence in Quantum Mathematics.  She is also seen as a president of IQuestion.  She is a science conscious erudite genius who enlightens the nation.

Fatima Al Jaber


Fatima Al Jaber is a chief operating officer of Al Jaber Group. However, she is the right   woman who struggles for honor, justice, truthfulness and freedom for her community. She never says that she has no hope to progress.  She is a bold personality with entrepreneurial and leadership quality to operate big bosses, corporate professionals and executive in her large scale company. She must be polite, dynamic and brave with sharp intelligence. In 2009, Fatima is the prestigious director of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce.


Raja Al Gurg


Raja Al Gurg has the tremendous impetus to proceed. She reveals her identity as the honorable managing director of Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. She has the high profile career with international accolades for her gorgeous appearance in industry as a managing director. She belongs to Dubai Business Women’s Council as a president. She is also a part of Women Association with registered membership. She has been elected chairperson of Board of Directors of Al Jalila Foundation.


Futaim Al Falasi


Futaim Al Falasi is not a tough person with entrepreneurial craftsmanship to deal with investors and executives. She is a cute woman with attractive personality to participate Taim show.  She is an anchor, media personality and radio jockey. Her smiling face on televisions boosts up young viewers to switch on LCD TV sets to watch this nice lady.  She has had a degree in digital communication from Zayed University.  She is also a representative of Creative Lab community.


Joelle Mardinian


Joelle Mardinian is a fairy with autumnal physical aesthete. This high profile maverick lady has started her own career as a beautician with experience in facial make-up.  She is also a director of Max Factor.  Her reputation in fashion world is envious to others.



 UAE is not opposing women to join the corporate sectors.  They should not be oppressed at home. They must have rights to work with men.  UAE is wiping out traditional restrictions and legacies to give space to women for emancipation.

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