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Will There Be Incarnation of Hitler Enhancing Ethos of Neo-Nazi Concepts to Transform the World?

Will There Be Incarnation of Hitler Enhancing Ethos of Neo-Nazi Concepts to Transform the World?



Will There Be Incarnation of Hitler Enhancing Ethos of Neo-Nazi Concepts to Transform the World?


Who is Adolf Hitler? Is he a demon? Or he has the holistic power to enlighten the society removing class division and social obligations. Hitler is a demagogue who was politically inspired to heat up German emotionally for expanding his influence. He is a traitor. He emulated Mussolini to start long march to wipe out Weimer government. It is the brief-up of Hitler. You need to evaluate his overwhelming role in destructing Jews. He was the designer of German Holocaust. He formed Nazi party to have immense political power to hold sway over Europe and Asia. Is Hitler incarnated once again? God knows whether the dead soul restores its existence through incarnation. Hitler is alive in mind of over trillion people who never appreciate his ideology to kill million Jews to establish the new Order in German. The fire of German Holocaust is still glowing to burn hearts of the deprived. Will the world soon gift another hypocrite, powerful autocrat, stubborn grandiose narcissi? The arrival of new political leader in US has put people in big quagmire? He is now the most powerful leader with devastating supremacy over his country. Many critics and think tanks suspect that Donald Trump is born for eliminating human existence. He is planning to go for third world war. It will be a darkened anarchic period for US citizens for his inflammable personality with imperialistic attitude to smash what seems to be obstructive to him.

Hitler – A Powerful Political Demagogue

Hitler, Austria born political leader, reached German with bundles of futuristic plans to establish his regime in German. The recap of Beer Hall Putsch can’t be forgotten by oldies. Hitler revolted in Munich with the help of Ludendorff. Hitler was arrested and then imprisoned for span of 4-5 years. When this German Chancellor came back with his full scale administrative support to operate the government, it was the start of new era of dictatorship. He removed 5 million Jews using his muscle power. He occupied a number of countries. He planned to teach France a lesson. Later he preferred encounter with Russia and USA. Second World War took place. Hitler became a fascist with cumbersome profile to threaten up Jews. After Armenian Holocaust, Nazi was reinforced by Hitler to detoxify Germany by eliminating Jews. Later, everybody knows that he had to commit suicide to escape from the hands of Russian and American troops. Hitler left for Heaven. The chapter of fascism was closed with his departure. German was spit. US air dropped atom bombs to ruin two major Japanese cities. After a long hiatus, maybe another dotard increases the possibility of civil war, violence, and cold war. Rise of evil force must be destructive to the world.

Rise of Neo-nacist - A Preview

Supremacy of White community is not faded. Rise of Neo-Nacist strengthens up the possibility of formation of Neo-Nazi in new uniform. In America, the activity of ANP/ American Nazi Party becomes prominent to warn New Millennials.  Profile of Adolf Hitler is still an example of holocaust and genocide. He erased over million Jews citizens mercilessly. Therefore, it is obviously black day to people who don’t want violence.  Why is Neo Nazi being pampered in America, UK and Germany?  Donald Trump is considered to be a regulator to fertilize Neo Nazi groups to suppress the rights of Muslims and black communities. All right movement in US prioritizes the importance of White people who are much superior to Muslims. This racial profiling ignites the jingoism and communal force severely. In this connection, Elizabeth Flock is a renowned freelance writer. She stated that right now around 1000 insurgent Nazi members are proactive to disturb the society. They are recruiting more people to undergo a vast mission with their messages to spray. It is not good to protect people from ethnic clash and vandalism.  The concept of William Pierce needs to be properly put under scanner for meticulous analysis. He is the founder of National Alliance in 1970 to boost up Neo-Nazi members. He wrote “The Turner Diaries” which described the vision of Neo-Nazis .  Slowly, this organization is gaining power and popularity. 1995 bomb explosion in Oklahoma City forces people to remember devastating result. Many innocent people were killed. Neo Nazi is creating lot of political disturbance and chaos to endanger the world once again. On the other hand, Katie Rucke claims that her ANP party is not anti-Semitic with flavor of Neo-nacism. But she calls her party as separatist to enable white members to improve their own lifestyles. They are not supremacists to damage sentiments of Muslims and black communities. However, she hates homosexuality.  Originality of white colored people should not be lost in the midst of minority communities.  Therefore, the main objective of Neo-Nazi is to reinforce the rights of white community.  ANP will be an international organization in near future. Painful incident of melee in Charlottesville is an example of the spread of Neo-Nazi organization to suppress the voice of anti- Neo-Nazi members. It is proved that Donald Trump overlooks the existence of this new organization which must be properly identified. So, extensive analysis and evaluation must be completed. Weeds and junk parasites will grow fast on the soil of Charlottesville if Trump is in much supportive format to assist rebels to mobilize violence in major cities in America. Frankly speaking, younger generation will be affected with the enhancement of far-right ideologies to put focus on the monopoly of white community over inferior sections in the society.  Donald Trump’s rigid decision on Mexican immigration and anti-Islamic propaganda must specifically hint at the aggressive development of racism to demolish US. It will be a long lasting movement to power far right and Neo Nazi allied force to control others.

Donald Trump Becoming Horrible to Americans

Now, have a look at the existing political ambience in America. Donald Trump is the representative of people to take care of interest of his fellows. He has been given power to clear Augean Stables from White House. Hillary Clinton’s Black Berry scandal, Julian Assange’s effort to reveal 20000 cables hacked by Russia to endanger Pentagon and Obama’s failure to solve immigration issues were foundations of fueling up Donald to have victory defeating Democratic leaders in the last Grand Old Party election. He is a rich entrepreneur. He achieved terrific success in bringing financial reformation to the country. However, he is being grinded by many experienced political leaders for wrong ideologies and improper administration. Once, he lambasted Islamic nations for boosting up terrorism. In that case, he became caustic to treat all Islamic countries. Trump banned movement of Muslims of few selected countries in ME. He also warned Mexico for illegal drug trafficking. However, he misbehaved with Mexican citizens. Donald Trump was harsh to take decisions. Slowly, Unifier recedes his popularity.

Alt-Right Movement for Establishing Neo-Nazi in the World –Trump Becomes Controversial

Donald Trump has not reviewed his political statements thoroughly. He is whimsical to be present at political conferences and seminars. His speeches are controversial. Recently, Alt Right party movement has given a sudden jolt to Americans. The white supremacy is an indicator of Neo-Nazi. Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville downtown attacked counter protestors at Lee Park. Alt Right party leaders want to discard black communities. It will be a war for ensuring the restoration of strength and stability in white nationalists in the society. This neo-Nazi putsch must torch the country in violence. Racial profiling, ethnic clash and chauvinism will be uncontrollable. The car attack at Lee Park in Charlottesville downtown is obviously heinous crime. The car was seen ripping through the rally. It injured dozen protestors against Unite the Right. The internal administrative machinery was in jeopardy. During this emergency, Donald Trump was mild to react. His passive temperament is not acceptable to intellectuals and political critics. In this connection, Senator Ron Wyden living in Oregon posted his message on Twitter criticizing the behavior of Trump over the massacre in Charlottesville downtown. According to him, President gives a full fledged cover to Neo-Nazi supporters camouflaging racism and nepotism. He can’t suppress his voice when Hitler fans use Swastikas to enhance the restoration of Hitler in the world. Donald Trump’s awkward statement against McCain regarding the hands of white nationalists in invading counter rebels at Lee Park in downtown brews up lot of controversies. Trump held both Alt right and left party members guilty. Violence can’t be indulged. McCain overlooks the sentiments of white supremacists. Anti Neo-Nazi associates were arrogant. McCain was surprised on hearing such irrelevant feedbacks backfired by Trump.

Neo-Nazi Movement in Europe- No Better Option for Pacification

Tectonic of facts must be reviewed to have a snapshot of the current status of Neo Nazi rebels in Europe. Are they proud of garnering political strength to build up more powerful organizations in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and US? In Germany, Far right party is being appreciated by elite class. It is the reflector to bring back same theories given by Hitler against Jews. German conservatives enhance the uniformity in assessing the value of Neo Nazi and Far right groups to start putsch to suppress the dominance of Jews on Hamas in Israel. Minorities and Muslims are not protected in Israel where Hamas is not given authoritative power to participate in general election. It is an insult mocking democracy.

So, the advent of Neo-Nazi in German is somehow a turning point to white communities to reinforce Neo Nazis.  Secondly, in Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland, Muslims are side cornered prioritizing the interests of white supremacists. Kaezynski leader of Law and Justice Party in Polland is severe pessimistic who never depends on Muslim communities. His anti-Muslim attitude must energize Neo-Nazi supporters to continue spoon feeding their rallies against Islamic countries. If Jews members underestimate the impact of elite society to boost up anti-Muslim movement, they will become traitors and extremists. There will be probability of criss-cross insurgency with the arrival of Neo Nazi in Germany to regulate Jews roughly as Hitler did during his regime. German Holocaust is the burning example to terminate over million Jews heads overnight.

On the other hand, Jews is moving on same rut to tackle anti-Jews citizens in Israel. Hamas must be worried about the aggressive behavior of Israel. If it happens, Neo Nazi will have no problem to imprecise the application of muscle power to snatch freedom from minorities.  Donald Trump must have solid suggestions for restoring peace and solidarity in America and Europe.  It is urgent for him to think again whether Hitler needs to be reborn in more diabolic texture to manufacture free radicals to ensure devastating carnage and genocide.

Former Italian Prime Minister’s presence to celebrate the liberation of Auschwitz has revealed few secrets to nurture the ethics of Mussolini. Far Right movement in Italy was justified. Indirectly, Silvio Berlusconi showed his softness supporting Mussolini and Hitler. The effect of Nazi leader is good to open new avenues for renewal of the Italian society. Far Right Jobbik party members in Hungary gathered recently to eulogize the ethics of Neo-Nazi party. In Jamel of Germany, people like to sing the song praising Hitler. They are motivated by Far Right associates. It is a new putsch to resurrect the soul of Hitler to make Germany great.  Anti-Islamic statements of Trump must be hard to bear. He is a narcissist to annihilate innocent humans because of incorrect judgment. Humanity always triumphs over social prejudices, vanity, self-interest, class division, and jingoism. Let people choose the better man who must be a savior to protect them from the poison of racism.


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