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Find the Best Cloud – SAP/Oracle/Amazon/Google/IBM-A Review

Find the Best Cloud – SAP/Oracle/Amazon/Google/IBM-A Review


Cloud generation brings a significant change in the IT industry. The data processing and information deployment methods have taken a new shape with the introduction of cloud computing systems to boost up the large corporate sectors. IBM, Oracle, SAP and PWC are giant platforms with sophisticated cloud infrastructures. Naturally, the comparison should be done to evaluate the best cloud in the world. Experts’ views, stat reports, surveys and regular blogs are ingredients to people to identify the best cloud in the long run.

Find the Best Cloud through Comparison


SAP and Oracle give classic enterprising solutions to innovate the data security. The sales presentation, transactions formalities and the data processing are now integrated on a single portal. The cloud system prevents the data destruction. It retrieves data from the lost field in twinkling of an eye. Data restoration cycle is compact to influence the large corporate offices to take care of business comfortably. SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and PWC are big brothers with their sophisticated clouds. For billing, project management and office regulating, SAP R/3 ERP tool is now popular. This 3 tier cloud system has the large data center. However, Hana is considered to be much superior to S/4 and R/3 editions. This HANA is easy to configure. Big organizations are benefited by using HANA for better project designing, planning and enterprising rework. SAP Financials on Demand has been extended by adding a new cloud based in-memory apps. Therefore, the innovation in the data delivery takes place. It is more flexible. Businessmen, workers and people like to deal with the best cloud system. Mobile users, android and i-pad users have great opportunities to install the fast cloud on cross device compatible platform. HANA is an upgraded version to challenge Oracle, IBM and Microsoft in specific areas. SAP R&D enhances the customer friendliness to a great extent.

Oracle VS SAP


Oracle and SAP clouds are world class. Both systems give qualitative service to the corporate world. However, comparatively, Oracle optimizes the back office apps outperforming SAP cloud.  The CRM of Oracle is going ahead over SAP enterprising cloud. The summary is that Oracle has managed previous errors to upgrade the hardware, data processing, browsing and content management.  Oracle cloud is unbeaten when it enhances the organic optimization.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is one of the hi-tech clouds.  It gives amazing features like data sharing, unlimited photo printing and wonderful file transfer backup. It is also a competitive device compatible clouding system.  It is operated via mobile device. Mac, and desktop computers.  With Amazon Prime package, customers enjoy the unlimited access to photo storing. More technical innovations in Amazon drive have been launched to entice IT sectors and serious businessmen.  Its multi-languages support to people must be awesome. You can browse in amazon drive platform in different languages apart from English.  For mobile phone and iphone users, they must have 9.0 version or higher.  Amazon Drive has a new setting with bundles of upgraded features. Recently, upgrade in bug fixing has taken place to improve the quality of clouding service.

 Cold War between Oracle and Amazon’s Clouds

Growth of ORCL is right now very slow Oracle has published reports on its updated website regarding the downtime in the development of clouding service. It is not profitable to Oracle management to run only clouding business. The company is trying to have a switchover to choose other sectors. Shares of ORCL of Oracle start going down by 7.31 percent after the rise in the value of shares by 9.8 percent for this current year, 2018.  This recession hampers the flow of the clouding business of Oracle. In another stat report, Oracle admits that comparing to previous year, in the third quarter, the revenue generating trend increased by 32 percent which amounting to $1.56 billion. The fluctuation continued in the latter quarters of the year. Larry Ellison, the Chairman of Oracle Clouding Company, has done experiments to upgrade the clouding network business. His BYOL (bring your own license) concept is not much productive to help management of Oracle to keep going ahead fast.  Customers have to use their licenses to operate the clouding service given by Oracle. It will protect their interests. The quality of data protection is high.  However, experts believe that Larry’s innovative BYOL theory will not be effective for Oracle to overtake loss. Oracle has to crosscheck pre-existing loopholes and errors to boost up the clouding business in future.  Larry Ellison is hopeful about the spread of dominance to outperform AWS of Amazon and IBM’s clouding systems. Oracle will sell top notch clouding infrastructures at low prices in comparison to AWS. Right now, Amazon’s cloud has gained 1st rank in Paas whereas Oracle stands 9th in tandem. So, AWS has its own comfortable position to over excel the clouding service of Oracle. Definitely, AWS cloud runs well on pay-as-you-go trend. Oracle is not able to give such flexible rental price to its customers. Mini cold war takes place to heat up Jeff Bezos and Larry to launch jihad.  Microsoft prefers to keep aloof. Jeff Bezos and Larry are using tabloids to support their views for victory.  This battle doesn’t end so easily. 


Top Cloud Vendors - New Things to Explore



Major cloud vendors have recorded around $76. 3 billion worth revenues.  Frankly speaking, IBM, Oracle, SAP Google, Microsoft and Amazon are included in this hierarchy to lead in the cloud industry. Fiori, UX of SAP is compatible with mobile apps tools. So, it is turning point to mobile users who get chances to use UX framework on their smart phones for flawless content management. IBM posted major success in earning revenues to defy Amazon, Oracle and Google cloud vendors. IBM has improved its cloud system. Its Paas is modified emulating Cloud Foundry.  This special cloud system runs on-premises and local applications.  It has efficiency to read bundles of mark-up scripts like Java, PHP, Python, and Node. So, it creates a new business ambience in which newcomers have chances to operate their virtual offices comfortably. It enables them to activate basic on-premises applications on the organized cloud tool. IBM Watson cloud has AI technology. The voice recognition and language processing systems are wonderful. Customers get fast tech backup from the machines in absence of human representatives.  In this section, IBM has upgraded its cloud system to force Oracle, SAP and Microsoft to go for deeper analysis.

IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Google cloud systems are advantageous to entrepreneurs. These sophisticated clouds generate sales, and protect intellectual properties.  You must decide whether Oracle or IBM or SAP will be user-friendly to you. These clouds have different technical features with specialties in specific areas. Depending on your requirement, you must choose the best cloud for business operating. If it is your back office project to prioritize, you need Oracle. However, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and Google clouds modernize the data processing.  For the large scale business promotion and content management, HANA S/4 is still competitive.  Companies need to do groundwork by optimizing the environment and infrastructure to run the advanced cloud tools.  However, the demand for cloud with mobile apps is not overlooked.  The extensive technical evaluation is needed to cross check the new in-memory apps for mobile devices.  In this connection, support from the best technical consultants will stand them in good stead.




The vision of cloud computing industry is not blurred. It will thrive to develop the digital industry.  More upgraded cloud based tools will be seen hovering in the market for sale.  These clouds must be productive to start-up companies to manage the vast business without much difficulty. The top notch cloud must be performance specific. Newbie will be able to control these superb cloud systems without much dependence on third party agents.

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