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Is Smart City Eco-friendly? Is It Safe? Will It Upgrade Human Lifestyle in Future?

Is Smart City Eco-friendly? Is It Safe? Will It Upgrade Human Lifestyle in Future?



Human lifestyles are changing faster. The strong impact of globalization and urbanization on young generation opens new verticals. The futuristic smart cities will be attractive with awesome innovation in the infrastructural decoration  Smart cities will be highly upgraded with superb communication system.  It will be a small e-global platform for citizens for fulfilling their purposes without investing lot of manpower and money. 

Know about Smart City –Is it Safe?

Nature is not always merciful. It becomes destructive with terrific diabolic force to terminate trillion lives of innocent people in twinkling of an eye. Well, a smart city must not be devil’s workshop or Huxley’s hatchery. It will wipe out severity of geographical barrier, and other issues which can disturb existence of humans. Experts claim that the ideas to create separate smart cities must be promising and interesting. However, one should probe to know different pros and cons of living in such dynamic sophisticated cities. The rapid growth of industry turns remote villages to take shapes of small towns. New buildings factories and luxurious resorts are built to transform the way of living. So, it will facilitate people to have much more security, comfort and pleasure. However, smart cities should not pamper the class division and racial profiling. Nor is a glossy e-city  the hideout for spoon feeding militancy organizations to spread insurgency.

Pros of Smart City

Now-a-days, internet is now a common thing to people. It is the important tool to business communication as well. If you have problem to visit local market for buying products, it will enable you to find the best product online making stay at your own home. So, manual paperwork, and exhaustive hard physical labor seem to be replaced or modified.  IOT enabled devices are much dearer to professional executives and top brass of government offices. Smart cities will be connected with the world through mouse clicks. It will hover on your android smart phone, tablet and Mac notebook. On the other hand, the simplicity in daily workout is also a; point to be highlighted to give preference to the classic smart city concept. The sample city is taken as a demonstration. For example, Barcelona can be showcased to entice people. It is the best city which is green with compact e-governance support. The transformation of the basic lifestyle is much prominent in Barcelona.  The touch of ultra-modern technology is easy to feel when you drive your car to navigate in the city of Barcelona It is a dream city with aerodynamic  vehicles, glossy car parking lot and  eco-friendly houses  Intercommunication technology  does the cosmetic make-up . When you watch television in your opulent apartment, track updates. Hire the vehicle for starting your trip.  You will be informed whether there is any vacant space for parking your limo. Hi-tech sensors will detect the space and update you through internet.  In this smart city water wastage is prevented. The DIY environment detoxification is another job for higher authority. The mobile city is a showpiece to viewers. Wireless message sharing system, online shopping, and fast virtual world must be available at your doorsteps.

The format of a sophisticated hi-tech city will have compactness in shape. It will be such an all-in-one portal where everything is organized without drawback. You are not bored to roam here and there for getting amenities. It will be a miniature studio for aged persons to explore. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, shops, and other essential commodities are integrated to make the hectic life more enjoyable


Is smart city fully missile protected? Is it paradise to citizens? Hackers can deactivate the whole city in a millisecond.  They will use powerful hacking technology to decode the database. The cybercrime will know no bounds to hurl back for insurgency.  Different case studies have warned people. They should not be over exaggerated. They should measure the cons of the smart city. 

1st Case Study

2015 case study on Cesar Cerrudo who was associated with Bioactive Labs can be opted for to spot different casualties done by hackers. He did experiment to prove the deficiency in smart city décor. Cerrudo planned to steal video clips and classified content including few traffic control sensors. He tested data at his lab alone.  He identified loopholes in traffic signals controlled by swift hidden sensors.  Any hacker can make the city defunct by replacing the data or encrypted information.

Second Case Study

In 2015, Fiat discovered that newly launched vehicles with IOT support were full of errors. Chrysler had to decide to withdraw over 1 million vehicles from the market due to the hacking issue. Charlie Miller and Valasek jail broke or decoded Uconnect to regulate Jeep Cherokee vehicle using remote control device. Cars were directly regulated by them over long distance without informing the driver. So, if someone wants to destroy or hijack the vehicle, he will do it smartly. So, technical glitz is still unresolved even though the smart city is being given a new facelift.   

Uniformity in Planning Required to Create Smart City

It is responsibility of humans how to safeguard their lives. Though planned hi-tech city will minimize hazards and bundles of obligations, the solution for100 perfection in leading error free lifestyle is still out of reach.  Researchers need to employ themselves to screen human brain and emotions to reset the behavior of representatives of so-called modernized society. Hackers, hooligans, terrorists and insurgents will also be accustomed in new ambience. Their ill purposes and plotting should be tracked to reduce crime. Modern science should purify the conscience of people who must not have destructive elements to make the world a hell. Before giving birth to smart city, the ambience should be habitable and much eco-forward. All political leaders, and big brothers of the society must be unanimous to form the smart city for rehabilitating their brethren irrespective of class, gender bias and color distinction.


The vision of creation of smart city must be vivid and transparent to people. It should upgrade conscience of people to live like Samaritans. It should not be a separate entity detaching humans from their objectives. Otherwise, it is a mess-up for you. It should not ignore nature. It will be a rendezvous for New Millennials to reconstruct their profiles.  Grass root level should be attached with the flow of technological progression. If people are self-reliant, educated and innovative in thinking, Generation Z will be proud of starting their dynamic lives in this digital city without fear. It will be the best Trumpcare aesthetic school for them to be youthful with lot of sportiveness and enthusiasm to grow strong.

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