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Will Robert Mueller Pack Up to Leave White House? Trump in Trouble

Will Robert Mueller Pack Up to Leave White House? Trump in Trouble



Donald Trump is now becoming more dashing and unbeaten. He is a controversial leader for his cumbersome comments and poor verdicts against Mexico as well as Islamic nations.  After being President of America, he has had to be much bolder with strong decision making attitude.  He is not a philanthropic to tolerate Muslims. Nor is he cool when he interferes in South Sea to teach China drastically.  However, he is now being drilled in his own home. Will he fire Robert Mueller by June 2018? Why is he willing to sack this special counsel? Donald Trump blames Robert Mueller for his uneven decision to indict the president without giving stronger proof. Investigation is going on to identify the wicked persons behind information leakage to support Russian spies. 

Donald Trump Faces Trouble

During GPO election, Donald Trump and his few important associates might have continued communication with Russia to reinforce Unifier to win at the presidential election.  Even his own son-in-law has been cross examined to measure his importance in the hidden tie-up with Russian delegates.  Security of the country seems to run down.  New York Times  predicts the removal of Don McGahn from the team of investigators. He protested over the decision of suspending special counsel, Robert Mueller. The White House counsel will not stop investigating. Nor will he say goodbye to Mueller.  So, insurgency scales up dragging president to the barrage of questions to face. 

Difficult to Remove Mueller

George Stephanopoulos has had completed rounds of conversations and interviews with Jay Sekulow. Jay is the newly appointed legal attorney to assist Unifier.  During this question-answer session, Jay was asked whether Trump would grow power to erase Robert Mueller and Don, White House Counsel.  According to this new attorney, Trump is also a unitary executive to influence his cabinet of ministers to approve the suspension of special counsel due to insubordination.  The power expansion theory will be reviewed by Trump. He will have to ask for assistance from cabinet ministers and outsiders as well. However, he is now the President with supreme authority to possess immense political power to discard any minister and associate. 

Situation Is Hot

Situation is not cool as the indictment issue is very painful to President. Don McGahn has confidence to speak boldly in front of electronic media and cameras.  It is the pressing time for Donald Trump. It is the end of his era if he is caught red handed. That’s why, Donald Trump crosses his limit to charge his own counsel. He wants to hoodwink his daughter and son-in-law who got money from Russian delegates.  This scandal must endanger the country because of data hacking, and conspiracy.  Russia always takes advantage by hook or by crook.  Donald Trump spotted Michael Flynn, the national security advisor, as the wicked official to export classified content to Russian ambassador. He was tempted and lured by suing Russian women. He was also awarded handsome pack of fresh half-a- million dollars for satisfying Russian spies. Mueller is busy of investigating to gather proofs before moving to the court for prosecuting. Donald Trump.   

Controversy over Mueller’s Suspension

The news may be fake. It is a rumor as well. However, response from Democratic and Republican parties are not hygienic to American President. He will have to prioritize the views and feedbacks of his own party. In this connection, Graham, one of the senators of Republican Party, are found talking to other senators to bring a bill to resist Trump. Thom and Chris Coons are ready to mobilize the support to Graham to prevent Donald Trump from firing Mueller. Sen. Joe Manchin is believed to earn much more importance in next election. He told few international media representatives that order of Trump to replace special counsel is not 100 percent authentic. Maybe, he sang lullaby in secret room and someone recorded his voice. Now, it is aired on commercial channels and media.  Therefore, people need third eye or scanner for evaluation. Simultaneously, Manchin, another heavyweight in the political arena, has brought a recap over the forceful resignation of Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General.  Actually, Deputy General had had the power to compel Mueller to go back.  If Rod was turned down by Donald Trump showcasing his own power, Mueller must have bad days to count.

Trump Is in Catch 22 Situation

Russia is interfering and dominating.  Earlier  Black Berry scandal, Panama paper leak, Julian Assange’s confirmation regarding the loss of data from White House to make Pentagon fragile must weaken the backbone of Americans.  They are not protected.  Russia bought Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and few high profiles executives. How was it possible for Russia to purchase these big bosses? Level of honesty is taking nosedive.  When South Sea is exploding with the acceleration of military presence of China to threaten up neighboring counties, extra burden will have to be carried by Unifier.


Finally will Mueller pack up his belongings to leave for his home town? There is no shortcut answer.  However, Donald Trump should do ground-work and productive plans using his sharp leadership skill. Truth must be unearthed. He must have arsenal of innovative ideas, plans and suggestions to convince his countrymen in the long run.

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