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Top 5 IT Consulting Firms and Business Consulting Agencies in US- Forbes 2017 List Published

Top 5 IT Consulting Firms and Business Consulting Agencies in US- Forbes 2017 List Published



IT consulting service providers help entrepreneurs to utilize the information and technology. Ranging from Cloud computing system installation, data management, the big data security and down to innovative methods of completing overseas jobs, these top-notch IT consulting firms have awesome   roles to play.  Well, Forbes has had published the list of the best IT consulting agencies and business management companies in US for 2017. So, this updated Forbes’ report has explained and evaluated top IT consulting companies.  Check reviews and official feedbacks of Chief Executive Officers of all well-known 5 IT consultation firms in America.


Forbes list for 2017 has not excluded Cognizant which is now glittering in vanity. Francisco D’Souza, the CEO of Cognizant, has expressed his warm remarks about his company. Cognizant is now a top notch  IT  consultation  company which has a compatible  innovative  Cloud system  to ensure  perfect data  restoration. It enables overseas clients to improve the quality of data access through AI systems. In healthcare, IT, and other organizations, Cognizant boosts up clients by maintaining precision and   accuracy in managing critical issues. Advanced artificial technology nurtures the IT companies.  Machines emulate the emotions and senses of humans to act like others.  These machines understand the finger touch, gestures and voice of human representatives.  Audio and visual technology has been optimized to enable computers to follow orders of humans directly. Cognizant, as a word famous consulting firm in US, proves supremacy in information technology.  New data classification, big data processing, and information evaluation/analysis tasks take place much meticulously.  Cognitive computing tool of Cognizant upgrades the regular data management.  Like human brains, cognitive computing systems enable IT entrepreneurs to make timely decisions. “Forward-thinking businesses can’t just do digital. They must be digital at their very core.”(Francis D’Souza-CEO of Cognizant)  This consulting firm will have brilliant digital leadership in IT industry.



Forbes has updated people with a new list of top international IT and business management consultation companies. In US, CapTech business management consulting agency has spent more than 15 years with honor and dignity.  Forbes in collaboration with Statist has checked performance records and business ethics of around 7000 IT consultation companies.  After deep scanning and reviewing, Forbes management selected 234 companies to recognize.  “This ranking is particularly meaningful because it is based on client recommendations.” (Kevin McQueen, CapTech CEO). He opines that Forbes’ finding is helpful to the company to grow fast. It hunts for talent to reset CapTech operational and production units the achievement is long standing as well.  Durability in customer relationship increases due to the compact management and dedication.


Forbes’ informative list of 2017 identified top reputed companies and consultation firms located in America.   Forbes selected Prophet as the unique business management consulting firm for its role in enabling entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of business.  Prophet shows expertise in the spheres of   data digitization, innovation, business expansion and marketing.  Besides, Prophet worked with Crate & Barrel to speed up product sales.  It also reinforced MetLife by lending qualitative consulting service along with integrated management tools. "Prophet is proud to be recognized as a top consulting firm again by Forbes. With more than 50,000 consulting companies operating in the U.S., we believe our commitment to helping clients compete and win in the face of profound disruptive change is what sets us apart," (Michael Dunn, Chairman and CEO of Prophet) In severe adversities, Prophet stands resilient to complete projects for   enhancing mobility  in the  overall development and revenues generating.  Prophet befriends Electrolux, T-Mobile, UBS, and Gatorade for long term business tie-ups to establish a powerful revenue spinning industry.

APCO Worldwide

Margery Kraus is the original founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide which has its headquarters in Washington D.C.   In 1984, she established APCO Worldwide with marvelous vision to make the consultation firm globally recognized. Her small firm was transformed into a large multinational business consultation firm in US. Forbes included APCO Worldwide in the long list as the well known agency with excellent success stories.  Margery brought innovation to her consultancy firm for growth. Her expertise in crisis management, marketing and business management consultancy fertilized APCO to become the best place for IT professionals, global entrepreneurs and traders to have guide.

Forsythe – Top Consulting Company in US

Forbes has given recognition and full-fledged credit to Forsythe after comparison.  This IT consultation company which is situated in Skokie, IL copes with other rivals like Cognizant, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Deloitte Consulting and IBM Global Business Service.  Bill Brennan, CEO of Forsyth is comfortable to make comments about the declaration of the list of Forbes.  It is a turning point to him.  Forbes has really done an excellent job by handpicking Forsythe.   “We are proud to be recognized among the leaders in our profession for our practical, make-it-work approach to IT consulting,” (Bill Brennan, Forsythe president and CEO). Forsythe is a forerunner to   innovate the problem solving methods. The relationship with customers and overseas clients is becoming much vibrant.  Bill Brennan is hopeful about the massive growth of the company in 2018.


Forbes’ annual survey reports are also easy to access to find the best IT consultation companies.  Check Forbes’ news feeds and data about the top IT consultation firms and business management firms in America. These companies are booming with possibility of increasing the range of profit making.



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