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US Sanctions Affect China and Russia – Insurgency Seems to Loom large

US Sanctions Affect China and Russia – Insurgency Seems to Loom large


US Sanctions Affect China and Russia – Insurgency Seems to Loom Large

Tension is slowly accelerating over the US sanctions criticizing Russia to sell S-400 surface to air missile infrastructures and SU-25 fighter jets to Beijing. US warned China not to violate previous agreement with US. The intent of China is proved heinous and harmful to US as Beijing tries to imprecise the military escalation in unison with Russia. It will manufacture more controversies to heat up the diplomatic relationship as well. The negative impact of the sanctions imposed by US must be adverse to affect both China and America in the long run.

What Are US Sanctions against China and Russia?

European Union and the US are unanimous to ban a number of economic deals with Russia. The restriction in the area of sale of drilling tools to Russia has also been projected in new sanctions. Oil companies based in EU zone and US are not permitted to buy oil from Russia. Even, the whole mechanism of immigration to Russia will be blocked after the sanctions. To top it all, Chinese goods will not be imported by US citizens. Surplus tariffs on Chinese products in US will be charged.  Implementation of Magnitsky Act is not conducive to the creation of cool ambience. Russian administrators should not nurture jingoism and violence. Both China and Russia have to do their self-analysis to evaluate their various destructive plans. The cancellation of visas applied by Chinese companies will be fast due to the lack of understanding. Secondly,  US will not dither to enforce CAATSA to blacklist around 33 spies of Russian intelligence squad to boost up hostility.

China to Blame US for Daring Attitude to Intervene

Intervention of US to inhibit specific processes of weapon deployment to China must bring another episode of holocaust in near future. The disturbance in South Sea has had forced America to use handful of diplomatic tricksters to build up anti-Xi forum in collaboration with North Korea, Brunei and Vietnam. When China confirmed the negotiation with Russia to buy fleet of sophisticated aircrafts and missiles systems to reinforce the defense, US didn’t swallow China’s aggressive nature. Donald Trump made an official brief up lambasting the intent and effort of Xi to have Russian missiles illegally. In return, US imposed heavy tariffs on Chinese exports as a part of revenge. On the other hand, Geng Shuang, one of the top brass of Foreign Ministry in Beijing has had directly assaulted US president in a You-tube video. US must acknowledge the periphery of limitation when Unifier tries to intervene. Either he corrects himself or he should wait for another backlash from China. It will not be a slow process when China retaliates for self-defense. It will be dire consequence. Frankly speaking, China has decided to increase its presence in South Sea to observe the Economic Exclusive Zone. It needs more weapons, gunpowder, surveillance accessories and mobile rocket launchers to track enemies meticulously. Russia is now a super power with arsenal of over 1000 ballistic missiles, Truck Erectile Launcher systems and ammunitions. Putin has a different plan to possess political power outperforming US in the world.

China and Russia Heading for Camaraderie Ignoring US Sanctions

Resentment is not embedded but exploding in flames to compel US administration to re-design its workshop for retaliation. Earlier, during GOP election in America, Russian spies were tracked hacking classified materials from personal servers of many big bosses. Russia meddled with keen interest to weaken the administrative machinery of the US. Now, strategic cold war seems to happen because of the counter insurgency, political deadlock, and arrogant approaches of China to challenge US. In this connection, the camaraderie between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin takes a new turn with greater possibility of lifelong friendship for the sake of business expansion, development of mutual understanding and pacification in South Sea. The sweet tryst will open new avenues for turbo-charging the drive-train of progression. China and Russia will join military exercises welcoming contingents from Maldives to create a new forte.

US Sanctions Seem to Be Less Effective to Impact China and Russia

In media footage, Ian Storey from ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute has claimed that drastic measure taken by US against China will not hurt Beijing any longer. Nor will Russia be prevented from deploying heavy weapons to China. The decision of US is not much effective as few idiots think. The reaction of Putin can’t be easily overlooked by Donald Trump. The whole effort of US must be ridiculous misleading other nations. Moscow is strict to cross verify the statements of Donald Trump who has side cornered Russia. The US actually invites tough battle which will not end overnight. Putin suggests that Donald Trump must not mobilize his immune system to overstep his barrier to pry into domestic affairs of Moscow.  He is the originator of the global trade war. He should know where to backtrack. Same way, Sergei Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Minister, blames US for putting excess focus on internal matters of Russia ignoring the efficacy of Moscow to handle the situation.

Now, US has to calculate its strength and level of resilience to fight with two heavyweights. Is Pentagon capable of convincing EU and NATO members for supporting the declaration of the sanctions to disarm China? Will the authoritative voice of Donald Trump freeze Beijing to remain tight-lipped without exacerbation? Well, Unifier is not a 14th century dotard. He has full-scale razor sharp military equipped with more than 1200 ICBM nuke systems to strike Beijing. Then, what will be an exact preview? Maybe, Russia will soften to adjust because of overwhelming pressure from EU and NATO. China is now a growing nation with many economic boosting plans to reconstruct national economy. Sudden air strikes, gun fire and grenade explosions are not nutritious elements to nourish middle class of China. “All well that ends well”.  Through negotiations, co-operation and rounds of tele-communications, the solution will be processed for stopping counter-insurgency. Trade war, crisis in South Sea, Black Sea issue and recent economic sanctions must be handled by trio (Xi, Trump and Putin) in much homely ambience.

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