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Qatar Faces Long Term Embargo and Blockade from GCC – Tension Brews up

Qatar Faces Long Term Embargo and Blockade from GCC – Tension Brews up




The recap of 5th March incident this year must be a roadmap to eminent political leaders and think tanks to evaluate the roles of Qatar to end the Catch 22 situation and insurgency for pacification.  This country has to change its policies to reduce the tension in Gulf region.  Well, Saudi Arab, Bahrain and other members of GCC decided to cut off aids to Qatar government due to its prominent indulgence in terrorism.  Qatar must not entertain Muslim Brotherhood party and ISIS militants with ill-purposes of creating trouble in ME.  In this connection, Saudi Arab and its allies had to direct ambassadors to leave Qatar in a protest to the recent involvement of Qatar with international militancy organizations.   Saudi Arab closed air passage to prevent the entry of the Qatari airbuses. So, the deadlock became severe and imprecise to gear up the global insurgency uber. 

Riyadh Blaming Qatar for Accelerating Terrorism

Riyadh accuses the government of Qatar that this nation is not doing good jobs.  Major terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS are assisted financially.   Saudi Prince named Saud Al Faisal   is not interested for table discussion.  He reiterates that   clandestine meeting with   a group of urchins is not the solution to bring the breeze of peace to cool the ambience in Gulf.

Qatar has to reset or modify the conventional diplomatic policy through legal amendment.  People in Doha and other cities in Qatar are not getting legal support to live happily.   Besides, the government is seen much more active to issue citizenship cards to criminals and hooligans.  Saudi Arab wants to get back all terrorists who must be cross examined in Supreme Court in Riyadh.  There is no ground to accommodate insurgents and militants.    In this regard, Yusuf bin Aiawi, the Oman’s foreign affairs minister, defends himself by claiming that GCC community must be detoxified without any impurity to boost up dishonest members.

GCC must be autonomous with strong support from its associates to be independent without subjection to unfair means.  None will break GCC using muscle power.    After the inauguration of GCC in 1981, Saudi Arab tried to integrate all members for fighting with   adversities.  Iran’s activities were criticized by Saudi Arab because of interference to damage the security of GCC. Even   Riyadh headquarters blamed Hezbollah for deploying arms to militants to attack GCC members.  Qatar has been cross checked and GCC members are not satisfied with the behavior of Doha.   The new GCC security pack was announced for resisting insurgency or invasion from outsiders.

To End Hostility –Qatar Should Follow 13 Points of GCC

Well, at a press conference, top brass of Riyadh headquarters has divulged its futuristic vision.  Qatar must be agreed to   abide by   13 points shortlisted by GCC members to lift the embargo permanently.  Doha should not close   all doors   without any opening for settlement.  Right to expression should not be blocked. Nor is it beneficial to Qatar to invite Iran for longer venture.    List of 13 demands must be fulfilled by Doha to ensure the quick normalcy removing the impasse.  Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is destructive to smash the uniformity and solidarity.  Iran manufactures terrorists to wipe out the world. Qatar should not allow Iranian military to open new military base camps in the country.  Another big issue is the military escalation of Turkey in Doha. Recently, a mobile military camp is tracked in Qatar   for encouraging tension.  This intimacy with Turkey is severely lambasted by GCC members.   Fateh al-Sham is a sectarian party to enhance the ethnic clashes.  Hidden spy cam and overnight reconnaissance surveys prove the presence of this militancy outfit in Qatar. Besides, ISIS and Hezbollah get   humanitarian support from Doha to stay alive.  It contaminates the diplomatic ties with GCC nations.  Immediate decision needs to be taken by Doha to cut off the connection with Fateh al-Sham. At the same time, Qatar must make   a long list of wanted terrorists and hardcore criminals to deport to Riyadh for prosecution.  They should not be given passports, visas or any financial backup.

Qatar Must Compensate Victims

Qatar should bear loss of life.   Many innocent foreigners and citizens of Riyadh had to sacrifice precious lives in bomb explosion.  Doha should compensate the family members of the diseased.  So, handsome compensation package must be launched to help victims.

No Positive Response from Doha – Crisis Looms Large

GCC members have set a deadline for Qatar to respond in compliance with the 13 points designed by Saudi Arab allied community. Within 10 days, Doha must declare its full fledged support and co-operation to sign the agreement.   Finally deadline was extended by 2 days more.   However, situation seems to be unchanged   without any visible assistance from government of Doha. Abdulrahman Al Thani, present foreign minister of Qatar, has sent a message to GCC members stating his views.  He is ready for fruitful dialogue exchange and more comprehensive workout to generate a meaningful solution.  He is not in the state of confirming its support to comply all 13 points. 


Crisis and chaos are brewing up without nurturing any possibility to hush up the tussle.  Donald Trump’s declaration over the isolation of Iran from the society because of acceleration of terrorism has forced Riyadh to create more pressure on Doha for fulfillment of all 13 demands.   However, right now, it is not transparent whether Qatar will go for accepting demands of GCC associates through negotiation.

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