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Preview of US Foreign Policy – Meticulous Review

Preview of US Foreign Policy – Meticulous Review


Well, Americans seem to feel good when they are found refining themselves in the fountain of New Deal or “Civil Religion” supporting the views of expansionists to bring others under one umbrella for forming a mono religion school. US citizens are likely to emerge as powerful to rule the whole world expanding Christian religion. US foreign policy must be reconstructed and made more dynamic to entice people from other religious schools. A short preview of the history of American foreign policy must be held in front of eyes of people for better evaluation to pronounce the acceptable verdict.

Impact of Civil Religion on US Politics

Robert Bellah, one of the erudite persons and think tanks, has had pronounced boldly about the introduction of new concept to reset the conventional format of American religion. According to Bellah, new civil religion adopted by civilians of America must have wide space for religious tolerance, and patience to manage problems of people in much amicable ambience. American history has a golden e-book recording the glorious deeds and activities of eminent political leaders to keep the country in high stature. Therefore, American history will never be soiled in humiliation. New Religion is practiced in American society with vision of guiding all people to adopt the new order removing their conventional ideologies. The society will not be stuffed with gun powder to start counter insurgency all over the world. People must not do misdeeds in broad daylight. It will be much modest society. People have to be courageous, bold, honest and decent with altruistic vision to sacrifice for growth. This is the place for martyrs, heroes and the truthful persons who are not destructive to ruin the society. It is a society of Messiah to save the world from nemesis. However, it is a matter of meticulous research and observation to assess the role of American rulers during pre and post world wars.

Breakthrough in US Politics- More Innovation Needed to Reset Civil Religion

To speak the truth, the world is not icy-cool. ISIS terrorists in ME are not problems of local folks in Aleppo or Mosul. It is the global concern. Big countries like America, Russia, China and UK are counting days to wait for any missile attack from ISIS controlled hideouts. They are notorious rascals with immense power to prepare their ground work for using advanced nuke systems to hit any sophisticated city in America. So, tension is brewing up to force American rulers to change their strategies. Well, the recap of tragic incidents during Second World War must not be blurred or fully taken back to the pages of history without any foot print. My Goodness! The snapshot of Hiroshima in Japan, the episode of massacre in Gas Chamber in Berlin during Hitler regime and mass destruction in Armenia are few unforgettable visionary glimpses to compel intellectual persons to do the re-evaluation much more meticulously. Holocaust in Germany has had had grown bitterness in the mind of Jews. Germany never went for compromise with Jews community to end the enmity. Holocaust in German is the symbol of over jingoism with vexation against the particular class. This racial profiling was not mild. Million Jews people were deported internally in Germany. Hitler denied this carnage.

On the other hand, Armenian holocaust is also a setback for people who never returned from the battle field during this bloodshed war way back to 1914. Two atom bombs exploded in Japanese cities. People were burnt to ashes. People were seen rolling in fire and smoke. Large buildings were seen crashing in explosion. Certainly, America was not silent. This country had many embedded diplomatic strategies to collaborate with Moscow to strike military base camps in Germany and Japan.  This western allied force tried to remove Hitler from the history. The final screenshot was bright after the self immolation of Hitler by firing bullet to wipe out his own existence while in exile. So Second World War became cool. UNO was formed and the breeze of innovation blew smoothly over Europe to bring few excellent news feeds to people. However, in between, the climatic disorders in politics were not fully controlled. Problems in Libya under the guidance of Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein issue in Iraq, and the advent of ISIS militants in the global arena must not be forgotten. Recalcitrant political leaders and extremists in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arab, Iraq and Iran were united to violate the international laws. America can’t be neglected as it is the super power. This advanced country intervenes in ME and Libya to destroy extremists like Gaddafi, Saddam and many top kingpins in militancy organizations. Well, Walter McDougall in his book entitled “In the Tragedy of U.S. Foreign Policy” has opined that American civil religion must be pragmatic with flavor of realism.

US Diplomatic Policy Over South Sea and N. Korea Becoming Intricate

The new deal of America must not support the racial profiling or religious supremacy lowering down the importance of other religions. In between, change in American politics is visible with the advent of new Republican leader, Donald Trump. He is a narcissist with much enthusiasm to nurture anti-Islamic sentiment to block the routes for negotiation with Muslim countries. He also goes against Mexicans as well. He is not cool but he is over heated to teach China a lesson by sending bold messages to headquarters of Beijing to follow the rule in South Sea. The confidence measurement proposal can’t be discarded. In North Korea, the unnatural death of Otto Warmbier in vegetative condition made Trump aggressive to plan for taking revenge. North Korea tested nuclear bombs to accelerate its power. South Sea issue and sudden breakthrough in North Korean political world must produce a long lasting impact on American higher authority. Walter McDougall has had emphatically reiterated that US civil region is slowly taking the cumbersome and distorted shape of a dominant religion to expand fast. American religion has the flame of chauvinism to have more earthly power and supremacy minimizing its ultimate goal to enhance the pacification through tolerance, decency and more solid table work to establish an aesthetic school to beautify the society in light of spiritualistic elegance, philanthropist and altruism. Messiah of America should be anointed in soothing lubricant of humanism with clarity in thoughts/convictions.

Dramatic Change in US Foreign Relationship with Qatar

Qatar crisis is still unresolved as Saudi Arab is not ready to showcase compromising attitude with Qatar for its dare devil temperament to boost up communal force/terrorism. American administration is tracking the recent dramatic changes in Qatar.  Political insurgency and terrorism seem to go out of track due to the unlawful intervention of ISIS terrorists. US foreign relation with Qatar was cool and glossy.   Way back to 1973, US embassy was officially opened in Qatar. Amir Hamad paid a short visit to Washington dated back to 2004.  Bush was very excited to visit Qatar in 2003 too. So, the diplomatic relation between these two countries was significantly excellent. In hydro carbon industry, American rulers showed interest to invest to reinforce the economic structure of Qatar.   Besides, the security issue was also broached up when Bush met the then higher authority of Qatar.  Development in education, oil, gas, and military exercise was also prominent due to the collaborative effort from both sides.  However, the ambience seems to be no longer stable to enhance the restoration of good rapport between US and Qatar.  In an official conference, Robert Gates, former US defense secretary, has claimed that Qatar must decide how to behave.   Qatar can’t bootlick two sides on a single go. Either this country has to cut off relationship with extremists or it must close the doors to communicate with US. It is painful.  Therefore, the situation in Gulf region is severe. Donald Trump is bold to treat Qatar.   He stated that it is the crisis for Qatar. This small country should not pamper terrorists and ISIS spies to escalate tension in Gulf region.  Qatar should not finance these militancy outfits. It must be back to normal lifestyle.   US force will not support Qatar if any cumbersome situation looms large.   That’s why; Qatar must be much fair with transparent ideas and philosophy to minimize the tension for pacification.  

 However, Rex Tillerson, state secretary has had previous intimacy grown with Exxon Mobil in Qatar based gas industry. This big boss is now holding a prestigious  portfolio in America.  On the other hand, James Mattis, Defense Secretary, stayed in Qatar for long time. He controlled around 10 000 US troops in Udeid in Qatar. So he is also emotionally involved with Qatar. They need quick solution to deescalate the cloud of insurgency and turmoil in Qatar.  Donald Trump is taking a sudden switchover supporting Riyadh to block the air passage   to Qatar until the symptom of negotiation appears to deactivate ISIS rats.   Donald Trump will not spare any country if it indulges militancy outfits without understanding the after math effect.  Hallucination, infatuation and self-interests seem to sound powerful to interrupt the possibility of truce ending up the hostility in Qatar.  It is not a matter of 24 hours to have the right solution in this connection.

Innovation in new civil religion is a must.

Donald Trump should not boost up enmity without any cause. His anti-Islamic propaganda must not be so harsh to pamper vandalism. ISIS militants are acquiring strength. They are killing Americans and their foes as well. Western allies are determined to take back Mosul from the hands of ISIS. However, all Muslims are not terrorists. Therefore, Unifier should authenticate his style of dishing out views suppressing chauvinistic temperament against Muslims. Certainly, people must recollect what Roosevelt dictated in his book. According to him, sufferings and turmoil American civilians experience are not bigger than what they rejoice and be proud of. Therefore, Donald Trump must not be over saturated with the success of US politics. He should be much innovative with new strategies to give rise to a better school for all people irrespective of caste, religion and financial background.


Renaissance in American politics must ensure the freedom to speech and liberty in thinking.

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Innovation Is Not Defunct – It is Nonstop without Saturation

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