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Comey’s Testimony Needs Proper Evaluation - Controversy Brewing Up

Comey’s Testimony Needs Proper Evaluation - Controversy Brewing Up




It is not the first time that US president asked for resignation of FBI director from his post .Bill Clintondethroned Director William S. Session way back to 1993 over director’s involvement in theimproper deals tobreak the law. Recent declaration of the suspension of Comey, the FBI director, must be a turning point to Trump administration to refine thecabinet as well as the internal administrative machinery.However, it is not the concluding part of the controversial episode.

Comey Calls Trump Liar- Find Reasons


Comey’s testimony analysis is being processed to evaluate his role in hiding the true facts regarding the willful negligence to probe against the big bosses in the administration of Trump. These political agents and supportersof Trump contacted Russian presidentfor influencing his power to make Trump winner. Top American republican members of Trump were very much active to assist Vladimir Putin to intervene in the American politics to smooththe way of the victory of Unifier coming from the real estateindustry.For this reason,Trump had to suspend Comey finding no way out to stop criticism against his newly formed administration. However, Comey has not tightened his lips in silence.It is the first attack tohumiliate him in public. He is a respectedsenior citizen in America.Frankly speaking,Trump has hadhad tested his patience. He calledTrump as a cheater or liar to dupe Americans.Trump realized thatComeywouldrevealsecretinformationabout theinvestigationsover Russia’sinterference tohelp him toreachWhite House as theelectedpresident of America.

Scandal Unmasked – Many Political Big BossesCross Examined

Thescandalisverysevere asa number of renownedpersonsand political figureshave been cross examinedto unearth the truth.At different times, theseambiguous hypocrite guys met Russian ambassadors and top officials in KGB to finalize the deals to boost up the pre-election campaign in America. Trump is a non political leader and he is alsobillionaire with large real estate business.Now he is a president of America. FBI director clarified that he was forced by Trump to overlook the investigationsto find the accused.Russia is the powerful country which has an important role to play in the global politics.In Syria, Putin smashed rebels of Assad branding them as ISIS terrorists.The annexation of Crimea is another eventful thing for Putin to rejoice. However, When Trump and Hillary were fighting forelection campaign, Russia helped Trump.This incident needs to be highlighted for the sake of America’s security.The problem became much complicated when Trump tracked Michael Flynn, the national security advisor,as a cheater to leak information. Flynn went to the office of Russian ambassador and hobnobbed overnight.Flynn was given around $50000 welcome pack for his dare devil bravery bring the precious confidential classified data to ambassador of Russia. Obama took few bold steps to do economic sanctions abruptly to side corner Russia.Flynn discussed fluently about upcoming steps taken by Obama administration to put Russian interest inquagmire.This in-subordinationwas not spared by Donald Trump. Flynn resigned and went back home.Comey’s commitmentseems to beat stake asallegations have beenframedagainsthim for his dereliction of dutyto mobilize theinvestigations tocatchfree radicals to enhance the clarity inPentagon.

 Trump’s Lawyer File Lawsuit against Comey for Wrongdoing

Donald Trump and his legal attorney have exploded that the legal action will be taken against Comey for his wrongdoing. He has tried to soil the glossy social status and profile of Trump by disclosing classified content which must not be revealed in public. To be frank, Trump is not pleased with Comey because of caustic remark calling Unifier as the liar. For this reason, the furnace of vexation and anger is burning to affect American political world severely. The flame of the fire will be spread to torch the city breaking the confidence of Trump’s supporters. That’s why; republic party wants Trump to be visible with true facts to reveal over the Comey’s testimony regarding the investigations process to detect Russian interventions in GOP election.  Comey has had not steered clear of the Senate intelligence house and his other political wings .Comey shared the recorded memo with Daniel Richman who is friend.  Richman is a professor and he was told by Comey to flash the memo in the newspapers.  This message should not be brought to sunlight. Trump spots Comey as the leaker to publish the classified content without permission of the president. Comey retaliates that it is not confidential but personal conversation which can be shared with friends. This is the cause of the in-fighting and tension. However, many political party leaders want the fair revelation without distorting the facts. Donald Trump should not order his subordinate members to stop investigations against Flynn. However, certainly, there must be a good communication with the junior levels to process the investigation step wise.  Slowly more updates are being generated by reporters to sideline Unifier as his son-in-law and close associates were seen taking fund from Russian spies.  Dark cloud is gathering with the premonition of danger in the upcoming days if Donald is not cool to operate his employees with competence.

Comey Faces Senate Intelligence Committee for Trials –Truth Must Be Disclosed

Senate Intelligence committee asked FBI director to explain the whole story about Hillary’s Blackberry scandal andimproper deals with Russian spies at different times during GOP election campaign in America.On 20th March, this sacked FBI director faced the trial and admitted the connection of few valuable political figures with Putin and his spies to boost up Donald Trump.In his long speech,FBI director confessed that Paul Manafort, the chairman of Trump electioncampaign, wasentertained withhandsome pack of milliondollarstogo forcomprehensivetable workassisted by Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainiannational cumPutin’scloserfriend.They manufactured new strategies how to defeat Hillary in this political battle to have bundles of emoluments from Donald Trump.In a dossier, the name of Victor Podobnyy, the spy of Russia was quoted. He talked to Page, the election advisor of Trump to speed up the process of reshaping the futuristic plans. Comey’s testimony is valuable to intelligence committee of America. Comey has hadto prove by providing strong evidence. However, as per reports and deep probing,it was clear that Trump’sson named DonaldJrwas enticed by offering$50000 hard cash by a political wing in Russia for hisvital speech in Paris.It was a glossy night for Donald to dine with a bevy of cute sweethearts to complete the transactions.Sabotage is also smelled by Pentagon and intelligence committee.Comey suspects that maybe Donald Trump’s son-in-law was also trapped to have rewards from Russian spies to beautify the plan tobroaden the scope for Trump to win in the long run.


Last but not least, Comey will not open his mouth about the investigations to deliver true facts.According to American constitution, president, vice president and anyone tracked for bribery/dupery/pilferage/insubordination must be removed from White House to protect the country.Comey must give more testimonials and recordedmessages in front of the jury to prove his innocence.

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