Prince Amir Al Saud

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

🌺Wishing all friends globally Ramadan Kareem 1438 H🌺


🕊This is not a religious post as you read and reflect through.

🕊As people celebrate Ramadan all over the world, we send loving wishes, from land of our 'Prophet' 🕋 that 'all' your prayers are answered.

🕊We send prayers and wishes for less fortunate & innocent people in war torn zones mostly in Africa,

Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq , Brazil Afghanistan, Philippines, Venezuela, Palestine, Kashmir ( India)

🕊Special prayers go to Nigerian families, in Chibok, of 276 girls who were abducted by Boko-Haram on the night of 14–15 April 2014. We pray God put an end on attrocities upon woman and children globally.

🕊We pray for wisdom over world leaders to reflect upon message of peace brought to Man by God or Allah and for Catholics the Holy Pope.

🕊We further pray for nations under attack by 'violent' people get message of 'non-violence'. Sooner than later justice be served.

🕊We send prayers to leaders of America, south and North Korea to bring a complete change in their thinking and all possibilities of threat a War be avoided.

🕊We bless leaders of Russia and America to not start another Cold War which are early signs of mass destruction.

🕊We send special prayers for elderly, women, children globally for their protection and good health.

🕊Some richest nations today in natural resources are poorest in the world, due to corruption. Venezuela and Nigeria are prime example. We send prayers that seed of corruption be eliminated from minds of people and nobility be restored.

🕊Many nations are caught with deadly epidemic like Ebola , cholera, diabetes and cancer. We send angels to heal people and resources be showered to Suport the ailing medical health system.

🕊We send prayers of freedom (s) , any kind, to all deserving in God's eyes. We bless your new life.

🕊🕊As we send these prayers, we request for forgiveness for any wrong doing 🕊🕊



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