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Trump Fights with American Media- Controversy Looming Large - True Facts

Trump Fights with American Media- Controversy Looming Large - True Facts


Gradually, Donald Trump is again appearing on major international media and newspaper headlines due to his controversial comments. From the very beginning, he has been using aggressive terms and phrases to knock down his rivals. He won election to become president.  Then he is eager to do the cabinet reshuffling by removing Flynn drastically to enhance the fairness in his government. However, he is also not satisfied with the press because of distorting information delivered by him. At the recent 77 minute long press conference with a group of journalists, he boldly criticized the roles of paparazzi that must be fair, and truthful to dish out information to people.

Donald Trump –Projected as Narcissist at Press Conference – Controversy Started

Donald Trump accuses media as the haven of rascals and urchins who don’t know how to deploy true facts. Hypocrisy in media and online journalism is increasing to force president to go to court for justice.  Why is Trump controversial to media?  Is he telling lies boldly? Few experienced journalists think that Donald Trump is maniac with boldness to lie so comfortably, he seems to be a psycho. He has many odd things to promote.  Once he called all Muslims jihadists. Then he condemned Hillary Clinton for her involvement in Panama paper leakage. She is also swindling innocent people.

If she becomes president, she will dismiss the right of owning guns for self-defense. So, all these aggressive comments disheartened social reformers, and people who need peace ending hostility. Donald Trump also lambasted a Mexican judge for his highhandedness to treat the Trump badly.  Now, again, Unifier has tough time to do harsh verbal exchange with reporters. At a long conference, he disclosed his vexation and displeasure about the role of media.  He opines that there are two types of media freelancing - one is ideological standpoint and other one is cynical entity.  In terms of media ethics, a duty bound journalist must be compelled to write authentic stories without sticking to nepotism.  Bootlicking resembles blackmailing.  CNN or any top notch press flashes fake news to have unlimited favor.  Opponent party leaders like Jeb Bush, Ted and Hillary are taking advantage using the media.

Donald Trump Accuses Media for Information Distortion – Fairness Needed

Donald Trump is himself a media personality as he appeared in a number of reality shows in past.  His media appearance was a booster to fuel up him to mobilize the way to success in the presidential election.  This media is now reporting against him.  They must have good ideologies to report what is true. Well, in this case, meticulous observation is needed to operate facts generating machine without misrepresentation. Hypocrisy and ambiguity are not acceptable to anyone who is honest. Media plays the role of a clown with sarcastic tone to ridicule Donald Trump whenever he needs to do something fast.  21 days have gone and Donald Trump is clearing his pending assignments after being elected president of America. However, he has had received massive Tweets, and caustic feedbacks from various agencies.  Even American intelligentsia class is not happy to evaluate the 100 days action plan designed by Donald Trump to support the innovation in the American society.  He has once e said that all radical components will be burnt to ashes removing the presence of ISIS militants. It is a bolder approach to fight with terrorists. However, his aggressiveness against all Muslims dissatisfied the well wishers and social reformers.

Trump travel ban can be dangerous for president to talk to ME leaders for pacification.  There are many loopholes in his speech when he issued his executive order to stop the flow of Muslim refugees and travelers from seven countries into America for the next 90 days. This decision nurtures racial profiling.  Media projected him as the dragon with ill force to torch the world in anger.  Few critics think that Donald Trump is narcissist and he is also a dilettante with h high profile lifestyle. He is not capable of understanding pulse rates of downtrodden class. He lives in Utopian land and his connection with common people is not strong.

On the contrary, Donald Trump threatens up journalists and newspapers for defaming his image.  Media is using colorful chevrons to make Trump unpopular with a soiled image. It is their conspiracy and Trump will not be broken in rumors.  The last press conference was jam packed with reporters and viewers. Trump told all media associates that he won by higher margin than Regan.  In reality, Obama, Clinton and Bush also earned more Electoral College votes comparatively.  He is now in complete psychological disorder to blame the media whenever he gets chance. 

Media Exposed Trump’s Connection with Russian Diplomat – Trump Protests Drastically

The recent reports based on possible nexus of Donald Trump with Russian diplomats have triggered controversies once again. Donald Trump leaked classified emails and messages when he chatted with Russian top brass.  Donald Trump commented that the presentation of his words has been severely remodeled branding him as a liar. What he spoke in public may not be real story.  Well, maybe he leaked the information to Russian political leaders but these materials are not confidential.  It is not risky for American security.  Reporters are cynical with suppressed tone of sycophancy to support a specific class willingly. He knows how to protect the country. He is not Hillary Clinton to deliver official messages through private server.  He sacked Flynn for his insubordination to update Vice president about the phone calls to talk to Russian ambassador. Donald Trump directs all newspapers and media to be honest when they cover press conference. Fake information is destructive to soil Trump’s glossy image in public.


Controversy has not ended. Donald Trump should be more constructive and strategic how to comment. He must not have impatience when he attends any international press conference. He is a newbie in American political arena. He should learn from senior leaders if needed.  However, media has its own ethics to do the proper assessment before publishing the reports after editing.

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