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Trump in Chaotic State after Holding office in White House - Find reasons

Trump in Chaotic State after Holding office in White House - Find reasons


Donald Trump has joined White House to control the national administration for next four years. Obviously, he is a newcomer to serve the country as a President.

Meanwhile, he has been criticized by world political leaders for his straightforwardness to lambaste Islamic countries for increasing the tension in ME.

He has also reacted harshly over the South Sea issue.  Unifier is narcissist and he doesn’t care when he starts criticizing his enemies. Chaos in White House again forces Donald Trump to use caustic vocabulary.  Certainly, Donald Trump must have good presentation to allure his ministers to run the government in more amicable ambience.

Trump Creates Chaos in White House

Many political leaders and critics blame Unifier for breaking promises.  He declared that he would construct wall on the borders to prevent the access of Mexicans into America. He will send army to Sprightly Island to teach China a lesson. He will withdraw army from South Korean border if he doesn’t get financial boosters from Korean government to spoon feed big troops. However, the most pathetic decision taken by him is to go against all Muslims because of his strong assumption to brand Muslims as Jihadists.  According to him, fire of vandalism spreads in West. It is due to the all-out participation of Muslims to nestle ISIS militancy outfits. His anti-Muslim views are certainly destructive. Recently, Trump travel ban accord must be the example of the display of his wrath against Muslims. Again, Trump has proved that he is not a cool gentleman.  Chaotic situation brews up with the dismissal of Flynn who was a senior advisor to Obama administration.

Flynn Dismissed – Mess Inherited -Trump Needs Time to Reset His Cabinet

Trump was agreed that Flynn was a competent consultant to help American administration to take proper decision during emergency.  He will be retained in new Trump cabinet. However, suddenly Sean Spicer, the press secretary of White House, announced that the condition of Flynn will be reviewed by Trump cabinet in the matter of reselecting him as the defense consultant.  It is a shock for Flynn as he is an honorable senior official who holds prestigious position in White House administration. After few hours, it was declared by Media that Flynn preferred resignation to go back to home. He has no interest to be in the same position.  This is a blow to many senior American citizens and top brass as Flynn is a right candidate with vast experience in defense consultation. People in America are overwhelmed because of contradiction and hypocrisy.

Who is speaking the truth?

Spicer told newspaper reporters that Flynn stepped down on his own. He was not forced to leave White House. Next day, Spicer declared that President demanded resignation letter from Flynn.  This farcical comedy must not be digestible. Clarity and honesty must be enhanced by Trump if he wants to be a beloved leader to his countrymen. Flynn, national security consultant in America, has been monitored by Trump secretly.  He was ousted by Obama because of his in subordination. He was not obedient to his superiors at the time of dealing with foreign affairs with Russia. He sat with Kyaslik, the Russian ambassador to discuss about the national security in America.  He called Kasich at different times for private discussion.  Was he instructed to do freelancing to share information with Russian ambassador? Trump took the decision boldly as he was not happy with the way Flynn admitted.  Flynn’s resignation is a must and Donald Trump has had directed him to submit the resignation letter confessing his clandestine rapport with Russian ambassador. Donald Trump has reacted promptly over the suspension of Flynn as a national security advisor.


Why have so many confidential cables and emails been leaked from White House?

Are they playing with national security?  Russian intelligence team is hovering to tamper with domestic affairs of America. They want to hack database to have confidential information for destructing the peace in America. If top officers are involved in such a heinous sabotage, the security of the country will be at stake.  However, this sudden chaos has not affected the bullion and stock market yet. Trump has turbocharged his administration smoothly to innovate the country in a new way. Stock market is scoring well.


Ted Bush, the hardcore opponent of Trump called this leader a chaotic guy. Right now Trump is a president and he takes decision whimsically. Many senior officers and cabinet ministers are waiting for final feedback from Trump about the longevity of their presence in White House. This cabinet reshuffling must be chaotic and Unifier should be much wise with intelligence to evaluate the situation meticulously. Truly speaking, Southern White House supported Donald Trump as he is a newcomer to hold the office in White House as a president. At a press conference, this billionaire gentleman condemned Obama to leave the office keeping everything in disorder. It is a mess inherited and it will be time consuming to overcome the catch 22 situation.  There are low employment rates with the brain drain trend to other countries.  The ratio of inflow of foreign currencies to America is decreasing. For this reason, he needs to bring top-to-bottom innovation in his administration.  He denied  the long stays of Flynn in his office due to misguide Pence, the Vice President of America.  Flynn should not put the country’s security in peril.  Trump will recover from the mess steadily but he needs to do evaluation with care without indulging aggressiveness.

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