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Travel Ban controversy

Travel Ban controversy



Donald Trump is Unifier with strong resolution to make America great. However after coming to power to control his administration, his executive order faces criticism with the decision of the court to opt for the temporary stay order on “Trump travel ban”. It is a backlash for Trump to bear. He lambasts the ninth circuit to keep his executive order on hold. It will be destructive for the country. Donald Trump issued his executive order banning traveler coming from seven Muslim nations to stay in America.  He told reporters that there is no way of showcasing mercy towards wicked persons who have habit to indulge insurgency in the world.  The controversy has started putting Unifier in peril.


Trump Criticizes Federal Court to Keep His Executive Order on Hold

Trump reiterates that Islamic nations spread fire of vandalism, terrorism and racism all over the world.  They should be taught lessons how to behave like humans.   The order of restricting the movement of visitors of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Sudan to cross American border has been kept on hold for meticulous analysis. Washington has filed the case against federal state to bring the Trump travel ban order will be continued at the high court. In case, the judge approves the restoration of stay order to reduce the effect of Trump’s executive order to ban passports of Muslims of these seven countries for the span of 90 days, Trump will have to accept the verdict without any repercussion. However, if the court denies stay order restoration, Washington will move to Supreme Court to fight with Trump’s administration.  However, Trump is not satisfied when he heard the news of withdrawal of “Trump travel ban” order for the time being.  He stated that the nation is not protected from terrorists. These selected nations are risk zones to give shelters to terrorists. Anyone tries to break the immigration law will be punished.  Trump’s aggressiveness has been ridiculed by Democratic Party leaders.   This grandiose narcissist has phobia grown against Muslims without evaluating aftermath effect. In a cable release, Trump ensured that for the next 120 days all refugees of Syria will not have any right to enter into America.  Visas and passports will not be issued to any immigrant whose birth places in seven high risk Muslim countries. The decision of retaining the stay order has sparked controversy.  Donald Trump has not expected sudden blow from federal judge to minimize the urgency of the enforcement of his executive order in this connection.

Background of Issuing Trump Travel Ban

Trump campaigned against Muslims when he was preparing to fight with Democratic leaders.  ME is not the heaven for America.  Trump predicted that he would close all doors to force Muslims to go back to their countries as they are terrorists. His merciless comments were flashed in major electronic media, newspapers and magazines.  Trump revolted after barbaric assassination in Orlando night club, bomb explosions in Brussels and massive attacks on innocent French people in Paris.  ISIS terrorists have no innovative nation building thoughts. They have no ideologies. They attack children, women and civilians.   ISIS terrorists occupied Mosul, Aleppo and Damascus.  Assad’s role to demolish militancy outfits in Aleppo was appreciated by Trump. However, he warned Muslim countries not to encourage terrorists to go against West.  ME is the destination for ISIS terrorists to expand their muscular strength. So, to deactivate them, the source of rearing up insurgents must be wiped out. Muslims nurture insurgency and they finance ISIS terrorists. Even during Obama regime, Saudi Arab was charged by Pentagon to boost up ISIS militants to destruct World Trade center in America.   700 billion worth reserved property owned by Saudi Arab Prince was under blockage due to his loyalty shown towards ISIS militants.  Trump was bold to announce that he would not give single inch space to Muslims to destruct America. This Islamic phobia compelled Trump to prioritize the implementation of travel ban executive order after being elected president of US.

Special Commission Formed to Issue Trump Travel Ban

Trump formed a commission comprising of Mukasey, the honorable judge, Mccaul, Congressman and a group of legal experts before finalizing the issuance of the executive order to put onus on the entry of Muslim immigrants. He has shown  evidence that  he has acquired strength from immigration law which gives power to president to issue executive order independently for the safety of the American citizens.  However, the federal court has overruled his order to ban the infiltration of Muslims into the country.  Trump’s critics and dissidents have found hidden loopholes in the travel ban order.  The transit of Christians living in Syria and other six countries into American territory must not be included in the Trump travel ban order.   At the borders, Muslim Christian refugees are not allowed to step into the US territory.  So, Trump’s executive order needs to be modified valuing the minority class when visas will be cross-checked at the custom offices.  There must be clear description with legal instructions for specific minority groups who are not Muslim nationals. 

Controversy over the Travel Ban

The controversy over the application of the following phrase “Trump travel ban” gives jerks to students who decide to visit America for studies.  If this ban is meant for only travelers who are interested to spend few days in America on vacation, students, and also immigrants must not be called travelers.  Muslim students will do studies in American universities and they will have to make yearlong stays.  So, Trump must explain the nature of his latest executive order which creates chaos and trouble. Secondly, White House uses the word “ban” when there is an issue relating to terrorism.  Any member, immigrant, and citizen from other states is found involved with terrorism is banned. So, how all Muslim refugees, immigrants, students and job seekers are branded so-called terrorists. Trump has to correct his own statement before going for the legal permission to enforce travel ban.


Trump has to wait for the final verdict declared by   Supreme Court regarding the legal formalities to   execute his order of banning Muslim travelers/refugees for relocation in the US. He should participate in discussion and debates to assess the effect of enforcement of travel ban on Muslims. 


The relationship with ME will be affected in the event of the successful implementation of travel ban order to prevent Muslim refugees to seek shelter into American cities.

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