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Will Innovation Be Sustainable in US Even After Absence of Steve Jobs?

Will Innovation Be Sustainable in US Even After Absence of Steve Jobs?



Steve Jobs is the heart of Apple. This forward thinking CEO of Apple is also a good innovator with superb ideas to upgrade the billion dollars worth Software Company. He is a genius and legend to inspire next generation to emulate his innovative lifestyle. America is the school for innovators. It is the land for exploration, adventure, and renaissance of wonder. With the loss of Steve Jobs, will America be a loser to progress in the sphere of information technology and software development?  Innovation can’t be stopped. Well, Steve Jobs is a great inventor to bring change to Apple. However, with his departure from Apple, the company must find suitable CEOs to manage the business tactfully.  Steve is the source of inspiration and his impressive schooling must be valued by others.

Steve Jobs About to Go On Medical Leave

Steve Jobs is the leader to guide his followers. His theories are foundations for Apple to move for success. Recently, Steve Jobs must not be healthy due to physical disorder. Doctors have pronounced that he is affected by cancer. His stomach has been transplanted. So, he will have to take medications and maintain the strict diet for his own benefit.  He will be on long medical leave for self-development.  Apple have to suffer from his absence. Will America undergo innovation in future?  Restoration of Steve’s health is unpredictable. However, he will assist the Apple to create strategies to handle over 60000 full time workers and more than 4000 part timers.  Steve jobs must be a strong associate to work with team members. He is the best person to help Apple to grow very fast.  He has added a ding to the innovation. That means, he fuels up Apple by delivering his motivational plans and bundles of awesome business management theories to mobilize the wheels of overall improvement of Apple.

Steve – Transformational Leader with Innovation

Steve Jobs is a charismatic leader. Obviously he has charming profile with dynamic personality to lure subordinates to abide by his command.  Charismatic leadership never prioritizes the interests of individuals or organizations.  He is his own boss to struggle for establishing himself.  Therefore, Steve Jobs is often criticized. He was expelled from Apple in 1985 after the flop show of Macintosh computer. Apple couldn’t bear this humiliation. He was sacked.  After 10 years, he re-joined the company. In between, Apple launched a number of innovated   apple toolkits and software accessories to earn million dollars. Well, then why has Apple again pull up Steve from tons of online profiles in the waiting list for business operating?  Certainly, he has the eye-catching transformational leadership with transactional entrepreneurial expertise. It is rare combination. He tries to upgrade individual employees to lend their talent for developing organizations.  Transactional leaders are typical with desires of giving priority to profit making. These leaders punish employees for poor performance. They also congratulate workers for improvement.  So, Steve Jobs should not be considered to be an inexperienced leader. His positive attitude with optimism overdrive must be resources to organize the workers of Apple. 

Will Apple Suffer after Departure of Steve?

 Will Apple be able to overtake crisis after the death of Steve Jobs?   It is not the proper time to evaluate the aftermath effect of the permanent departure of Steve Jobs. He will return from hospitals to join the campaign. However people should not forget that Apple had to part with him a number of times.  So, Apple will not be submerged in dirty situation even after the resignation of Steve. Apple management school is equipped with handful of leaders ranging from Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive, Ron Johnson to Schiller.  Bob Mansfield is another experienced faculty who is also selected as the Vice President to solve many issues.  So, innovation will not die with the removal of Steve. However, they have to learn.  Steve has the special identity. He worked efficiently to brush up the production unit and logistic department of the company   to increase the value. It is a smart company with a record breaking $64.7 billion sales annually.  So imagine how fast Apple is progressing under care of Steve Jobs. This talented CEO has used sophisticated mechanisms and technology to modify Apple to challenge rivals. When people depended on macro devices, he put emphasis on micro tools with fast data management software. He remodeled iphone and ios systems as well. He renewed the device configurations


Steve Jobs is a think tank. His fantastic voice must reach million employees to purify their ideas for speedy escalation in their careers. In a conference, Apple CEO stated that he had brought Sixties moralities and idealisms to start deeper self-discovery studies for innovation. He must not be rigid with conventional theories. You should be pro-active, and dynamic with impetus to go ahead.  Steve is not a man with weakness. He tracks and screens facts. Steve Jobs will be back with his new stamina to make Apple smart with large volume of product sales. He will optimize the mobile transaction systems and customer care.  America will not neglect this wonderful guy. Steve Jobs must have treasure trove to decorate Apple. He will fertilize the field for more fruitful technological innovation in Apple.  






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