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Top 10 Successful Global Leaders and Their Awesome Personalities

Top 10 Successful Global Leaders and Their Awesome Personalities



Global leaders should be remembered for their excellent leadership, sense of humanity, and awesome expertise to solve problems. Top 10 global leaders are successful with their overwhelming performance. They are different from others. Their roles and contributions must be evaluated.

Vladimir Putin

This great man of Russia has had brilliant success story. He is the most powerful man in the world. Vladimir Putin, Russian President, has completed a number of tasks for development, growth and prosperity. This experienced political leader in Russia hasnot bent to terrorism and economic downturn. When he came to power in Moscow, the country didn’thave sound economy. His country was manipulated by oligarchic class. His appearance in the political field must be dynamic. Vladimir Putin, as a global leader, did superb economic reforms for reshaping Moscow with higher credit rates. Secondly, his effort to annex Crimea with Kremlin must be an act of prowess. He controlled rebels in Syria. Russian military enteredinto Aleppo tofind ISIS terrorists. He helped Assad to restore normalcy in Damascus and Raqqa. Besides, presence of his military in the Black Sea must be a solid evidence for showcasing supremacy of Russia over Baltic regions. Even hechallenged NATO whichdidn’t support the deploymentof Russian army to patrol in Black Sea. He is also a good man with sense of humanity. Vladimir Putin triesto improvethe relationship with China, America and South Korea. Putin has bold attitude to overtake recession in the oil industry. He plans to minimize he reliance on oil and gas after the successful exposure of America to sell shale oil to stabilize its presence. He searches for other sectors like technology, energy and weapon manufacturing for accelerating revenues to brush up the national economic infrastructure of the country.

Donald Trump-American President

Donald Trump, Unifier, is the American President with a controversial image. His resume is long and it is very much colorful with bundles of accomplishments and successful snapshots. He is a non-political leader. However, his uniqueness in leading the country can’t be sidelined. He defeated Democratic Party leaders and then occupied the prestigious portfolio as American President. Donald Trump has moved with courage with least fear. This dauntless politicalfigure has the immense power to control his administration. His 12 days long tour to Asia must open routes for friendship and free trading. He tried to convince China about the vision of America to wipe out insurgency. South Sea will be cooler through discussion. North Korea’s nuclear tests have been criticized. He visitedVietnam, Japan, South Korea and Philippines with proposals to start new business ventures. He will reinforce Vietnam and Philippines for self-protection. Donald Trump is also resilient with determination to switch off ISIS and other militia groups. Donald Trump is a powerful administrator. He cleaned up cabinet ministry by sacking a number of top brass members to control corruption. He is a high caliber political leader with hard-nut-to-crack mentality to suppress rebels. America will be the greatest nation with unbeaten economic growth.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the Indian Prime Minister. He is a selected candidate to represent the country. This honorable political leader says that his party comes later and the country’s interests are prioritized. He is a 14th Prime Minister to hold the office to regulate his own administration. His greatness lies in the liberalization of economy by opening new avenues for foreign investors. His neoliberal views are awesome. He modifies rural belt and during his regime, India gets a new media exposure with better global view. His strong move against corruption, crime and money laundering is remarkably awe-inspiring. He stands strong and resilient even in adversities. For example, the currency withdrawal and introduction of newpolicies to stop usage of fake currencies must give a tremendous jolt to black marketers. He has invested billion dollars for innovating most neglected rural areas. The success in nuclear energy, domestic GDP growth rate, and technology must not be excluded fromthe list of accomplishments. He is a global leader withhigh stature and honor.

Angelina Jolie

She is bright and optimist. Angelina Jolie is a famous Hollywood actress. She is now a top ambassador to meet million fans in the world. Her successful career is eye-catching. However, Angelina Jolie must be paid good support and appreciation for her philanthropic love and sense of humanity. She fights for women, children and people in under-privileged class. She is modest, and polite with altruistic dream of helping downtrodden class. She lends her voice to give aids to refugees. She is one of the high profile ladies in the world.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani erudite and Nobel laureate. She has obtained Nobel Prize for peace. She writes for women emancipation, free expression to speech and rightsto female education. She condemns Taliban for harassing women and children. This social reformist and activist must have beautiful life with glossy profile. She is sketched as the role model for younger women in much under developed class.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is not a simple woman with a short profile. She is respected German Chancellor. This gorgeous elite female activist has gained numerous good remarks for her pro-refugee rehab theory. She haswiped out rigid law in immigration and cross border refugee rehabilitation. She offers aids to Turkey forhandling 2.4 million Syrian refugees. Merkel speaks for justice and against vandalism. She is the symbol of love and humanity and kindheartedness.

Former American President –Clinton

Clinton is not seen as a president of America. He is retired from White House. Still, he is not lagging behind. His inspirational speech attracts global leaders and think tanks. Bill Clinton is campaigning againstaids and cancer. Clinton has orphanage and childcare foundation to rehab under developed class. Bill Clinton has huge confidence, strong determination and clear vision.

Aung San Suu Kyi-Social Reformist

Aung San Suu Kyi is another brave woman who has not devalued her principles under pressure. She has been awarded Noble Peace Prize. She is an eminent writer. Her pen roared against violence and military escalation in Burma which is now Myanmar. She was kept inside house with round the clock surveillance torestrict movement of this global leader. Still she didn’t stop her writing flow and bagged a number of prestigious international accolades.

Dalai Lama –Spiritual Mentor

Dalai Lama is a mentor and spiritual leader. He wants global peace and harmony. In 1089, Dalai Lama got Nobel Peace Prize. He is struggling to change the world for pacification. He sings for democracy, true liberalization, and non-violence.

Jeff Bezos – Qualitative CEO

Jeff Bezos served in Apple as CEO. He has joined Amazon as Chief Executive. His innovative marketing theory is profitable to online entrepreneurs to sell products for business expansion. His predictive product selling theory is globally accepted. He has good entrepreneurial leadership with rarity his marketing expertise. His out-of-box ideas have optimized Amazon to become a global competitor with billion worth profit making machine. Jeff Bezos is the example for young businessmen to have success.

These 10 international leaders have productive packages for you to remodel life and professional career. Their principles, ideologies and business ethics must be a roadmap for youngsters tobecome successful in the long run.

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