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Is SAP’s HANA Leading over Exalytics of Oracle?

Is SAP’s HANA Leading over Exalytics of Oracle?


While online industry is being reformatted for faster growth of the business, two giant enterprising software programming companies are visible with SAP and Oracle based ERP systems. For better system optimization, customer care and data processing,  Oracle as well as SAP must be prioritized. Both products are extremely valuable. People like to install ERPaccessories for having cost efficient fast service.  However, SAP and Oracle have a number ofdissimilarities and differences.

Comparison between SAP and Oracle ERP Systems

Comparison between Oracle and SAP must enable you to do the right evaluation at the time of asking for tech backup from these two unique companies. The advancement in data management and project implementation takes place dynamically. Experts predict that the value of SAP based tools will increase with the introductionof HANA. However, the demand for Oracle based ERP systems can’t go down.  Titan’s Clash Report  highlights new features of Oracle and SAP at the time of crosschecking contributions of these two ERP systems. Oracle customers save money by implementing tons of assignments and projects. Oracle is a cost efficient tool to them. On the contrary, SAP customers have to bear higher expenses in themaintenance of the advanced HANA software. Then is it beneficialto businessmen to choose HANA? Well,  customers of SAP don’t waste time to implementprojects.  Comparing to Oracle ERP infrastructure, SAP systems are faster to bundle up any big project. So, ultimately, it is much money saving option to assist rookies to tacklerecession.  Researchers find that SAPcustomers have to spend at least 4 percent of their hard earned dollars for system modification and upkeep. Oracle customers need 1.7 percent  to operate ERP systems gleefully. However, SAP customers ensure the faster deployment of data and products.  The project designing reviewing and submission must be quick  through SAP. 

The Business Scalability

Functionalities of SAP and Oracle are obviously classic with solid exposure in the market. The results of installation of SAP and Oracle must not be bad in the long run. However in terms of scalability in operating the business, thesetwo separate entities give different feedbacks. SAP is a single compact ERP tool to handle variousaspects and tools.  The central power of regulating multiple cross device compatible systems is given to the singledevice.In the case of Oracle, the power decentralization is good. SAP is suitable to mini business portal whereas Oracle ERP systems (Fusion, JD Edwards, Siebel and Hyperion/E-Business Suite)attract large scale business organizations.

Software Functionality and Product Customization

Undoubtedly, SAP and Oracle service providers thinkof the modernization of technical functionalities and customercare.  Therefore, these two world famous companies do experiments to introducemore dynamicsolutions to entrepreneurs to use their SAP and Oracle  software package. The difference is not deep as bothorganizations try to upgrade these sections to have more reputation. However,  Oracle is meant for teamwork and tech associates to handle a large organization.  The project customization is not important to Oracle as it helps project team members to enhance the better execution of tasks. SAP customizes the software to take care of clients. It is an integrated mono platform for communication, and maintaining business ethics online.

Cloud Backup

Conventionalities and traditions are perhaps gone withthe entry of Cloud. Companies don’t want to set up heavy machines and lot of computing devices to create chaos.  The miniature workstation is really helpful to busy employees and businessmen. They need Cloud computing devices with fast data transfer technology. Cloud lessens the hazards of finding or restoring lost files.  It is a unique business management and customer care platform. Oracle goes ahead in this section.  It offers a manageableERP business solution with innovation in the operating systems. Oracle customers get more constructive benefits when they select Cloud.

In-Memory Technology 

More data speed and integration in content management force entrepreneurs to  search for the best in-memory technology.  SAP and the upgraded Oracle must not be scooped out from in-memory application industry. The best thing is that Oracle has brought a razor sharp Exalytics infrastructure to challenge HANA.  It is much flexible in-memory portal for you to have access to the database. The cost of using Exalytics in-memory data storing platform is much cheaper than HANA. Experts think that HANA is the best toolfor business analysis and complicatedevaluation based on data accessible .However, Exalytics is reserved for business planning. Exalytics is a much co-operative assistive platform with least reliance on third party agent.  SAP’s HANA is costly and it needs multiple agents or platforms for downloading data for updates.  Exalytics is a pre-set datastoring in-memory infrastructure. 

Which is the best –SAP or Oracle? This question isoften backfired by people. However, it depends on himhow to meet his requirements and needs of the organizations by using the ERP software. Customers must make FAQ sheet and draft discovering their actual needs. If SAP’s HANA is not an issue for them, they will have to buy this custom ERP package. However, Exalytics is a vast ERP network with multiple channels for deep scanning and business assessment. So, put focus on your innovative ideas and plans before applying for having Exalytics or HANA for office decoration.

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