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Trump’s accomplishments in Asia Trip

Trump’s accomplishments in Asia Trip


The 12-days long trip to Asia must promote bundles of futuristic plans of Trump to enhance the smooth business transactions with Asian countries.  When Sutherland in Spring, Texas has been bullet ridden causing heavy damage to First Baptist Church in Sutherland, President moved to Hawaii to leave for five countries with high expectations to end tussle with North Korea nuclear proliferation, and Chinese aggressivetemperament to escalate military inSprightly Island.

Purpose of Trump’s Visit to Asia

Trump’s visit to five rich nations in Asia will open anumber of trading channels to make a bond of long lasting camaraderie with US. However, critics are not sure about the outcome of his venture to Asia. Trump has already disheartenedpeople in Asia by switching off the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord.  America economy will be affected if he activates TPP which was signed by Obama long back. What is the vision of Trump’s week-long tour to Asian nations? There are different purposes to meet prime ministers of these Asian countries. New trading confirmation, hugeinvestment and creation of friendship mobilize the vehicle of business expansion and bilateral relationship. Trump was spotted arguing over border walling to prevent the flow of Mexicans to enter in American cities. He was criticized for attacking Islamiccountries. His speech was not justified to his own cabinet ministers when he threw a number of highofficials like Scaramucci, Flynn and former FBI director, Comey. Now, he is a great man who is unbeaten with superb profile to lure million sweethearts.

Trump in Japan –New Horizon Explored

America has clearly stated that this country will not be a local shop used for shopping. If it is not beneficial toUS, it must not  go for any tie-up with someone who is not responsible.  This comment was made after the denial of continuing membership and participation in Trans-pacific Partnership. Simultaneously, South Korea and Japan are not hopeful about the aftermath effect of Trump’s arrival in these countries.  In Japan, thisAmerican President will handshake with Shinzo Abe, Japanese Prime Minister to do fruitful discussions about the investment on different sectors. Many long lasting projects will be implemented through mutual correspondence.  Japanese Prime Minister highlights the military base camp under the control of America. After the Second World War, Japan sealed off all weapon manufacturing companies and arsenals. It is not permitted to use arms for invading other nations. Abe wants to wipe out this old legal binding. Japan is now much independent with right to manufacture weapons for self-defense. The threat from North Korea must be sign of destruction and Japan needs  military escalation at the borderline to resist any upcoming airstrike from North Korea.  Trump is desirous of gifting a new free and open offshore trading in collaboration with Japan. So, Japanese economy will be stronger.

Is Trump’s Visit to China –Successful?

China is a strong competitor with second largest economy. It must have new economic balance program to correct the budget by removing financial deficit to a great extent.  Chinese products are sold and people like to buy Chinese electronic goods. However, South Sea is the barrier for Trump to cool the ambience.  China supports North Korea whenit goesagainst US.  Trump expects that China will not pamperNorth Koreaencouraging this country to test ICBM missiles. On the other hand, Vietnam, Brunei and Philippines are not friends to China.  These neighboring countries try to cross Sprightly Island without taking permission fromChina. America must not deploy arms to thesecountries to accelerate insurgency in South Sea maritime region.Vietnam willbuy more weapons from America. So, it will be counter insurgency and China is prepared to resist anything cumbersome. Unifier is hunting for solution to find a way to troubleshoot problems.

Trump has called his 12 day visit to Asia is a massive success. He expressed that America is now back with new power train to mobilize the growth and prosperity.  He is first president of America to make long tour to Asian countries for friendship and renewal of bilateral relationship.  He visited five countries-China, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, and Japan. He met prime minister and presidents of these five nations to solve many issues.  Trump’s accomplishment to visit Asia is successful. Free trade policy must be evaluated by China as Beijing has confusion to trade with America. Beijing, the capital city of China has warned America not to help neighboring nations over South Sea dispute.  The political situation is in turmoil.  When Trump talked to China’s President Xi, he requested the president to keep cool.  China must not be passive to criticize evil purposes of North Korea. China’s account rebalancing theory must be fruitful. Trump is desirous of establishing long tie-up with Beijing to expand global trading.  However, Xi must ensure that his country will not use hacking accessories to hit US server. 

Trump’s visit to Philippines and Accomplishment

Trump chose Philippines to attend the summit for accumulating support to build up a powerful niche to enhance the investment in different business sectors.  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is always controversial because of his extra judicial deal penalties for terminating many rebels and criminals. Duterte is accused of killing people randomly violating the human rights. President Duterte once called Obama the bad child of whore on hearing caustic remarks of American president over the brutal mass killing. Drugs, marijuana and narcotic products are banned in Philippines. Wicked criminals must be removed from the world. Trump has reached doorstop of Philippines with the expectations to compensate the loss.  America is great and it always wants to support any nation against anti-national activities like drug trafficking. Philippines will get aids from America to control crime. Trump didn’t blame president of Philippines regarding the extra judicial killing.

Trump’s Visit to Vietnam

Donald Trump has had good feeling towards Hanoi in spite of previous vexation and anxiety. After the tough war with Vietnamese troops, America moved for reconciliation, friendship and settlement.  New President of America has many positive feedbacks and views to improve the rapport with Hanoi.  During his stay in Vietnam, he congratulated Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phucto discuss. Vietnam recollected Trans-pacific Partnership or TPP agreement which has now been deactivated by Trump. However, America must look back to help this small country to have more aids from White House for security. Vietnamese President Trần Đại Quang is naturally pleased because of creation of new avenues to strengthen up the bond of diplomatic relationship. Quang opines that Trump must protect Vietnam through military escalation and deployment of powerful weapons. China has installed a monitoring camp to deal with internal affairs of Vietnam. South Sea seems to block the trading in maritime zone. Trump is hopeful that both countries will have good days to come.

Trump’s Successful Trip to South Korea

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea invited Trump. It is his short overnight stay in South Korea due to shortage of time. He and his wife, Melania were seen joining the events/summits. South Korea is facing terrific pressure from North Korea. The borderline is not in safe due to possibility of invasion.  North Korea is accelerating power by launching ICBM missiles to target Seoul. On the other hand, American president has declared that North Korea must control its army. At this conferencein Seoul, President supported the role of South Korea. US army will defend Seoul.  New trading plans will be signed up.  American president didn’t visit demilitarized zone which is not tension free.  Trump’s accomplishment to pay visit to South Korea is productive.

The last feedback from White House is that the objective of Trump’s journey to Asia is to improve the familiarity with major countries in this continent. It will help Trump’s Cabinet to screen the situation in building up sweet communication with China as well. However, many unreliable sources predict that Trump’s short visit to meet top brass of Asian nations seem to re-engineer his workouts to deactivate Putin who is becoming a giant in ME. Russia is exposing itself recklessly by tampering with internal affairs of America.  White House scandal, special investigation against Trump to find tryst with Russia spies, Manafort’s deals with Russia and Blackberry scamproduce a scathing impact to pollute the politicalenvironment.

  Trump must launch proper campaigning to reinforce his status overtaking Putin in the long run. The scale of trading relationship with five countries in Asia will be expanded revamping all defects.  It is a great vision for Trump to soothe bilateral relationship with Asian countries. Economic growth and development of business deals will also be prioritized. 12 days- tour to these five nations must be a gateway to remove all hostilities and deferments.

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