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An Assessment Study to Check the Endgame of China against US and Europe

An Assessment Study to Check the Endgame of China against US and Europe


China is one of the tough nations for US to tackle. This big country in Asia plots for becoming global power holder outperforming advanced nations in Europe. Is China seen as a competitor to plan against US, Europe, ME, India and ASEAN? Certainly, it is facing internal problems as well. Critics opine that China is now close to embarrassing breaking point with possibility of recession and political insurgency in the country. Still, many experienced think tanks are optimistic about the rise of China to occupy the top place in the global history.

China’s Endgame- New Plots against US

China’s political endgame against Europe and US must be reviewed. David Shambaugh, the Chinese scholar, has predicted that Chinese citizens prefer to go abroad to find better options for maintaining their healthy lifestyles. They are discarded by Chinese government. Especially, Hukou system to register names of Chinese residents is making wide gap for social communication. China approves this Hukou for restricting the resource distribution and preventing population explosion. Now, this new public registration system imposes barriers on rural civilians to relocate in cities. The difference between rural and urban people must be difficult to economical class to have better facilities. The new rule on birth control rates is also complicated. On the other hand, Chinese political parties are busy of possessing power. This bargain in domestic political world  is not eco-friendly to people of China.  However, China is trying to accumulate power to innovate the economic infrastructure through account rebalancing theory and establishment of AIIB agency must ensure the durability of the Chinese presence in the world map. China’s biggest aim is to scoop up US occupying the vast area showcasing strength.  America will not be removed by China. However, Beijing will make more plans and workouts to become big boss overpowering America, Russia, Europe and other nations in ME.  This aggressive temperament of China must be a part of dictatorship to start the anarchism in the world. 

South Sea Dispute

China has boldly confirmed the deployment of troops to the sea shore.  Sprightly Island is dominated by Beijing. The supremacy of other ASEAN countries (Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) in the South Sea will not be overlooked by China. Meanwhile, Laos and Cambodia have signed a bond for compromise.  ASEAN will have to sit for negotiation with China for expansion. Vietnam and Philippines are opponents who are still hostile to criticize the escalation of Chinese military to South Sea.  Beijing has not allowed Vietnam to invite American military to maximize the tension in this region. So, the easy math is that Vietnam, Philippines of ASEAN will stand obstructive whereas Laos and Cambodia must be soft.

ASEAN Affected Due to South Sea Issue

China’s game plan will be designed to sideline rivals to create monopoly in ASEAN committee. However, the visibility of US must be controversial.  It is not a passive participant.  Over South Sea, Trump doesn’t want any level of compromise stooping to China. Confidence measurement for China has not been accepted. In return,  Pentagon boosts up strong ASEAN nations to build up anti-Beijing force to ban China. Then free trading for ASEAN will be withdrawn by Beijing. Deep scanning is needed to justify actions taken by China to treat Europe and ME.  China imports energy from Africa and ME. Due to constant militancy, air strikes, and disturbance in rich OPEN counties, China has to think of getting a switchover.  The relationship between China and ME countries will be deeply wounded. In-between,

On the other hand, Russia which exports its gasoline products to many European nations is experiencing ebb due to the arrival of China.  The economy of Russia can be affected in the event of China’s intention to endanger energy and gasoline industry of Russia.  However, Moscow has opened its door for revamping the relationship with China. Europe will have to evaluate whether China will be preferred over Russia. Chinese technology is being upgraded.  The energy industry will receive bold investment offers from China to make the competition hot and tough.

China Participating in Cyber Warfare

Cyber warfare is a new episode to reveal the hidden power of Beijing.  China has already been made alert by White House for stealing confidential files. Pentagon’s server is frequently cross connected due to the hacking. Risk of global cyber warfare is expected to start due to the wild activities of Chinese administration to pry into internal affairs of US.  Secondly, why is China behaving callously to criticize North Korea?  US want stronger criticism against the nuke tests in North Korea.  China tries to minimize the importance regarding the nuclear test issue.


China is not an enemy to India. However, history tells people that India was invaded by Chinese military. Many regions of India are still under control of China.  Ladakh borderline dispute, line of control issue and land demarcation is severe points to handle. India needs to increase surveillance and monitoring process to track the movement of Chinese army. The installation of 203 mm Howitzer canon with a range of 24 miles is risky. This self-propelled automatic canon will target Indian territories. Obviously, China is not a newcomer with least experience. Its strength is growing to threaten up Europe and US. 

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