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Obama –Busy to Do Paperwork for Giving His Last Minute Executive Orders

Obama –Busy to Do Paperwork for Giving His Last Minute Executive Orders


Obamacare office will not be in full-fledged action after 20th January with the power shifting to Donald camp. The election result has been declared. Donald Trump will be in more commanding position as an honorable president to spearhead the country’s internal administration. Obama will leave the office in this month. However, he is busy of executing few unfinished programs. His executive action covers the environmental issues, Russian diplomacy, South Sea conflict, and new Obamacare plans to help native American citizens to grow healthy. However, Donald Trump will evaluate the list of resolutions and executive last minute actions given by Obama. The controversy and repercussion are taking place to put White House administration into a peril.

Obama’s Drastic Resolution to Prevent Russia’s Intervention

Meanwhile, Obama’s seriousness at the eleventh hour to implement projects designed for future is not prioritized by people in America.  He is sticking to White House.  This great man has to prepare for backtracking because of his final term to come on 20th instant.  So his upcoming plans and resolutions will have no value. Unifier will not be forced to execute the orders of Obama. However, the former president of America is found nonchalant and cool without making harsh comments. According to him, Donald Trump must not neglect his last minute executive orders if he loves his countrymen.  Obama has had drastically mentioned that Russia is now a problem to America. Putin’s aggressiveness may be a negative component to heat up America in future. Cyber warfare and intrusion to damage the solidarity of American society must be criticized. Donald Trump should not overlook previous Russia’s involvement to steal confidential classified content from private server. The email scandal and data hacking incidents are strong proofs to accuse Russia of the sabotage. Obama expects that new president must honor what he confirmed to save America from external invasion.

Guantanamo Bay Needs to Be Closed

Obama was given a tough question to answer positively regarding Guantanamo Bay prison cells.

In an effective personal statement, Obama told journalists that he would try to close Guantanamo base camp which was opened in 2002 by Bush administration to cross examine highly risky terrorists or detainees. Donald Rumsfeld, Defense secretary of Bush admin, gave a supportive statement prioritizing the importance of running such a military base camp to keep special detainees for trials and cross examinations. In Cuba, Guantanamo Bay prison cell is situated. However, human rights commission and many countries criticized Bush admin for operating such a prison to torture innocent detainees without trial. These detainees were captured and then shifted to this cell for exploitation and heinous torture. These prisoners are not allowed to express their views or ask for justice.  Without court trials, any detainee can't be thrown into the cell. Golan in Russia was this type of jail or base camp to keep anti-communist party leaders. Guantanamo Bay must be closed. X-ray and Delta cells of Guantanamo Bay have been totally closed after massive protest. In last minute executive order, Obama stated that Guantanamo must not exist for cross examining detainees without prior trials. The former American president also affirmed that conditional imprisonment or detention in Guantanamo Bay cell should be considered to reduce the severity of punishment. However, opposition members in Congress didn’t back up Obama. This special detention cell has been designed to treat hardcore criminals and insurgents. So, mercy can’t be shown to let these terrorists do destructive jobs. Over 700 militants are being held detainees at this base camp since the Bush admin. Obama wants to settle Guantanamo Bay dispute sooner.

Executive Order to Protect Environment

Obama has had also issued orders regarding environment protection.  Obama doesn’t give space to wicked persons to pollute the cool ambience. In Nevada and Utah, the vast land has been cordoned off due to air pollution. Obama launched new environment protection program to minimize the release of carbon and toxic elements from chemical factories. Nuclear energy plants and big factories will have to abide by rules to safeguard the environment from pollution. Around 1.35 million acres have been declared green after a vast campaigning to make Utah eco-friendly. At the same time, Obama called people in Nevada to go for forestation by stopping tree felling to expand industries. In the last minute resolution, Obama puts emphasis on the continuance of his mission for total greenness in other American cities.

Special Recruitment Drive

The executive order recommended the formation of Community Solutions in November to recruit more employees to enhance the smooth information delivery and execution of futuristic tasks. The deployment of talented manpower will have a good effect on people.   At the last moment, Obama has mobilized the recruitment drive to appoint more delegates and senior cadres to hold prestigious portfolios in government offices. This recruitment process will continue till 20th January. However, Donald Trump will review the importance of special Council to create more jobs.


Obama’s executive orders need re-evaluation and analysis. Donald Trump will be in power. If Obama’s futuristic plans sound effective and powerful to Unifier, maybe there will be no problem for Republican party to execute the orders of Obama.  However, Trump’s negative remark over failure of Obama’s foreign policies, ineffective costly Obamacare and carelessness to tackle Islamic countries to wipe out insurgency must be obstructive to give good priority to Obama’s last minute orders.

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