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Major Global Projectionsin Technology, Economy and Politics –Deep Evaluation

Major Global Projectionsin Technology, Economy and Politics –Deep Evaluation



It is the beginning of 2017. New Year resolution must be awesome with few unique promises and plans for people to develop the country in different spheres. Global projection is a typical way of calculation of the development in various sections like technology, politics and economy.   Will there be another global recession in bullion market? Will Putin take much bolder steps to harden the relationship with NATO allied nations over Black Sea issue? Donald Trump’s aggressive alternative right theory or anti- Islamic views must deteriorate the rapport with ME countries.  In technology, there will be new inventions, and experiments to sophisticate the global schools.   You need to evaluate and analyze the rate of progression in these particular sectors.

 Global Projection in Economy – Recession Problematic

International economic schools and research centers predict the downtime in the economy of the world. It will continue by the end of 2017 due to several unavoidable negative factors. The global economic growth rate will not be in appreciable condition because of the obstructive improvement and development in the economy. The lower prices of various essential commodities are one of the biggest factors to enhance the sluggish economic development.   Prices of natural oil and gasoline products have not soared up due to the drastic steps taken by OPEC leaders to reduce the exporting price of the crude oil. So, oil rigs owners and upstream/downstream companies in Middle East suffer from the economic downtime. Western countries are also being severely smashed when OPEC countries cut the prices of crude oil per barrel.  Global economists predicted the sudden nosedive in global economic market. The expected growth in global economy is 2.4 percent which is lower than 2.9 per cent predicted in this current year. This global projection in the economy for 2017 is not remarkable. Global inflation rate was calculated 3.5 percent in November last. Experts also believe that this slow economic growth rate is the outcome of the political turmoil, insurgency, uprising and onsets of cross borders terrorisms. Besides, economists emphatically prioritize the modification of defective economic structures and development of infrastructures to manage geopolitical issues. Owing to environmental issues such as geographical barriers, pollution and lack of transportation facilities to overcome obstructions to deliver products/raw materials to other remote areas, the deceleration of the progression in the global economic infrastructure is quite strong. That’s why; innovation in the development of the advanced economy is required to cope with the upcoming recession/ financial stringency in the world. Apart from these factors, the insurgency in Syria, political disturbance in South Sea, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arab, and other countries in Gulf region may be strong components to demobilize the growth percentage in global economy. Few experienced economists and political think tanks   presume that the decision of choosing Brexit is a negative impact to force EU nations to cut relationship with Theresa May. It will prevent the growth of world economy uber. Free trading, and major facilities to trade in Schengen area will be blocked if Brexit is implemented. On the other hand, after Obamacare, the uncertainly seems to become brighter over the issue of immigration. Donald Trump will take fast decision to build up the walls on the Mexican borders to restrict the movement of outsiders.  Islamic countries will not be given top priority in the case of visa issuance to do trading in US. Instead of the implementation of Eb-5 business visa for non-American entrepreneurs to finance regional markets in US, there will be barriers of making communication with American markets due to new restrictions. America doesn’t allow many gulf countries to trade in America. It will destruct the potentiality of global economy. On the other hand, China is now a good scorer to upgrade its economy through an innovated economic re-balancing theory. Beijing is not interested to export more products from West. Instead, it tries to revive the domestic market to expand the space for regional market development. Surely, global market will lose such a powerful financer in the event of the new economic reform in China. However, base erosion and profit sharing theory may give some energy to Asian countries to form a global economic foundation for more financial resilience to speed up the rate of prosperity in this regard. At the same time, Euro zones are improving in household and domestic areas whereas countries in Euro zone have to face financial loss in external trading. Synopsis of economic development in Euro zone is that the appreciation value of Euro currencies experiences the setback after the hike in the interest rates of US dollars as per the new declaration of American Federal Reserve bank. To be frank, the Euro depreciation will not affect the domestic or regional informal trading in Euro zone. However, the overall snapshot of world trading and commerce is comparatively pitiable. The estimated GDP growth in Euro zone areas is supposed to increase by 1.5 percent in this current year.

Global Projections in Polítics 

There will be a cross connection and mixed diplomacy in global political arena. Untoward incidents are taking place at short intervals. Right now, ME is like a cancerous cystic pouch which needs to be incised for removal terrorists from the world. Syria has been bombarded by Russian army to have a control over ISIS militants in Aleppo. Putin has ordered his army not to showcase mercy or leniency towards the hardcore terrorists in Aleppo. Assad is not protected as long as ISIS militants will be in power to operate Aleppo. Political massacre and insurgency in Syria will last in 2017 as well. However, UN’s suggestion for hostility cessation and temporary truce in Aleppo must be an excellent sign.  Global politics will be shattered if major political leaders are not unanimous to do more productive table work for controlling insurgency. Assad got prompt military assistance from Russia and Iran. He used his army to destroy rebels in Damascus. Russian force was not obstructed when it attacked ISIS hideouts in Aleppo. At present, Russia wants to depart after spending several years in Syria.  Civil war brought inexplicable miseries to Assad. Though Moscow got triumph to occupy many towns and districts in Damascus and Aleppo to some extent, Palmyra was completely possessed by ISIS militants defeating allied force. Therefore, frustration among Russian soldiers may be a good factor to this ISIS organization to go for counter insurgency to treat Russian army in Aleppo.  Iran helped Assad for its own regional security. Tussle with Turkey is another episode of hostility to open a new chapter of insurgency in ME.


Trump Told South Korea to Find Another Umbrella for Protection

Americans have got a new president. Donald Trump will take the lead from 20th instant. Obama’s last minute executive action will not be much effective after the power transfer to Unifier. Many international critics suspect a top-to-bottom change in global political area because of the coming of a strong anti-Islamic political leader. He will also change the immigration policies to block the roads used by Mexican immigrants to enter into America. So, maybe, due to stringency in immigration and foreign policy, the diplomatic relationship will take a new shape in the world. Simultaneously, Donald Trump warned North Korea not to use nuclear energy for creating mass destruction bombs. South Korea has been given a new agenda beforehand over the issue of border security. If Ban ki Moon is elected president of South Korea, Donald Trump will meet him to discuss about border protection. Right now, around 20 thousand American soldiers stand at the border of Seoul for preventing upcoming threat from North Korea. So, American soldiers will have to be paid by South Korea as it is an expensive deal for Trump for defense maintenance. Otherwise, South Korea should find another global security umbrella to retaliate.


Donald Trump Softens His Voice –No Wall on Mexico Borders

Donald Trump has got presidential post to use his authoritative power.  He is now planning to execute all his previous plans. However, needless to say, he has now softened his voice to cool the ambience in his country.  Before the US election, this new president elect declared that he would cancel Paris Climate program, and he must construct wall near Mexican border to restrict entry of Mexican immigrants. Even his declaration over the deportation of 11 million non-American immigrants to other countries forced citizens to re-evaluate the effect of advent of Unifier to join White House. He is now trimming his cancelation list by showcasing leniency to some extent.  Instead of deporting eleven million people, it will be three million infiltrators who must be driven away due to different type of wrong doings.  At a press conference, Trump told media personnel that those who are drug addicted, criminal and murderers must not be allowed to live in the country.  Secondly, in the case of construction of stockade on the outskirts of Mexican borderline, his bold resolution may not be fruitful due to shortage of fund.  Mexican president clearly mentioned that his country would not support Trump financially to build up the wall.  Congress in White House is also thinking deeply and maybe cabinet ministers of Trump will not give positive response in this connection.

Turkey and America Going for Tussle over Gulen –New Dispute Starts

In 2017, Donald Trump will have different projections to stay alive for more years in American politics.  On the other hand, Turkey is slowly reaching the point of no return.  That means, this country has again suffered from a military coup.  It is a bad indication. Recep Tayyip, Turkey president has sent a missive to Obama stating his personal views regarding the deportation of Gulen to Turkey.  This man doesn’t learn how to show modesty. He is a criminal and the recent uprising in Turkey traverses the eye balls of Turkey rulers to blame Gulen who is now in America.  So, relationship between America and Turkey will be affected in case Gulen is not transferred to Turkey for cross examination. Incirlik air base has been closed after the futile attempt to topple Tayyip in Turkey. American higher authority clearly restated that Incirlik was used to air drop bombs on hidden hideouts operated by ISIS in Syria.  American drones and fighter planes were deployed to attack militants. So, Turkey must open this important air base to support the mission to clear up terrorism from the world. Turkey and America need better understanding.  US role to control ISIS miscreants in Syria is controversial as Putin’s force intervenes to kill ISIS terrorists.  Russia requested America not to interfere in Syria. So it is a tacit understanding. However, slowly it is also clear that Putin will withdraw military support from Syria. In this case, NATO will be in the leading role to launch constant air strikes in Aleppo.  Well, herein lays the diplomatic strategy.  NATO and Russia are creating tension in Black Sea.  Moscow doesn’t prioritize NATO which sent war ships to protect Baltic regions.  NATO has no nuclear war heads or nuke system to challenge Iskander of Russia.  So for life security and self-defense, NATO members welcome America to go for effective joint military exercises in Black Sea. So, if Putin leaves Syria, America will certainly help NATO to tackle ISIS in Syria. So, Russia will be an outsider to increase the possibility of cold war.  Donald Trump is a strong anti-Islamic supporter. He will open new military base camps to capture ISIS militants.  So, basically, America will change strategy to deal with Turkey and Syria. This super power will try to find loopholes to take advantage. NATO allied force depends on Pentagon. In 2017, Russia and America will have different mindsets to generate more controversial elements to hit the media. 

The global terrorism is a severe cancerous nodule. ISIS militants have taken different plans to implement. If ISIS militants admit defeat in Aleppo and Mosul, they will bring another episode of mobile insurgency. The self suicidal squads will blow the houses and large air base in air. They will be nomads to attack different military camps and police stations.  So, it will be a nightmare for America and West to bear untold casualties.


South Sea – Very Hot –Tension Brewing up - America Supports Taiwan to Resist China


2017 will not be a cool year as tension will be imprecise in South Sea due to the confrontation and tussle with America.   Donald trump is not pleased to talk to Chinese president. America’s confidence measurement program has not been valued by Beijing. So, US force will proceed for chasing Chinese war ships which are patrolling in South Sea.  Arms deployment and establishment of sophisticated mobile military base camps on Sprightly Island must not be overlooked by White House.  In between, the cancellation of Trans pacific business deal must be an opportunity to Beijing to enhance its innovative economic rebalancing program for becoming one of the strong competitors to defy Pentagon. Meanwhile, Donald Trump completed important telephonic conversation with Tsai, Taiwan president, over the arms selling issue.  America will supply upgraded defense system and missiles to Taiwan for self protection.  China can’t break the solidarity and integration of Taiwan which is still independent. Beijing should retreat and restrain its ego.  Donald Trump is ready to protect Taiwan and China’s role must be much more challenging.  However, Beijing smartly reiterates that America will not be allowed to play tricks.  South Sea will be controlled by Beijing and Taiwan is a part of mainland of China.  Obviously, trading between China and America will be hampered.  The situation will not be stable if both key players are involved in tug-of-war.


Innovation Starts in Technology

Global projection in technology is also a major area of concern. Technology must be more devices compatible, integrated and compact to form a strong as well as resilient global eco-system to faceplate entrepreneurs. Even regional small scale informal trading centers must be brought under the technological innovation to reinforce the world economy in a perfect way. Conventional machineries will be replaced by launching more sophisticated virtual networking portals. In international industry, augmented reality, virtual portal, and 3d are key leaders to give rise to a new tech society. Data security and anti-hacking technology will be modified to protect online entrepreneurial consortium from corruption, hacking as well as piracy.  Cloud system, mobile banking, e-wallet,   online data management, and latest internet-of-things are appreciable zones to mention. In 2017, global projection in the field of technology must cover the experiments, research and self-pace study to integrate multi-tasking cross device platforms to make the global communication more convenient for people.  Developing countries will be upgraded technically to rejuvenate industries. Technology with a new facelift will ensure the better wireless telecommunication interface to enable people to understand the universal laws clearly. However, cyber warfare is now a threat to advanced nations. China, Russia, North Korea, and America are big brothers to hack or steal information. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Black Berry issue, and revelation of confidential cables from White House are examples of cyber warfare. However, the ultimate result of technological advancement lies in the simplification of machine configuration, data management and easy access. Manual paperwork will be sidelined modified the company’s database to process the documentation digitally. Healthcare reports, and classified content will be digitally preserved for data security.



Global projections in economy, technology and politics must be implemented through a process of meticulous evaluation. Global economy can’t be developed without contribution of technology. Well, all global political mentors must accept new reformation and innovation for the sake of better output.

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