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Taiwan Struggling for Recognition –US Role Ambiguous-China Not Ready for Compromise

Taiwan Struggling for Recognition –US Role Ambiguous-China Not Ready for Compromise



Before Chiang Kai-shek’s arrival in Taipei of Taiwan, Japan was the ruler to control the  administration of this small Asian country.  In 1949, ROC or Republic of China came into existence in China mainland.  In Taipei, the headquarters of ROC was established. He decided to shift his administration from Nanjing to Taipei. Later in 1949, nationalist Kuomintang or KMT declared that Chinese communist party illegal. The government was replaced by KMT.

Controversy about Land Reclamation over Taiwan

The controversy about the proper identification of Taiwan is still unresolved.  China claims that Taiwan is a part of the mainland of Beijing.  ROC and  PRC  have recognized Taipei as the inseparable portion of Chinese administration. However ROC has the authority to regulate  Taipei and PRC has the power to control China mainland.  The short recap of Chinese civil war dating back to 1940 reminds people of the long history about the recognition of Taiwan.  Mainland China didn’t backtrack but prioritized its  standpoint over the issue of Taipei. Taiwan is not an independent country but it belongs to China.  Better to say, Taiwan is nothing but a small province of China. So, the dispute over the sovereignty of Taiwan is not fully ended.  The US and other Western countries want the proper landmark to spot Taiwan in the global map. ROC which controlled Taiwan and PRC ruling party in Mainland of China  are locked in a dispute.  PRC announced that Taiwan is the de facto part of Mainland, and this ruling party has not claimed its authoritative power over Taiwan.  ROC is now the ruler to take care of administration of this small province.  The tussle is strong because West needs transparency relating to the proper recognition of Taiwan. Even in Google, many e-commerce sites showcase Taiwan as the province of China.

China Taiwan Issue – Deadlock

China has not forgotten its long lasting resolution regarding the annexation of Taiwan with China mainland. Taiwan is not a separate nation but it must be included in the Chinese Mainland.  However,  Taiwan  government  has warned that  in the event of Chinese invasion to have the  control over  Taipei,  Taiwan  will have no other  alternative but to call  American force to  reply in harsh manner.  The upgraded missile systems will be deployed to Chinese border to build up the resistance. Chinese military is being escalated in South Sea. The reason lies in the forceful land reclamation blocking the sea passage. Sprightly island is being controlled by Beijing. Economic Exclusive Zone is a new maritime rule launched by Beijing to block the sea route in South  Sea. Chinese military escalation is a threat to all neighboring nations like Brunei, Vietnam and Taiwan. US defense is slowly intervening to tackle the deadlock in South Sea. In between,  Taiwan and Chinese issue has created new problem because Taipei has already  placed report to UN regarding the growing tension in the border of Taiwan. Chinese military is advancing with over thousand missiles being targeted at US and  Taipei.  This rough and tough attitude of China must not be hygienic. Its reckless demeanor should be stopped. If Taiwan is a victim to Chinese missile attack, US will help this country for self-defense. Cold War will be devastating if the impasse continues. In this connection, Russian government confirms that China is the independent country and Taiwan is a part of it. However, America is very straightforward while evaluating the status of Taiwan. Even America allowed Taiwan to have seat in UN as a separate territory. 

Why Did Trump Call Taiwan’s President? Is There Any Overnight Solution?

Recently, after the election in America, Donald Trump has had chances to talk to president of Taiwan.  He needs to settle the dispute and Taiwan must be responsive with good mindset to conclude the chapter through negotiation, peace,  and settlement.  However, Tsai Ing-wen, the elected president of Taiwan, has completed the first round of conversation with Donald Trump over phone.    Donald Trump opts for One China agenda to protect Taiwanese people from destructive battle.  This newly elected US president has opined that One China policy is not defunct but much more functional with handful of objectives to implement in the long run.  China is will be a single territory and it will have responsibility to give a protective shield to Taipei.  So, with the implementation of One China policy, Taiwanese people  will have little threat from China. Secondly, the development projects will be launched in  Taiwan for reconstruction.  The diplomatic relationship between  China and America will be  heading towards stability.  Cold War will not take place to endanger these two countries.  However,  Taiwan is an independent territory and right now it has no interest to hand over the central power to China. In 1995, US embassy started approving visas of Taiwanese people to visit US. This visa issuance irritated Beijing. In a cable release, Beijing clarified that US had no right to disturb the territory under control of Beijing. Taiwan is not a separate entity but it is a de facto province of mainland China.  In response to this sudden decision to issue visas to Taiwanese citizens,  Beijing hit Taiwan’s Strait regions with missiles.  US replied by deploying two war planes and a single drone with missiles to strike Chinese military base camp.

Tsai Ing-wen and Beijing top brass are not sure whether Unifier has understood the root of the cause of dispute lasting till now without tailoring any solution.  Beijing will not go for  any compromise.  On the other hand America is in a dual character with double standard mindset.  If it recognizes Taipei as a separate territory, there is no question of supporting the One China policy.  Secondly,  if Donald Trump wants to modify the conventional act to force Taipei for peaceful accord with Beijing, it will not be productive to president of Taiwan. One China policy means the power shifting. It also indicates the withdrawal of monopoly power of Taipei through a compromise. Why did Trump make phone call to chat with president of Taipei? The confusion is growing tensed and unending discord may snowball into  Cold War.  Therefore,  both Beijing and Taipei administration must evaluate their policies which should be counter-productive with less scope to invite war.  Donald Trump’s cross Strait power shifting is controversial as Taiwan is not ready to accept Chinese ruler to regulate Taipei. 

Shanghai Communiqué- One China Policy –Both Controversial

In 1972, Nixon, the then American president, paid an official visit to Beijing to sign up Shanghai Communiqué  for mutual friendship and smooth diplomatic relationship. Frankly speaking,  there  was  a barrier for  American president to  befriend China  when  Taiwan  Chinese issue had no way  to solution . One China policy is the by-product of Shanghai Communique. America would minimize the arms escalation in Taiwan but China must ensure the lenience without using muscle power to enhance the forceful reunification. Taiwan must not be pressurized to be united with China.  However, China was very strict and Beijing administration showcased its no-compromise attitude in this connection. Donald Trump must not heat up China.  Beijing will have to use nuke systems to collapse American cities if Pentagon interferes.

Future of Taiwan

Taiwan must need an innovative mechanism to find a permanent solution. Well, Taiwan is being handled by America, China and Japan to some extent.    China’s resolution to deny the independence of Taiwan can be a booster for third party like US to apply muscle power to spread dominance.  Taiwan  government  is  under  a faster  change in  internal political framework  with  a vision for  stability, peace,  development and uniformity  in the matter of  implementing  productive  assignments. Suddenly, the improper judgment of West may be a drawback to suppress the source of prosperity.    If America and other Western countries are interested  in supporting China, Taiwan will have to be  deactivated  and defunct with subjection to Beijing.  However, this is not a possible task for Donald Trump to take such a decision overnight.    On the other hand, Beijing will lose around $130 billion trade if the Cold War starts in future.  Social media sites and many reputed online portals show  Taiwan  as a great nation with  radical change in constructing the nation based on ethical values.    In the society of Taiwan, crime is being boldly controlled. The political  debates, social participation of erudite groups to  express their  views, and  frequent elections to  find the  competent  leaders are  some of the  greater  signs of  the  development of this  tiny nation. Even few Chinese television channels had had to telecast few  special election debates held in Taiwan.  It is a flawless election debate for ensuring the fairness in the political arena of this country. 


Finally, Taiwan’s future must be evaluated by experts in a more orderly manner.  US must not put severe pressure on Taiwan to go for One China policy.  It will break trillion hearts of people living in Taiwan.  China must have new budgets and plans to  mobilize the  wheel of growth in Taiwan. Development process  which is  in  the  cradle must be given the speed  to flourish to make  Taiwan  one of the  competitors  in the  global  market.  American government must not play dual roles to put Taipei in jeopardy.  China is a powerful and it has a second largest economy.  So,    Beijing must call Taiwan to review all previous issues, discussions and  table work to chalk out a compromising plan which should not be a deterrent for peace process. 

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