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Russian relationship with Cuba
Fidel Castro 

Fidel Castro 

Castro Got Support from Nikita Khrushchev during Missile Crisis. 

 When Cuban revolution mobilizes people’s vision to do   construction by removing the era of monarchism, Russia and Cuba were found negotiating on good terms to share interests.  In 1959,    Fidel Castro declared that Russia was not enemy to Cuba.   

Moscow must be welcomed to protect the nation from America.  US have the enemy and   it is Russia. 

Fidel admits that   the enemy of another foe is the friend to Cuba.  Slowly, Fidel Castro invited Russian delegates to evaluate the diplomatic relationship with America.  It was deteriorating with the advent of John Kennedy who decided to knock down   headquarters of Havana of Cuba by backfiring SAM or surface to air missiles. America has the nuclear capability. Kennedy’s declaration to invade Cuba   didn’t sound good.  Cuba protested that America crossed the limits of barbarism.    This super power had to restrain itself. 

If America had no plan to stop invasion, certainly Cuba would go to its severest enemy.  Moscow is a powerful nation. It has nuke systems to strike any city located in America.  Russian nuke club had powerful long range ballistic missiles with nuke warheads to smash any country situated in West.  So,   in case   America invaded Cuba, the result would be different.   In this connection, Fidel Castro   visited  Russia to have support for preventing   Kennedy to   make forceful encroachment.   

Nikita Khrushchev boosted up Fidel Castro by confirming the full fledged   nuclear support to minimize the threat coming from Pentagon. Around 60 warships and submarines were deployed to Cuban border to defend this country.

These Russian warships were capable of firing missiles to destruct American soldiers.   Pentagon discovered that powerful missile launching base was built in Havana.   If   Russia gave nuke backup to Cuba, it must be devastating for America.  In between SIGINT surveillance and aerial monitoring facility in Lourdes near to Havana was founded by Moscow to track clandestine maneuvers of Pentagon.   Well, Kennedy decided to negotiate with Moscow.   US force must not enter into Cuba and in return   Soviet nuke systems must be deactivated. So, it was a history of friendship grown between Fidel Castro and   Moscow. 

Even Fidel guaranteed that Russian communist theories and social structure would be emulated to reconstruct the nation. Russia and Cuba became friends for sound development, and growth. 

In 1968, Moscow took drastic measures against Czech Republic. This invasion was supported by Fidel Castro. He told his citizens that Checz government was an imperialist with little faith in democracy.  So, Russian invasion got good remarks from   Fidel. 

Moscow congratulated Fidel and approved a number of   productive business plans, loans and facilities to buy oil from Russia.

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