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Evaluate Fillon’s Vision – Will He Be Able to Make France Great?

Evaluate Fillon’s Vision – Will He Be Able to Make France Great?

Francois Fillon

Francois Fillon

In France, the political structure is formed with three separate sections   such as legislative, executive and judicial departments.   France, a unitary nation, is a social republic with faith in secularism. It is a good democratic nation which applies its constitutional   power.  The Parliament of France has Senate and National Assembly.  French  people will  get another   glossy   profile  to  cross check his entire life history ,  promises and  dream  when they navigate in  online social media  portals.   Francois Fillon, the great politician and orator   in France. He is a replica of Donald Trump whose vision is to make US great in all spheres.   France will be the best nation with   solid economic structure and proper management to run the administration.     France is now in a quagmire because of   unemployment, poverty, insurgency inside the country and less life care.    France should have new agendas and plans to remove hurdles for becoming a great European nation in the world.

Fillon – Fighting For Becoming President in France

Donald Trump has proved that he is an unbeaten   guy who has not been overpowered by Hillary Clinton or Bernie or Ted Cruz. He has won the American presidential election and he is now a president to    control his   internal administrative machinery.   

Same way, Fillon is dreaming that he will be the next president to have power to implement his   futuristic   plans which are now in the pipeline.

Fillon is an experienced politician and he served the country as a Prime Minister for over four years   to spearhead the country.  Till now, Fillon,    one of the strongest  candidates  to  fight in  upcoming  presidential election  in France,  has  won  few Republican primaries to   have passport to  enter in the  next  stage for  being selected as the Prime Minister of  France. His opponent, Sarkozy is trailing by a large margin behind Fillon.    So , slowly,  it will  be a  good  day  for  this talented  candidate to   have the    portfolio  of Prime Minister  to rule people in  France.

Francois Fillon Continued Lead Defeating Juppe

Fillon has beaten Alain Juppe in the first run-off round on last Sunday.  Fillon got 60 percent support from voters.  It is a great thing for this former French prime minister. France will be in the lead to cope with EU.  He will bring smooth and mobility to the social justice.   Retirement schemes for oldies will be reset by using more financial aids.   Healthcare systems will be upgraded.   Defense will be sophisticated by introducing more powerful weapons to safeguard the country from extremists.  Immigration policy will be changed to stop the overflow of infiltrators.   After defeating Juppe, Fillon will have the only target to send FN leader, Miss Le Pen to her home. She   is campaigning   to have a lead over Fillon in the next round of election which will be held in spring. Hollande’s government   has not brought any productive result to French people.     His party is not popular but steadily going down.   France must   proceed with new strategies and dream to become great like US.

Fillon Supports Market Liberalization –More Power to Laborers – Good Security Systems Ensured

Frankly, speaking, comparing to European nations, France has the 10 percent unemployment to manage.   It must bring   more productive schemes to overtake unemployment.   Similarly, there must be new   industries and   people   will have better jobs.    Side by side,   healthcare care   programs should be sound and cost effective.   Like Donald Trump,   Fillon has the dream of privatizing   health and wellness industry. Life care must be competitive.  Young generation should have   cost effective health insurance, and more benefits to have treatment. Oldies and the disabled society must be aided to keep their health significantly stable.    Fillon is not a neo liberal but much conservative. Maybe, he will sharpen the ethical   issues to stop malpractices in the society.    In the field of trade and commerce,   stagnant financial condition will be crafted to offer a healthy stable and resilient market in which local traders will get breathable air to inhale.  More economic stimulant and boosters seem to be channelized to regional traders to expand business.    At the same time, the security system   of the   country must be tightened by upgrading the administration.    If the global insurgency and cross border terrorism are free radicals for France,   Fillon should have bolder security systems to control hooligans and terrorists.  Through market   liberalization,   Fillon fancies that benefits can be provided to poor laymen who have to work hard to earn bucks to run their families.    So, he needs to change traditional labor act for giving facility to workers who are not economically powerful.

Fillon Supports Russia to Tackle Terrorists  

Francois Fillon’s interest in making intimate tie-up with Russia should be analyzed to understand what he thinks of. He is a much polished French gentleman with excessive fondness about British culture and exuberance.He is an admirer of Thatcher.This maverick 71 years old French leader has expressed his positive mindset about Russia. He condemned west to tamper with internal affairs of Moscow. In Ukraine, most people are Russians and the border of this region is close to Russian territory. Secondly, the attachment of Crimea to Moscow has displeased the West.In a statement ,Francois Fillon supported Putin and backfired few caustic remarks against the decision of west topressurize Russia  not to intervene in Ukraine.Fillon has stooped to Russia.He confessed that ISIS militants are becoming dangerous to the world.Russian force assisted Assad to tackle ISIL miscreants in Aleppo and Damascus. In Iraq, Iran, and Libya, ISIS hideouts are doing lot of heinous jobs to deactivate the society.Putin deployed armed force to have control over militants in various parts of Syria.

America has critiqued but  Fillon did not showcase his anger over the issue ofPutin’s interference to occupy the territories of ISISextremists.Fillon also told his friends and media that there is no cause of sending NATO’s allied force to Baltic regions. Black sea is the place for Russia to do regular patrolling. NATO should not prod Russia to start third world.Finally, he also congratulated Putin for his desires to negotiate with French president to tackle terrorists. Sarkozy and Juppe do not understand the magnitude of importance of role of Russia in the matter of controlling ISIS agents in ME as well as Europe. Fillon’s Approach to End Radical Force

Fillon will not choose Frexit like Brexit adopted by Theresa May in Britain. However, he will not backtrack if the situation in the country will take a nosedive. Perhaps he will tighten the   immigration policy to check the bad effect of infiltration.  France doesn’t   have much patience to give shelters to   lot of immigrants coming from ME and EU.   After Brexit, France and Germany will be next to think of   withdrawing   membership from EU. However, at present,    French citizens don’t have any issue   to leave EU.  On the other hand, Fillon is making plans how to stop Islamic radical force for enhancing pacification.  France can’t accept   theories of barbarism and insurgency. Unfortunately, ME  is  steadily becoming a den  to accommodate   such  extremists who  don’t know how to  keep quiet for  peaceful negotiation.

Slow Growth in Economy in 2016- Fillon Needs More Sound Economic Plans

Though France faced recession in 2008, the problem is painful because of slow or sluggish economic   development in France.   This year,   the expected GDP grown is around 1.3 percent which is higher than that of 2015.   But the development is not appreciable.     Fiscal deficit obstructs the steadfast growth of economy.  Over-expenditure in government covers around 57 percent of the total GDP growth.   Similarly,    the expenditure is 10 percent higher than   Euro zones.  For this reason, sluggishness in economic boosting must be a hindrance or drawback to immobilize the process of the financial improvement in the country.  As a pre-emptive   program,   Fillon, the next expected   prime Minister of France,   is supposed to manage such a loss by recovering financial strength uber.   Fillon   will put restriction on vacation plans and   over expenditure of employees in   various government sectors.

Unemployment -   Steadily Growing up to Become a Problem –Fillon Will Bring Change

Due to the unsteady economic   growth, the side effect is also long lasting.  Unemployed persons are found hopeless when they knock at doors of corporate sectors. Other European countries have brought down the rate of unemployment.    Though   France   has no credit crunch to declare itself   bankrupt,   the unemployment   is not solved. Therefore, Fellon will give a new plan to people to get jobs.     He  will  prevent the  coming  of    immigrants to accelerate  the  unemployment rate  EU  zone  is scoring  dramatically well but France is  still  in   pool of   water   to  tackle the   unemployment  faster.  To wipe out this severe   jobless issue, the country will decorate its economic set-up by      boosting up regional or domestic industry to compensate the loss.    In addition, self reliant   programs will be   introduced to entice    youngsters to opt for the business   instead of going to offices for earning money.

Long Term Economic Reform 

Public holidays will be cut to force employees to work.   The labor problem should be controlled.     Many companies   violate the    rules set by government to protect the rights of   workers.  Fillon will increase   labor wages implementing     his economic reforms plans. Secondly,   the reforms in the economy must not   be short lived.   Workers need permanent   solution to strengthen   up their own financial condition.     Various economic boosters must be opted for to   facilitate   downtrodden and low income groups in the French society.    Therefore, long   term economic reforms must be materialized to renew the conventional economic structure.

Similarities and Differences between Unifier and Fillon

Marine Le Pen and Sarkozy promote anti-Fillon campaign. However,   this bold and maverick person   has the caliber to   project himself as the strong guy to win in the long run.   Well, he will  do  magnificent   economic reform in the country by  cutting  over expenditure,   restricting   government jobs,   and trimming  taxes  to  enable   budding  traders to  start business  expansion.      He is also against the gay marriage bill. He is a conservative and his vision is to reset and rebuild France on solid infrastructure.  Donald Trump in America has no previous connection with politics. He is a non-political person. He is a business man and he has interest to spin money.  However, Donald Trump’s caustic mindset against Muslims has held him as a dictator to enhance the racial profiling.  Though Fillon has supported Putin to finish radical force and extremists, he is not an anti-Sematic. He doesn’t blame all Muslims to be jihadists.  He is not an aggressive leader, but he has enriched mind to evaluate the situation using his brain.   Donald Trump should not irritate people by making cumbersome statements. However, Donald Trump and Fillon are perhaps on the same string when they admit the   significance of free trading.   France will issue more passports to help immigrants in Schenzen area to have permission to deal with French citizens.     Even, the usage of euro in trading within EU territory is supported by France.   

Future of France after Victory of Fillon

Fillon’s vision is dangerous to the country as Le Pen thinks. She is in doubt whether France will be able to run through pile of risks. The democracy will be damaged and people in France will have to pay back by bearing the loss. Fillon told media that France will never be multicultural.  It will remain strong and bright keeping its original identity intact.  Even foreigners should respect French culture as it has its own superiority over others.   In addition, this conservative leader will cut government jobs to save money. Nearly five thousand government jobs will be cut to reduce the excessive dependency of people on government.  Even, Fillon is desirous of resetting 35 hour week wages scheme.  Laborers must have good incentives and opportunities. However, sudden decision to reduce chances for people to get handsome jobs will be a negative point to Fillon.  Experts also opine that   Fillon emulates theories of Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister.   He will have to clarify the reason of government job slashing decision which will create more unemployed youths who must have weak financial condition. 


Under the leadership of  Fillon, France will have a radical transition with new identify.

He will certainly modify the national economic structure and he must have awe-inspiring innovative programs to prevent the overflow of jobless people.    Fillon’s new marketing policy must inspire local businessmen and   traders to work out for more investment.  Foreign relationship will be renewed.  Trump’s free trade policy will be cross checked by France to ensure smooth business deals with western countries. 

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