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Gambia Experiences Cessation of Hostility – New Era of Transition for Gambians Starts


Gambia Experiences Cessation of Hostility – New Era of Transition for Gambians Starts ​

Yahya Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh


There is new hope for youngsters in Gambia after the removal of Yahya Jammeh from the power to make him to go home. Adama Barrow is the new leader with bold resolution to take the country to the forefront without subjection to the slavery, and sycophancy. This West African state must be free of corruption and hooliganism. Terrorism in Gambia made Gambians flee. The exodus took place in Gambia early in 2000 onwards. This dictator was selfish and brutal. However, it seems to be a sign of pacification and cessation of enmity after the power shifting to Barrow. What is his dream? How will be able to construct Gambia? Will he be a successful leader to reset the country erasing the logo of terrorism? Well, maybe, people have to wait for a year at least to have a feedback in this regard. Gambia is now an independent state with a number of new development programs for future generation.

22 Years of Tyranny Ended in Gambia –Innovation Starts   

22 years of tyranny and dictatorship have come to an end. Adama is a 51 years old guy who was not afraid of backtracking in fear of being killed by Yahya Jammeh. He ensured that his comeback to the power must be indication of commencement of a new era of transition. He will concentrate on the reconstruction works assisting the young generation of Gambia to go ahead. Needless to say, this is the perfect time for this Gambian leader to prove his efficiency and honesty. Earlier, Adama was just a janitor working in a company based in London. However, he expected his escalation from the grass root level to the zenith of success. He is a brave man with a lot of good plans and programs for his countrymen. In a press release, this Gambian self reliant and maverick leader admitted that he must not forget the previous episode which is full of sorrows and sufferings. Last 21 years can’t be deleted so easily as people in Gambia faced turmoil, exploitation, and sycophancy. The tyrant ruled Gambia so badly that people will not forgive this demon in future. In 2015, Jammeh declared Gambia as the Islamic nation to prioritize the conventional customs and legacies. However, he played sophistry with his people. Supreme Islamic Council was directly manipulated by Jammeh. Judiciary system was nothing but a puppet show because of unnecessary intervention and influence of Jammeh. He didn’t take care of non-Muslims. Gambia is a secular state but Jammeh lost his patience to encourage racial profiling, ethnic violence, and severe chauvinism. The revolt in Koina and Banjul was made excessively stronger against Jammeh. This uprising sped up the downfall of this bad guy.

Yahya Jammeh Discards Voting Results

Adama Barrow, the president elect in Gambi a, is not protected after defeating Yahya by a good margin.  His unexpected victory irritated the former president.  In a brief, Yahya has accused Adama of using unfair means to win in this election.  Barrow got around 45 percent vote over 36 percent earned by the former Gambian president. So, there is no way of dispute. However, ex-president has demanded the fair election once again to test his popularity. His dissidents already burnt his effigy in the street. This hooligan has done havoc damage to put Gambians in danger.  Chief justice of the court and the bench of the jury were directly controlled by Yahya.  It is really a problem for civilians to go to the court for justice.  Once in a blue moon, the court trial takes place. So, if elected president is physically harassed or injured, he will have no way to ask for legal justice and protection.  At least four judges must be appointed to monitor the pitiable situation in Gambia.  Meanwhile, UN council, and other western countries requested former Gambian president to backtrack as he was overpowered fairly.  His administration should be handed over to elected president whom people in Gambia selected through general election.  How is he refuting voice of people in Gambia?  Jammeh has told TV reporters that Adama forced people to cast votes against him. It is unfair and there must be a powerful investigation committee to take care of the case regarding the election in Gambia.  In case, Gambian newly elected president is forced to stay at home, maybe there will be another big uprising in the country.  Yahya must not bring back miseries to innocent people who want much better governance to live peacefully.

Gambia Needs Innovation Removing Superstition

Gambia was the place for superstitious people and uncivilized barbaric men. Adama must have the special programs to educate innocent people living in Gambia. In past, Jammeh became a notorious gambler and criminal. In 2009, he killed hundred people because of their involvement in practicing sorcery. They were branded witches and demons. Jammeh took oath that he would have no hesitation and fear to terminate gay males by administrating poison. This type of devastating conviction is dangerous to civilians of Gambia. Now, Adama has planned to fertilize the soil of Gambia through a phase of transition to expand the territory for development. Previous chaotic incidents will be compensated by bringing new chapters of progression, development and prosperity. Perhaps, it is not easy but Gambians will have to do their own jobs honestly to upgrade the country. When Jammeh ruled in Gambia, there was a confrontation with Commonwealth committee. Right now, Gambia will try to become a member of this Commonweal committee forgetting old dispute. Similarly, Gambia will be connected with the rest of the world. This country must have new relationship with West. Investors coming from West will be given permission to stay in Gambia for trading. It will be a new global venture for Gambia to learn and emulate the sophisticated lifestyles of West. Adama believes that Gambia has no dearth of illiterate people. So, this country has many good things and talent to utilize. Slowly, Gambia will be a topper with an eye-catching performance track record.

Gambia through Renewal and Transition

Terror seems to depart slowly when Gambians get green signals of the formation of new government replacing the tyrant. This replacement is beneficial to all civilians in the country. However, in Westfield Junction, a big rally took to streets to congratulate Adama for his victory over Jammeh by a considerable margin. Earlier, this dictator strongly claimed that he would remain the ruler for billion years. However, his own people discarded him. Jammeh is not a man but a demon. He wiped out innocent lives without prosecution. The court orders were denied. Arrest warrant orders were issued randomly to capture his dissidents. Injustice, boot licking, and nepotism became the law of the country. Adama Barrow has been nominated and elected as president to run the coalition government. His party defied opponents. The victory was easy as Adama won by huge margin to outperform the party of the former tyrant leader. People in Gambia heaved a sigh of relief after the replacement of the dictator from the country.


Barrow will prevent the back-way by bringing back a strong administration to control the exodus. People who went to other nations to steer clear of capital punishment, and fake charges/prosecution must come back to their homeland. The epoch of insurgency is now in oblivion. However, the renewal and transition must not be prevented. This new leader laments that condition of education in the country is pitiable. Health management and wellness should be innovated by recruiting more qualified doctors. Though there are many schools and colleges, the quality is questionable and not up to the mark. For this reason, Gambians are not able to cope with foreign countries. Side by side, Gambia will have new programs for business expansion, city development and reconstruction to become great.

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