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Fidel Castro –No More to Exist- What Will Be Fate of Cuba? Comprehensive Analysis

Fidel Castro –No More to Exist- What Will Be Fate of Cuba? Comprehensive Analysis

Fidel Castro  

Fidel Castro  

Fidel Castro, an eminent political figure in Cuba, died on 25th November of 2016.  His long political career is tumultuous and stormy. However, he became the prime minister and president of Cuba to represent the country.  His expiry must be a loss to Cuba citizens.  However,  many critics and global political think tanks havecriticized this political legend because of his tyranny.  Castro’s political career must need proper analysis and meticulous incision to assess his role in the political arena of Cuba.

Short Chronicle of Castro 

Fidel Castro came to this world way back to 1926.  He was reared up into maturity by Angel, his father. Name of his mother is Lina Ruz.  Angel was rich and he took care of his talented son.  Fidel Castro’s entry into Havana University was a turning point because he came into contact withpolitical leaders and social reformers. He completed course in law in Havana University.  He innovated his ideologies by emulating theories of eminent scholars who protested against the rise of imperialists to rule the world.  He joined many anti-imperialism expeditions to establish social justice.

Fidel Castro Emulates Che Guevara


Fidel Castro went to Dominican Republic to smash the dictator, Rafael Trujillo.  However, the movement against Rafael failed.  Fidel learned how to bring back the social justice through revolution and revolt against the corrupted administration.  The principles of Che Guevara deeply impress this communist party leader who decided to follow Che in the case of bring the breeze of pro Soviet communism theories to his country.    His stormy attack to overpower Batista is a part of historical event.  In 1938, Batista had to go on exile to Dominican Republic handing over the political power to Fidel Castro.  This socialist got power and he was nominated as the prime minister of Cuba tomanage the internal administration skillfully. Simultaneously, his hidden guerrilla force was founddesigning plans in clandestine tocontrol rebels.  In between, Castro was threatened by America to staycool without disturbing people spreading the message of insurgency. America was not satisfied over Castro’s drastic resolution toopt for the solid tie-up with Russia to reshape the country. White House tried to topple Castro but it was not a funny job to make him to go behind the scene withdrawing him from politics.

Castro’s Ideologists Held for Meticulous Analysis


Castro was a strict socialist.  He studied to have more principles and theories from Marx.  Howeverin his long auto biography, he explained that Jose Marti was a mentor to guide him how to become a perfect socialist with flawless humanity.  Lenin was a model for him to change his conventional views.  He never showcased his leniency over the issue of European imperialism, Capitalists are bad and they destruct the whole gamut of the economic structure of Cuba.  He is a nationalistwith profound sense of philanthropist and socialism.  He was a patriot to serve for the benefits of million Cuba citizens.  Theodre Draper commented about the ideology of Castro.  This great orator and political maestrohas unmixed conservatism when he declared his new agenda to stop gun running, drug and narcotic transporting and prostitution. He prioritized the moral values to clean the society of Cuba from dirty imperialism and evil forces.

Castro – Responsible for Downfall in Cuba - His Death Brings Relief to People


Castro left for heaven for ever. His death shocked many people and think tanks. Recently elected president of America has, however, had the caustic venom to spray. He said that Castro was a tyrant and he misbehaved with America. During his decade long regime, pilferage, gun running, drug abuse, prostitution, violence, and child abuse became headlines to be flashed in newspapers. Trump told reporters that this strong man encouraged gun firing and violence. This guy is responsible to claim over 30000 innocent lives at firing squad. How is it possible for the world to support this tyrant who has little faith in altruism? However, this nonagenarian knocked down so many innocent children and widows without mercy. His revolution in Cuba didn’t give solace to people who have been either displaced or dishonored. They were forced to leave for other neighboring countries. They cheered up on hearing the abrupt demise of this old political supreme in Cuba. However,

Castro –Good to His Fans


Castro’s near and dear ones condemned dissidents. He is an orator with great personality to control his countrymen. He did many good jobs for upgrading Cuban society. He improved education, childcare, and healthcare industry. Many well known universities and research institutes were established in Cuba in past.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Praised Fidel Pays Tribute to Castro

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, has not forgotten to appreciate legend in Cuba after hearing news of death of Castro.  According to Trudeau, Fidel Castro served for the all round growth and prosperity of the country. He contributed to innovate education system.  He paid meticulous attention to the development of health and wellness of people.  His expiry must be a black day to Cuban citizens.

Ban-Ki-Moon Mourns Over   Death of Fidel

Ban-ki-Moon, the UN general secretary, paid last tribute to this great orator, revolutionary, critic, leader and social reformer to modernize the structure of   Cuba. He must be remembered by Cuba due to his   appreciable effort to   upgrade education, and healthcare management.   He is a global leader and think tank.    In the matter of   modernizing   Cuba,   Castro did lot of things to reach the goal.

Obama Conveyed Condolence Message to Family of Castro

In a condolence letter, Obama   felt sorrow   for the expiry of Fidel Castro whose   magnificent political career   must be source of inspiration to the young generation. Cuba should not neglect this leader who trained his juniors how to lead the country even in crisis.   US administration hopes that the relationship with Cuba will be built on solid platform.   Castro’s departure is a loss to the world.

Jeremy Corbyn Calls Fidel as a True Nationalist and Socialist


Jeremy Corbyn, the British Labor Party leader  in Britain, is in deep morose  over the death of Fidel Castro.  He is a socialist.  He is also a nationalist  to inspire modern people.    He helped Angola to wipe out racial profiling and apartheid.    His vision is not short lived.


Embargo Needs to Be Lifted with Demise of Castro


With the expiry of Fidel Castro, Cuba must get benefits from European nations and America. American president hopes that the embargo in trade imposed on Cuba since 1960 due to Cuba’s support to Pro-Soviet Union must not stay longer. French President expects that trade embargo needs to be lifted from the head of Cuba. It is not an act of humanitarian. He killed many people. He damaged the national economy. He gagged media and journalists to comment independently. This bold man did lot of wrong doing but the whole country must have relief after his timely death. He served the country as a prime minister and then became president to continue giving governance from 1976 to 2008. Right now, Castro’s brother, Raul, is the current President of Cuba to reshape the vision of the country.

Cuba Must Undergo Transformation for Growth


Cuban economic infrastructure must need better innovation after the departure of Castro. Though Fidel got success in the spheres of development of education, free healthcare for people, environment detoxification and energy recycling, this iron man didn’t go further to have good rapport with neighboring countries. Raul must invite foreign investment to brush up the regional industry. This small country should have better internet connection to communicate with the world. It must reduce dependency on China and Venezuela. It should have more research labs, factories and well structured corporate sectors to do the free trading with other nations. In this connection, Obama has rightly expressed to evaluate the future of Cuba. Fidel’s death is a lesson for Cuba to undergo transformation for development, progression, and more modernization in different areas.



Future of Cuba must rely on Raul and his successors. Fidel died in his own bed chamber peacefully. His nation must have more futuristic plans and workouts to reshape the fate of the country. Diplomatic relationship with America must be renewed. Cuba must have solid vision with perfect plans to mobilize the economic development and growth.

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