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Russia-Emerging a  Key Player in Global Politics

Russia-Emerging a Key Player in Global Politics


Russia-Emerging a  Key Player in Global Politics

Well,  popular   newspapers and  e-journals  select Russia  as a  rising global power with  ability  to  cope with the USA  even  after  global  recession. Moscow has had few  painful  anecdotes of   failure, defeat and  turmoil in the  political  arena  after the split . Russia   has lost control over many territories   like    Georgia, Chechnya   and Ukraine.    The  downfall  has added  salt to the  embedded  nodule  to  force   Moscow to change  its  diplomacy to  tackle  neighboring   countries.   Still,  Russia’s  arrival in the global politics  seems to   be  much concern   to entice   other  heavy weights to  cross check  futuristic    plans of   Russia to appear more confident of  ruling  the   world.  Its global    presence  is  determined by   expansion of the   political power  of  Vladimir  Putin who has had proved his superiority  over  Ukraine,   and Baltic  countries. 

Russia with New Resolution

 Russia is not a sudden blitz krieg  with terrific  power to  demonstrate for  suppressing all enemies.   Earlier, Russia was a threat to  many European countries and  America.  It earned   its nuclear war head   manufacturing capability    much earlier to hit any nation located in Europe, Asia and   Africa.   The military escalation in   Moscow   is a turning point and this country participated in   two world wars.    Right now, Vladimir Putin’s  drastic   steps to control global terrorist organizations   are obviously    broached up for extensive meticulous analysis.  Why is Russia emerging as  an important member  to  UNO ?  Why  is NATO   trying to  settle the  previous  caustic  and troublesome issues with  Russia?  The   Black Sea problem has created a deep crevice to compel NATO   to go to America for self-defense.   North   Atlantic   Terrorist Organization or NATO has intervened to assist Baltic countries  to  possess   the Black sea region.   Russia  has   showcased its boldness by    challenging NATO’s  warships by  deploying  its  superfast   submarines and  warships   capable of  backfiring    Iskander M intermediate    long range  missiles  to  strike    American   warships.  In addition,  slow but steadfast way,  Putin   has made  constructive approach to talk to  John Kerry, Us   secretary over the   issue of invasion  in  Aleppo and  Damascus  of  Syria.   Russia  has used  its brain and   technology  to   give  a magnificent political  backup to  Assad  whose position in his own country was totally in  jeopardy.  His rebels were ferocious and   ISIS agents   seemed to become invincible    in many important resourceful regions in   Syria.    Russia’s plan to attack Syria was preset and well organized.     America appeared   as a spectator to observe the situation in Aleppo where ISIS agents  built up a strong   basement to  control the region.    Kurds who claim the separate region are given arms to fight with extremists.  They also get assistance from Russia to wipe out hideouts of ISIS   terrorists in Mosul in Iraq.     So, Russia’s   rudder is traversing from Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya and to Syria.   In between,  the  inclusion  of Crimea  and  Savastopol  to  extend the  border   of  Russia   is really  a surprise for   Russian  people who   had the least expectation over the annexure  of  Crimea from  Ukraine.   They  delivered their warm greetings and handful of best wishes to congratulate Putin for his cunning strategy to   overcome the deadlock.  

Russia Growing Strenght to  Demonstrate Political Power  

Russia is increasing Its military strength by modifying its defense.  It has more powerful nuke systems to   terminate cities   in Europe   in twinkling of an eye.   Recently, Russian missiles have been used to tackle  Assad’s  rebels.  Secondly, Russian   troops go ahead to switch off many territories captured by  ISIS  and  Hezbollah extremists.    So,   the role of  Russia in international politics  is quite important.    Vladimir Putin has changed his old plans and he sticks to innovation for getting appreciable feedbacks in the long run.   Russia is going for a transition to become resilient, resourceful and   strong overtaking  all hurdles.   However, Moscow wants to renew its relationship with  countries  which were   hostile  to Russian  people.  The decision of sending   drones to cross the  borders of Yugoslavia  in 2008 under the regime of Primakov  needs to be  repaired through  friendship.   


Russia Proved Supremacy to Protect South Ossetia

South Ossetia   got prompt response from Russia.  Army of Moscow combed through Roksky region to resist Tbilisi.  At that time, the constitutional power in Roksky  of  Ossetia  was  broken . Tbilisi   never got back the political power because of  the   intervention of Moscow  in Ossetia.  On the other hand,   in Asia, Russia seems to restore  its  credibility and  fame by shaking hands with   many  countries  like China, India and North  Korea.  

South Sea – Russia’s Role – Important to China

Over the South Sea issue, China’s role is facing criticism.   Well,  America  has set the new  confidence measurement parameter   to instruct   China to follow the maritime  rule for  ending tension.  China is determined   not to permit America   to cross South Sea or Economic Exclusive   Zone or EEZ .  This   conflict is obviously   monitored by Moscow.   Russia found a new way   of renewal of  its global  strategies  to have advantages over the South  Sea maritime  conflict.  American cargo ships and  air buses  must not cross  EEZ  in South Sea.  Sprightly island is therefore a valuable military base to China as it is growing  visible  in the world  map for its  new image   with  high potentiality .    Russia prefers a neutral  player   who doesn’t want direct  interference.   Third party is not required to bring down tension in South Sea. However,   China must not block the roads of traders to  pass through    islands o f  South  Sea.   Same way, Russia   ignores the interest of America who should be  more restraint without much  interest  to brew up the chaos in  South sea.  Otherwise it will be problematic for   America to deal with  China.   Russia has sufficient oil and  gasoline  products to export to  China.  Beijing   was agreed to buy  oil and  gas from Russia. It  will  give  energy to make  Russian economy  much more resilient.    Russia and China   will move for more fruitful deals in future.   This is good to both Beijing and Moscow.   Russian role  is multifunctional. It has    talked to   president of Vietnam to have easy solutions when China is reckless and stubborn to strengthen up the military   in Spritely in South Sea.    If   Russia supports Vietnam and Brunei , China will be angry  and displeased.   So, naturally, Moscow will not have much support from America as  Putin  has condemned    America  for its aggressiveness to  test patience of  China.   Therefore,   Russia must negotiate and discuss   openly   so that the tension which is accelerating    in South Sea must be buried underground. 

US and Russia Entering into New Era in Relationship

Russia and  America  are   two key   global   players with  superiority over developing countries in  Asia.  These two big brothers   have differences in implementing   plans and  red-designing theories  to establish its supremacy .    Certainly,  Russia and America    don’t want  third world war.   They will  not get fantastic  results if   major   countries are trapped in   nuclear war.   So America must  go   for meticulous  table work and  enhance better  surveillance to evaluate the   relationship with  Russia.   So , America   has the   interest when it will deal with  Moscow in  Middle  East.    In spite of   aggression of   Russian troops   to   power Assad in Syria,   America     didn’t  brush up its  speech  by  adding     vulgar comments to   criticize     Putin.    America   needs to be  strategic   to showcase   muscle  power in   Iraq,  Iran, Kwait,  and Lebanon.   The involvement of    ISIS  extremists  to   harass   America  in Middle east must be an issue for    American force.    America   destructed   Saddam. It  wiped out  barricade  of  Laden for the sake of  security . However,   US president has not overlooked   Black Sea  issue.   

NATO –Its Expansion Ridiculed by Russia – New Tension

NATO  should be  stronger   because of the missile attack   of Russia .  NATO  has less powerful  ballistic missiles,   submarines and war ships.  Therefore, in  Baltic regions, NATO  is not  in good  position.  America will be given freedom and authoritative power to rule in Black Sea.   Two super powers have   huge tons of nuclear components to manufacture  rockets,  intermediate long range ballistic missiles, and nuke warheads.   Nuke powertrain  and  cryogenic  submarines with wireless  surveillance  systems  have been added to   American  defense .   This new defense system   must accelerate power of US in the world. NATO    will be searching for support and co-operation  of America to  deactivate  Russian  force in Baltic areas.  Putin will not make compromise in accepting requests from America to withdraw force from Black  Sea.    However, Putin   will be in touch with   Donald Trump regarding   progression of  discussion   to  reduce tension in Black Sea region.   On the other hand,  South  Sea    is  a hot furnace  for  America as US president has not got appreciable  support   from Russia.   If China    is in tie-up with  Russia, the possibility of power deceleration of  America is quite  visible. So    America  needs to expand the  scope to talk to  Vladimir to  minimize the enmity and hostility.    NATO’s new expansion  to reinforce the army  against Russia   will be  obstructive to   create  new horizons for America to   sit with Russia.   Crimea   annexure   has not been  taken  lightly by  America.  Ukraine  was   cornered  by Russia   when   its  military    didn’t  let   anyone   to go  unmarked .  Russian troops    wiped out   lives of ordinary  people in   Crimea to capture the  city.  Army of  Russia  knocked down  barriers and   hurdles to  defeat  Ukraine.     

Turkey Russian Relationship Undergoing Modification  

 Turkey didn’t   allow  Russian army to  go beyond limitation by  sending  powerful   bombers   and    drones to  show  prowess.  Syrian   tussle and insurgency in  Aleppo border areas  are  hot cakes for media   personnel to  publish new articles  and content  about the  futuristic roles of Russia and  Turkey.   Recently,  Su -24 bomber of Moscow  crossed  the  Turkish region to monitor the   defense  .   Turkey never   failed to intercept this   small vehicle   which is upgraded with wireless aerial viewing/surveillance equipments.   Turkey forced this fighter plane to touch the ground.   Russian army personnel protested. Putin declared that Russia would respond in same way. People Ankara  never   gave  support to Assad.    Syrian people need democratic government.     Russia is doing wrong  to  make Assad powerful.    However ,  in the long run,  Russia  has improved  its bilateral rapport with Turkey.   Turk Stream  has been  given a realistic shape  to permit  Russia to  supply  gas through  the extensive    underground pipelines to    other neighboring countries.    Turkstream will   develop   the diplomatic relationship between two countries.     Russia has new dynamic ethos to  rejuvenate the  relationship with  Ankara.

Russia and Iran Heading for More Negotiation over Nuclear Tests

Tehran and Moscow will be  in  longer  tie-up to implement nuclear  tests and  usage of nuclear energy  for   peaceful  purposes.    Iran has got confirmation from America and Russia to open new research labs   for  doing experiments in recycling nuclear energy.  Isotopes and Uranium components must be used for  experiments/researches.    New nuclear deals   have been signed by  personnel of   Russia  to supply  more uranium and isotopes to  Tehran.   Russia   will   be  a  competitor  in  Iranian  market by   supplying sophisticated  surveillance accessory drones and self-defense systems to  Iran.   Positively,   Putin will have   new   proposals and  offers from  Tehran to  sell S-300  reconnaissance systems. In addition, Russia will construct eight mini nuclear research  centers in Tehran. 

Putin has an oversize vision with great plans to rescue Russians from corruption, racial profiling, terrorism  and  insurgency. However Putin must have a lab to  do pin-point analysis to  design  productive futuristic programs to  rebuild the nation.     The  past history of    Moscow  is  a catastrophe  for  Putin. He  gained support by   annexing Crimea to Moscow.    Belarus, Kazakhstan and  Russia  have expressed  in  fairer tone to set up Custom union in 2010.  This  reunion  must  widen   the possibility and scope of    doing  free trading, and business expansion for growth.  Economy of Russia  will get new lease of life .   However, there is another objective of Putin to  opt for   Eurasian club for  faster development and   progression in  upgrading   economic infrastructure in negotiation with  Asian  countries.  Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have confirmed their membership to join Eurasia but Ukraine has not  declared its strategy in this connection.  Finally, Putin will also materialize his innovative  vision by enhancing the tête-a-tete with  neighboring states like Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.   








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