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Top  Reasons of Donald Trump’s Victory

Top Reasons of Donald Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump and 1st Lady

Donald Trump and 1st Lady

Donald Trump  is a new comer in American  politics

His arrival  seems to be a surprising stunt motivate youngsters and working groups  of White community.  They need a new face with different cards to  showcase.  This change can happen  with the advent of Donald Trump because of his different views  about Americans.  Hillary Clinton is an experienced leader buts he doesn’t have innovative futuristic plans which can boost up  Americans to expect different things  to occur for the sake of dramatic change in the economic structure of the US.

In spite of being a grandiose narcissist,  Trump has won million  votes because of his frivolity,  jubilant mind,  smartness and steadiness to speak.  He never feels uncanny and scarred when he delivers speeches at media conference.

He is a wealthy and elegant    American guy. He can write off a$ 200 million worth check fluently to start his political campaign.  He has the capability to spend lot of money todo the vote canvassing  to convince people    His political campaigns were very gorgeous and  glossy.

Donald Trump is not reticent. He likes to speak fluently. His satirical temperament and  sense of humor are attractive to enchant college goers.

Hillary seems to act as a strict school teacher with mantle face.  She is very serious and reserved when she meets media associates.  Donald  Trump lightens the situation by adding spices to his speeches.

Donald’s aggressiveness  is a booster to encourageAmericans who are frustrated over the global insurgency issue.  Obama  is not a good leader to  deal with this cumbersome  issue of terrorism.  Donald Trump  is bold, over smart,  bigotry and much steadier. He never co-operates with those who ignite violence.  Muslims must be isolated from the world because of their  ill motivation to spread fire of violence all over the world.    Mexicans are urchins, and hombres who try to bring mistrust , miseries and destruction to  America. 

His boldness and  dynamic  resolution to tackle global militants must encourage  American people. 

Trump has strong nostalgic feel with sense of brotherhood. He always uses “us”    instead of “them”.  He calls all Americans his brothers and it is the tusk for “us” to make American greater .

Donald Appears- Hillary Disappears

Eventually,  American citizens have got someone from non-political background to acknowledge his authoritative power to run the government. Donald Trump is a bold, much more elegant and straightforward American leader with razor sharp macho to outperform Hillary Clinton in the long run.

Around 56 million Americans have selected  Unifier as 45th President of the USA.  After the declaration of the voting results, many  international critics,  political leaders and  think tanks have criticized because of the  aggressiveness of the Unifier to give his  caustic verdict against Mexicans and    Islamic  communities.    

Donald Trump didn’t showcase his leniency while delivering his speeches at different debates held in various American cities.  Still, this controversial leader  has had been elected American president forcing Hillary  to retreat from the battle field without victory.

Some of the best reasons  have been divulged after a meticulous analysis.  In the beginning,  Unifier had  terrific support from laymen’s communities based in different industrial belts like Detroit.

He ridicules the capitalists, and people who support globalization. Basically, he prioritizes the interest of working group communities.  Working class of White community chose this leader because of  his liberal thoughts to give more facilities and freedom to laymen .  So, industrial areas  like Detroit, Texas and Florida,  Donald  Trump earned positive response.

On the contrary, Hillary didn’t have much support from educated young  women.  She got mild response from Hispanic groups.  Comparatively, she bagged less organizational support from African and American black communities.  Obama snatched  more votes earlier from African-American members way back to 2012.

Another reason seems to  frustrate people  in many places in  America regarding the  issue of Black Berry scandal    Panama papers leakage  hidden transfer of classified content to    strangers through private servers and her involvement with  money laundering.  Her fairness is visible at the time of submission of income tax papers much earlier. However, she has had never given a solution to the problems of immigration,    cross border terrorism, and the way of tackling $19 trillion debt of the country.  Donald Trump is very much anti-Islamic and stubborn.  He  calls Muslims as Jihadists or hombres to damage the peace  of the  world.    His voice is very harsh against Mexicans.  He will not pamper Mexicans if they  are not ready to part with the method of injecting venom of narcotic drugs to destruct young generation in America.

Though GOP poll trackers handpicked Hillary Clinton as the suitable candidate to have the supreme political power as a President,  Donald Trump didn’t have much enthusiasm to  listen to their  verdicts.  He  claimed that voting analysis is not  tuned up and it is rigged by few urchins.  Final results from Electoral College will be valued by Unifier.  Few think tanks in political arena assume that victory of  Donald Trump has been strengthened    owning to the unexpected  assistance from working groups who are not literate. They want a different face to come with  new  agendas for boosting up the financial  careers of  white community members who are basically workers or regular employees.    In addition,  Omar Mateen’s  devastating gun firing at  Orlando’s gay male club,  bomb explosion ,  violence and  insurgency disheartened American citizens  Obama was not perfect to handle terrorists boldly.

Hillary Clinton, in spite of being experienced  in running the government is a woman with softness to treat global terrorists like ISIS.  Donald Trump is a powerful, over smart and  cunning  leader with sharpness to make the fast bold decision to drill militancy outfits harshly. He will be a better person to take care of South Sea issue.    China’s military escalation and arms deployment in Sprightly Island  must not satisfy  Americans.  So after the coming of Donald to hold the political power in  America, bolder steps can be taken to tackle China.    Russian President has appreciated  Donald Trump.  There will be  more result oriented discussions  with Donald Trump to settle Black Sea problem.  Problems in Syria will be brought to the discussion table in an amicable ambience.

Donald Trump is an irresistible man with superb skill to regulate national administrative machinery. So, people living Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania preferred Donald to come to power overtaking Hillary Clinton.



Donald Trump has smiled at last.  Hillary Clinton lost the game and she will have to go back without spending her time for voting campaign.  Trump must have few more dazzling strategies and plans to nourish the soil of America by opening new vistas  for young generation to develop their lifestyles. America will be great and resourceful to become a big boss of the world.  From debt management, immigration settlement, down to the removal of insurgency, he will have to complete his tasks successfully.

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